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  • The 10 reasons why day trading is the PERFECT way to build the wealth you desire without the booby traps and pitfalls that lurk in most traditional businesses…
  • The complete list of everything you need to start day trading so you can be certain you’re equipped with the proper tools of the trade…
  • 4 simple steps to the proper mindset that accelerates your success while eliminating the self-doubt and disappointment that sabotages even the best trader’s well thought out plans…
  • Why you should NEVER set daily monetary targets for your trading unless you want to LOSE money in your account …
  • How your win percentage is the LAST thing you have to worry about and why you’ll be able to make an absolute killing being right just HALF the time (even less)…
  • How drawing a simple line identifies the strongest trending markets every single time...
  • Why a trading strategy is the SINGLE most important factor in profiting from day trading and the 7 step straightforward formula to design and implement yours in record time…
  • The right way to validate your trading system using the 10 “Power Principles” (#6 destroys a popular myth about making your money back after a loss)…

  • BONUS: A step by step fill in the blanks trading plan template…
  • How PROPER goal setting builds your business in the quickest and most painless manner…
  • The 7 deadly mistakes that cause traders to fail and how you can easily avoid them before they take a big bite out of your trading account…
  • How to NEVER risk a single penny when you first start trading, and why this can be the difference between a fast exit and a long and prosperous life in day trading…
  • Which market should you trade? Get an in depth look at of your choices: stocks, futures, forex and options …
  • The 9 questions YOU MUST ask a broker before signing up to be sure your money is protected and you have all the proper tools at your disposal…
  • PLUS- A fundamental and technical analysis primer; the most powerful indicators for your charts and how to use them; the 3 secrets of day trading success; a full and concise glossary; a resource list; and so much more


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The complet Guide to Day Trading is a very Intersting book focus on the subject. I am definitely strongly recommend it
I was afraid of the very thought of scuba diving, but taking one class and another and another, I developed confidence and now love the sport. Day trading was equally scary--until I read Markus' book. It answers so many questions--sone I didn't even know I had! This is the "must have" textbook for all traders. It's written in a no-nonsense, common-sense manner, and it's lighthearted, too.
The book is definitely insightful. I am happy that I downloaded it. I do believe if I had a better understanding of the trading world then maybe the information would resignate more.
G. Thompson
When I got a copy of Markus Heitkoetter's book and read it, I had to not only recommend it but wrote about it in my own book and web sites. His book takes the trader into every arena of stock market trading, where mine is designed for people who've never thought of getting involved in trading, before. I recommend his book highly.
Mel Hardman

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Markus HeitkoetterIt's easy to get your hands on this free day trading eBook "The Complete Guide To Day Trading"
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