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  • 10/18/2014 Tough week - Is it over now? -  It was setting up to be one of the worst week's of the year. But indecision on Thursday and...

  • 10/16/2014 James saves the day! -  It was a mixed session for stocks. After starting the session lower, traders found a dose of hope...

  • 10/15/2014 Buckle up! -  Buckle continues to be a wild ride! It was another crazy day of trading. At one point the...

  • 10/14/2014 Did you miss today's rebound attempt? -  Stocks were mixed today after a short lived rebound attempt. After being up as much as 22 points the...

  • 10/13/2014 Will fear continue to drive stocks lower? -  It was a battle around Friday's close for most of the day. But a late session sell-off in the last...

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