He Did It & So Can You!

Paul came to me in 2018 having never taken a trade in his life...flash forward to today and he's now quit his job to actively trade and it's all thanks to the PowerX Optimizer.

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Scans Over 12,000 Stocks & ETFs

The PowerX Optimizer does all the heavy lifting! In seconds it will provide a number of high probability stock and option trades with a few clicks of the mouse.

Entries, Exits & Stops All Provided

Take all the guess work out of where to get in, where your stops are and most important, where to take profits!

Web Based Platform

We ditched the CDs & DVDs! The PowerX Optimizer is now 100% web based and can be accessed from anywhere with internet access.

No BS Results Built In

With one scan of the PowerX Optimizer, you'll see theoretical back-testing results for every stock and ETF it scans, never leaving anything to chance.