The 5 Most Powerful Life Lessons

Last night I learned the 5 most powerful life lessons – at my daughter’s school!

Here’s what happened:

My daughter Vivian started Highschool a few weeks ago. And last night was the “Open House” where I could meet the teachers.

And it was not at all what I expected!

The “Open House” was scheduled from 6:00pm – 7:30pm. So I thought, I’d stop by and say “Hi” to the teachers.

It’s not that easy!

First of all, when I walked up to the main entrance of the Highschool around 5:55 pm, I heard an announcement from the Principal:

“This is your 5-minute warning! This is your 5-minute warning!”

And even though I left Highschool exactly 30 years ago, I immediately thought I was in trouble – again!

I entered the building expecting to be sent to the Principal’s Office, and a teacher waved at me saying:

“You have 5 minutes to go to the first class!” – and gave me a map of the High School:

Map of LTHS for Most Powerful Life Lessons Blog
(If you can’t read it: you’re not alone.
I believe the map is sponsored by the local optometrist!)

So here’s how it worked:

You picked 5 of the 8 teachers of your kid, and then you ran into their classroom for a 15 minute scheduled session.

After 15 minutes are over, you have 10 minutes to find the next classroom, which is approx. 0.5 miles away (NO JOKE!)

So during the course of 2 hours, you see parents running through the hallways of the Highschool like Zombies during the apocalypse – but hey: At least we got a map!

Anyhow… one of Vivian’s teachers is “Miss A.”

She’s her World Geography teacher.

When we started the 15-minute session, “Miss A.” explained her house rules.

5 Most Powerful Life Lessons from Miss A

And what Miss A put on the SmartBoard were…

The 5 Most Powerful Life Lessons:

  1. Be willing to grow
  2. Ask for help!
  3. Take responsibility for your learning
  4. Treat yourself & others with kindness and respect
  5. Keep personal devices put away.

Here’s why I think these 5 Life Lessons are so powerful:

Life Lesson 1: Be Willing To Grow

Too many people are “settling.”

Too many people have given up on their dreams.

Never settle!
Never give up on your dreams!

It’s human nature to grow!
Not only human nature – it’s nature: a tree that doesn’t grow dies.

People who don’t grow are unhappy.
People who don’t grow are depressed.

We need to grow.
When we grow, we are happy.
Because we are making progress.

Be willing to grow!

Life Lesson 2: Ask For Help!

We all get stuck sometimes.
And believe me: Whatever problem you are facing, I’m 100% that there is somebody who faced the same problem and found a solution!

Take trading for example – since this is my wheelhouse 🙂

If you’re new to trading and don’t know where to start, ask for help!
If you have been trading for a while but still struggle to make profits, ask for help!
If your trading profits seem “random” and are not seeing consistent results, ask for help!

The important lesson here is this:
It’s YOUR responsibility to ask for help!

Same as in Miss A’s class:

Miss A has 188 students. It is not her responsibility to ask every single student if they need help.

If you’re in Miss A’s class and you struggle with something: ask for help!

And if you are facing a problem in life, ask for help!

Life Lesson 3: Take Responsibility For Your Learning

This is simple: If you don’t want to learn, NOBODY can teach you anything.

It doesn’t matter how great the teacher is.
If the student doesn’t want to learn, there’s not much the teacher can do.

Yes, the teacher can be funny.
Yes, the teacher can be motivational.
Yes, the teacher can use the latest learning techniques to teach his material in the most efficient way.

But it’s YOUR responsibility to receive it.

Think about it this way:

If somebody wants to give you a gift, and he’s handing it to you, you need to accept it, right? If you cross your arms behind your back, stomp with your feet and yell “I don’t want it! I don’t want it!” …. well, then there’s not much the person with the gift can do.

Sure, he can tell you how awesome the gift is.
He could tell you how much you will enjoy it.
He could even leave it there for you in case you want it later.

But if you don’t want to accept it, it goes to waste!

Same in learning: There are hundreds and thousands of teachers available who are willing to teach you about money, wealth, health, relationships, etc.

And it’s YOUR responsibility to say “Yes, I want to learn. Please show me!”

You know how it goes: “When the student is ready, the teacher appears!” 🙂

And start reading more books!

Life Lesson 4: Treat Yourself & Others With Kindness And Respect

We all know this, right?

After all, THIS is what your grandmother already told you!

Be nice to others!

And respect others, even if they have a different opinion than you… or look different.

And be nice to yourself!
Treat yourself like you want others to treat you.

Some people are their own worst critics!
They look in the mirror and they don’t like what they see.
They stare at the bedroom ceiling at night, thinking that they are a failure.

Treat yourself with kindness!

Tell yourself…

  • I AM a great Mom or Dad.
  • I AM a fantastic friend.
  • I AM successful.
  • I AM happy.
  • I AM worthy.

… you get the idea, right?

I know how important it is to love yourself.

That’s why I am asking all my team members at Rockwell Trading to send me 10 “I am” statements every morning before they start work. Before they answer any calls or respond to any emails, they have to send me their 10 “I am” statements. Trust me, it works! 🙂

And I know THIS for a fact:

If we would treat ourselves & others with kindness and respect, the world would be a better place!

Am I right?

Life Lesson 5: Keep Personal Devices Put Away

Many people live on their cell phones!

They are so busy looking at this little screen that they don’t see anything around them.

They try so desperately to be liked on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and whatever is out there so that forget to connect with others who are right there!

Have you ever experienced the moment when you talked to somebody and then suddenly their phone buzzed and they got distracted and ignored you because they “had to” respond to the text, message or comment on their phone?

Keep personal devices away, especially…

  • … when having lunch with somebody,
  • … at the dinner table,
  • … and when you’re having a conversation with somebody.

When you’re being with your friends and your family, your Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat friends can wait!

What I Learned During The Open House At High School…

Miss A’s session was the last session on my “Highschool Treasure Hunt.” It concluded the Open House.

I met Vivian’s teachers.
I learned about their grading systems.
I learned about their teaching philosophy.
I learned about field trips and that I need to fill out permission forms.

… and I learned the 5 most powerful life lessons from Vivian’s World Geo teacher.

Thank you, Miss A!

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