29 Things To Know About the Wheel Strategy

    29 Things to Know About The Wheel Strategy: For those of you who have been following me, you already know I love to use the Wheel Strategy when I trade.  How much confidence do I have in the Wheel Strategy? Well, in my $500,000 trading account I was able to make $50,000 of

How To Start Trading Stocks With $500

    This is a question I tend to get asked a lot. It doesn’t necessarily have to be $500, but how can I start trading stocks with a smaller account size, such as $500?  Here is an example of the question I often receive: I love when I get questions like this because it

Trading For A Living

    Want to learn how much capital you need to start trading for a living? This article will cover just that. Trading For A Living: Do you want to know which question I get asked the most?  It’s “How much money do you need to trade for a living?”  And you know which answer

Worried About Getting Assigned

    As much confidence as I have in The Wheel Strategy, I am always slightly worried about getting assigned. Therefore, this article will explain the steps you can take to avoid getting assigned and what to do in the specific situation that you do get assigned shares. Steps for Trading The Wheel Strategy When

when to exit trades

    Deciding when to exit trades is a common theme among traders. Do you know when to exit trades for a profit? Find out the crucial steps I go through below. When To Exit Trades Let’s talk about The Wheel Strategy and specifically when to exit trades. This is a question that I often

covered calls

    Let me introduce you to one of a trader’s best friends: The Covered Call Strategy. What are Covered Calls and how do they work? Let’s discuss. At its core, writing covered calls is an investment strategy. This strategy shows you are bullish on the underlying stock for the long term. Do I personally

Wheel Options Strategy

    Let’s talk about the Wheel Options Strategy. A fascinating strategy, very popular with many traders. Right now my goal is to explain this strategy to you in 15 minutes or less. We will cover what is the Wheel Options Strategy? How do you choose the right stock? How do you choose the right

Stock Correlation

    I’ve shared many Wheel Strategy tips in these articles in the past for the Wheel Strategy. For example, you should only trade stocks that you really want to own. I did a video on how to find value stocks versus growth stocks, if you would like to check it out after reading this