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Companies lose billions buying back their own stock

If you think your stocks are doing poorly, check out the performance of some of the most sophisticated investors, the ones with more knowledge about what's going on inside […]

Cramer: Extreme valuations point to a recession

Jim Cramer found two groups of stocks with wild valuations that could both be forecasting the same future. […]

The big banks will break themselves up before Bernie Sanders ever gets to it

Shareholders are getting tired of huge banks with weak returns. […]

Asia stocks drop as bank concerns smoulder, yen stands tall

Asian stocks fell on Wednesday on growing concerns about the health of the world's banks, particularly in Europe, pushing investors into safer assets such as the yen, which […]

Obama proposes $4.1 trillion spending plan in final White House budget

U.S. President Barack Obama proposed a $4.1 trillion spending plan for fiscal year 2017 on Tuesday in a final White House budget that met immediate Republican resistance for […]