Markus Heitkoetter

Owner | Founder

Over 15 years ago, after receiving both requests from friends and family I started a blog to share my experiences as a trader. Back then trading online was still a relatively new thing.

Flash forward to today and my little trading blog has turned into far more than I could have ever imagined. Over those 15 years, I've connected with 300,000 traders across the globe.

Today, not much has changed. Our mission is still to help as many people (both friends, family and everything in between) find financial freedom through trading.

Here's the team that's helping me do it!

What We Believe In

The Rockwell Trading Team

The Team That Makes It All Possible

Markus Heitkoetter

Mark Hodge
Head Trading Coach

Debbie Montis
Chief Executive Officer

Cristy Tabano
Social Media Manager

Ellen Sunaz
Client Success Manager

Elna Pudadera
Client Success Manager

Jared Anderson
Director Of Marketing

Kevin Hardman
Technical Marketer

Lisa Woods
Mastermind Concierge

Marianne Alit

Martin Flores
Content Manager

Michael Jay
Tech Support

Nicole Thomas
Director Of Project Management

Paul Harper
PowerX Optimizer Tour Expert &
Diamond Mastermind Member

Vivian Alim
Client Success Manager

Trixie Soriano
PowerX Optmizer Concierge

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