covered calls for beginners

Covered Call For Beginners For good reason, the covered call strategy is one of the first option strategies that new traders start trading. This is an effective strategy that options traders often use to provide income on stocks they already own. Questions to be considered in this article:  What Is A Covered Call? Should You

short selling put options

Short Selling Put Options When short selling put options, a question people ask me is, “Okay, Markus, how do you decide what strike price do you want to sell and whether there’s enough premium in there?” I made a put options calculator called “The Wheel Calculator” that I gave away as part of my recent

cashflow quadrant explained

Cashflow Quadrant Explained Cashflow quadrant explained: Have you heard about the book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki? See, in this book, he introduces the Cashflow Quadrants. What is it and how do you use it? That’s what we’re going to talk about today. Have you read the book Rich Dad Poor Dad? If

best stock to trade

Best Stock to Trade Best stock to trade: Let’s talk about the best stock to buy right now. In order to find the best stock to trade, I thought it would be funny to actually go to Google, so I searched “what is the best stock to buy.” Finding the best stock At first, I

best stock broker

Best Stock Broker I want to talk to you about the best stock broker. Now, here’s the deal. When you’re trading in general, you do need a stock broker. If you’re trading options, you need an options broker. Forex, a Forex broker. Now, you know how I personally feel about Forex. I don’t like it