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Stock Market Updates

  • 09/22/2014 This move finally makes sense... - Stocks started the week lower with all major indices ending the day in negative territory.The S&P ended the...

  • 09/20/2014 Higher and Higher? - It was a definitely a week for the record books.Between the S&P and DOW rallying to all-time highs, Alibaba's IPO...

  • 09/18/2014 History in the making... - It was a special day for the S&P and DOW with both indices closing at new all-time highs.The...

  • 09/17/2014 That's it?! - Today's FOMC Statement and Press Conference were supposed to be the highlight of the week. The Fed announced...

  • 09/16/2014 Thank China? - In a surprise move ahead of tomorrow's Fed Statement, stocks rallied today, erasing most of the previous week's losses.The...

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