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U.S. warns G7 of global economy 'accident' without Greece deal

The United States warned on Friday of a possible accident for the world economy if Greece and its creditors miss their June deadlines to avert a debt default. […]

FCC leans against new limits for Verizon, AT&T in 2016 U.S. auction

U.S. telecoms regulators are leaning toward rejecting a T-Mobile US Inc (TMUS.N) request that more airwaves be set aside for smaller wireless companies like itself to bid on […]

Disrupting Psychology: Text a shrink for $25/week. Does it work?

Therapy is known as the talking cure. But if the New York-based tech startup Talkspace has its way, therapy will also become known as the texting cure. The company scored a […]

Everyone is fleeing oil's biggest fund

The biggest U.S. exchange-traded fund that tracks oil is heading for the largest two-month outflow in six years, raising concern that crude’s 30 percent rally may stall. […]

Mobile apps turn bedroom traders into star professionals

When Noa Strijbos picks a financial asset to trade on her smartphone while taking her dog for a walk, almost 26,000 people pay close attention. The 30-year-old Dutchwoman is […]

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