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Stock Market Updates

  • 10/01/2014 After today's selloff, is THIS the line in the sand? -  Trading in October got off to a rocky start with stocks ending the day convincingly lower. The S&P ended...

  • 09/30/2014 "September Curse" strikes again -  Stocks were lower today as we wrapped up both the month of September and the 3rd quarter. The S&P lost 5.5...

  • 09/29/2014 It could have been worse... -  Stocks ended the day with all major indices in negative territory. But it could have been worse...U.S. markets...

  • 09/27/2014 Can the Dow beat the odds? -  Just two weeks ago the markets made new all time highs. But last week was a tough week for...

  • 09/25/2014 That was quick! -  Yesterday the 50-Day Moving Average held perfectly in the S&P. Today the S&P sliced through this support level as...

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