Best Advice Ever Given

Best Advice Ever Given

I want to talk to you about the best advice ever that I heard given this weekend.

Here’s what happened. My kids have a sailing coach. He does a team meeting every day before the kids go out sailing.

And on Sunday morning, Coach Jeff talked to the kids. He was coaching a total of 10 kids including mine. And he said…

“Sailing is like everything in life.”

When you see that somebody else is faster, look what they’re doing. Model it. And then, most probably, you will be faster as well.

He said this is especially true in sailing, because think about it, all the sailboats in this regatta were exactly the same. The regatta was for a certain class of boats. The boats are called Club 420.

It’s interesting to call a boat for 420, right? But that’s a different story!

But because all the boats had the exact same measurements they are pretty much exactly the same. You cannot really modify a lot on these boats because there are class rules.

best advice ever given

Since they all have to be the same, this means that if a boat is faster, it’s based on the sailors that are sitting in this boat.

And this is where Coach Jeff said, “OK. If you see that somebody is faster than you, pay close attention to what they are doing. Model it so that you can be as fast as them.” I think this is tremendous advice.

This is also true in life. It’s not only for sailing.

Think about it. If you see that somebody is better than you, watch closely what he or she is doing.

Because many, many years ago when I was still stuck in a corporate job, I remember that when I saw successful people and the lifestyle that they lived I got jealous.

This happens to many people. You see someone else’s success, see that they have a lot of money, and then you get jealous.

This is when I learned you know what, instead of getting jealous, it’s kind of stupid… What I should do instead is see what they are doing, study what they are doing, model what they are doing, and then I probably will have the same success. And this is true.

So if you want to become a millionaire, and you think and act like a millionaire, then I believe you have a really good chance of becoming a millionaire.

This weekend was really interesting.

I don’t know if all the teenagers really got this, but I know some of them did.

You see, my son Julius has been sailing for quite a long time. In this particular boat that he’s sailing right now, it’s his fourth year.

And this was his third time participating in this regatta – he has always been studying what other successful sailors in this regatta have been doing.

I believe there were 104 or 105 boats in this regatta and my son Julius and his skipper, Lucy placed 9th. They were in the top 10! This is tremendous, right?

But how did they get there?

Not right away, right?

Because they got there by first of all looking at what other successful sailors do and then of course, by having a coach.

Jeff is an awesome sailing coach because he encourages the kids to get better every time. So, this is another thing that I feel is very beneficial to us as traders and in general, in life.

And every night they had a debrief meeting. When they came off the water, Jeff said, “So, what went well? What could you improve? What mistakes did you make today that you don’t want to make tomorrow?”

Because let’s face it, we all make mistakes, and we need to learn from our mistakes so that we don’t repeat them over, and over, and over.

I think that this was the best advice ever given, saying you know what, if you see that somebody is better than you, watch closely what he or she is doing and model it so that you can become better.

And I believe that this is some of the best advice ever given – if you want to get better – find what the successful people do, and then model it. Learn from your mistakes.

What’s the key to happiness?

Every night, write down and talk about what went well and what you can do better the next day. This is actually the key to happiness. Making progress. No matter where you are in life.

Most people are happy when they’re making progress and they’re unhappy when they’re not making progress.

And I’m the same way, I always want to make progress and I believe this is a shortcut to making progress.

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Thanks for reading and I hope this helps. If it does, please like it and share it with a friend who may also benefit from this. I’ll talk to you very soon.

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