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The Best Way To Learn To Trade

Have you ever tried to learn something, but couldn't wrap your head around it? Maybe a language? Or a new skill?

Do you remember the times in school, or maybe even in college, when you just stared at your text book and just couldn't understand what you were reading?

In this article you will learn the fastest way to learn to trade. The key is the way HOW you learn new concepts.

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2 Common Trading Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Whether you are brand new to trading or you’re a grizzled veteran of the market, at some point you will make at least one of these common trading mistakes in your business. And usually, it’s more than one. That’s OK, because you are part of a big club and it’s just par for the course. You see, trading involves money, and money makes people do strange things. They zig when they should zag and some even let their emotions completely swallow them up whole. Mistakes quickly lead to fear. Fear of going broke, fear of a losing trade, and the fear of not being able to trade anymore. These need [...]

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5 Should You Start Trading Binary Options?

Binary Options are becoming more and more popular. In this article you will learn what binary options are and how to trade binary options. Have you ever analyzed the markets and decided that the markets were going to move higher. You place a trade, and you're RIGHT about the direction of the market, but an early move against you stops you out of the trade before you are profitable? Have you ever expected a report like jobless claims or nonfarm payrolls to come out worse than expected. You then discover that you are right about the report, but the market moves in the opposite direction for some crazy reason? If [...]

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11 What’s The Best Trading Computer? A Desktop Or A Laptop?

What’s The Best Trading Computer? A Desktop Or A Laptop? It’s nice to get out of the office with your laptop, but as a trader should you? It depends. At most coffee shops - whose name is likely to start with “star” and end with “bucks” - you’ll find caffeinated worker bees hunkered over their laptops. Everyone’s busy navigating the Internet or answering emails. Walk onto any professional trading floor and you’ll find high powered desktop computers running multiple monitors - four, six, or even eight - displaying all kinds of charts and indicators. Your Trading Computer Choice Depends on The Power You Need Desktop and laptop computers are two [...]

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9 The ONE Indicator That Does Work

This blog post was contributed by Ziad Masri, a professional day trader and good friend of mine. Ziad has been trading for many year, and here's HIS take on indicators: Most trading indicators don’t work. They lag price action and won’t make you money. And yet traders are always spending countless hours tweaking them and trying to make them work. I’m going to save you a lot of time and money by introducing you to the one indicator that does work. And the best part is that it’s available for free in most charting platforms. I trade for a living and have been using this indicator in my trading for [...]

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4 5 Ways To Improve Your Trading NOW

Why is it that traders have a hard time seeing the forest through the trees? Traders are always so focused on minor details that they fail to see what's really holding them back. Simple solutions often produce the most dramatic results, and in this article we'll share 5 simple things that will help you improve your trading NOW. 1) If you're losing money, STOP trading. There is a big difference between losing money during a calculated drawdown, and simply just losing money. If you have a trading plan and have expectations when trading your plan, there will be times when you go through winning streaks and losing streaks. There will [...]

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Buying Options - What You Need To Know

Interested in buying options? You might have heard about the leverage and the enormous profit potential that you could achieve when buying options. But you also might have heard about traders who lost a lot of money with this strategy. Should YOU be buying options? In this article you will learn what you need to know before buying options, and important tips & tricks that will help you select the best options to buy. Important: If you're completely new to options trading, make sure to check out our article “Stock Option Trading Information You Should Know” Like most financial decisions in life, there are both advantages and disadvantages when it [...]

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39 Stock Option Trading Information You Should Know

Stock Option Trading Information You Should Know Stock option trading is a popular way to trade the markets. Since there are more variables involved than simply buying a stock, stock option trading is often believed to be too complex or advanced for the average trader. It's true that there are more things to consider when buying and selling options, but options trading can be kept simple. In this article we'll cover stock option trading information you should know, and why stock option trading is a powerful alternative to simply buying stock. Why trade options? These are the main reasons traders are attracted to options trading. Opportunities with a small investment [...]

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67 Should You Buy Home Depot Stocks? - Here Are Three (3) Stocks To Watch

With the S&P recently making new all-time highs, traders are getting more and more excited about buying stocks. Unfortunately the best buying opportunities came weeks ago, and we're now starting to see some weakness in some popular stocks like Home Depot (HD), Exxon Mobile (XOM) and Netflix (NFLX). So should you buy Home Depot stocks? - Take a look at this video. HOME DEPOT (HD) Home Depot (HD) – After a Power Crossover Method buy signal on February 20th, 2014 at $77.57, HD hit our Average Daily Range target of $80.30 in just 3 trading sessions. The uptrend continued but since making new highs HD has retreated and is starting [...]

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