Binary Options Scammer EXPOSED!

Binary Options Scammer

Today we’re going to talk about a binary options scam.

I’m going to reveal a very popular binary options scam so that you don’t fall for it.

You might have seen comments on YouTube videos where somebody says that they started investing with a person, in this case, Anthony Vincent, and then they started making a lot of money.

Binary Options Scam Example

Here’s an example from the comments underneath one of my videos.

Diddy says, “Excellent video here, but I started being successful in stock trading ever since I invested with Mr. Anthony Vincent’s platform. The strategy has really profited me handsomely since he was recommended to me here on YouTube.”

So in this example, the trader is promoting Mr. Anthony Vincent, but the name doesn’t really matter. As you will see in just a few moments, they’re changing the name quite frequently.

Now, I must admit that this scam is pretty elaborate because here’s what happens after Diddy posted the first comment.

Immediately, there were replies flying in from other viewers telling you that they use the same guy and how he changed their life

Right underneath it, Thompson Andrew says, “Wow, it’s so amazing to see another investor of Mr. Vincent. One fascinating fact I love about him is consistency in generating huge profits in a short time, according to your plan.”

And then another guy jumps in, Michael Garcia, “How do I contact this broker? I am on the losing side.”

The comments are from all different names, but all of these comments come in at the exact same time.

Here is another one, because this is where you might be fooled into believing that, “oh, it must be the real deal.”

Lisa goes on to say, “I must say, I’m so impressed with the services since Mr. Anthony delivers value-priced trades and useful analytical tools and a well-designed software trading platform.”

I don’t even think that Lisa knows what she’s talking about here.

And then Diddy says, “Oh, Michael Garcia, here’s how you can contact him at Official Vincent Anthony.”

Within minutes all of these comments are flying in so I believe it’s the same person here.

So Brian says, “Mr. Anthony is very legit.”

And Emma says, “Wow, you guys also trade with Mr. Anthony. This is so unbelievable.”

You get the idea. Now, think about it this way. If somebody had a few losses and now he’s seeing all of these great testimonials, can you see how somebody might be inclined to contact the guy?

Well, that’s what I did for you.

My Conversation with the Binary Options Scammer

I created a fake email address because this guy is fake and I sent Mr. Anthony an email.

So now I’m Joe, and here is the email I sent.

Can you help me become a successful trader?

Hi, I got your name and e-mail from a YouTube comment. It seems that you’re helping a lot of people to become successful traders. I’ve been trading for two years now and I’m struggling to make money with trading. Can you help me? Like you helped all the other traders that are talking about you. Hope to hear from you soon. Please help me. I need to make money.

25-minutes later, I got a response from Anthony Vincent.

“Hello, Joe. I would be happy to assist you. I am sorry for your losses. Where are you from? Can we schedule a call? If you’re in the US?”

So I responded to him and said,

Oh my gosh thank you so much for the quick response. Today is a busy day for me. Can we talk tomorrow? I live in Texas. Anytime between 10:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. would be good for me. What is your phone number?

He sent his number and I gave him a call. It went right to voicemail, one that had a name other than Anthony Vincent so I said:

Yeah, this is Joe. Is this Anthony Vincent? Because we exchanged a few emails and you said that you can help me trading binary options and finally making some money with trading because I already lost a lot. So if this is Anthony Vincent, I hope that I have the right number, please call me back. I think you see my number in the display. It’s, well, you’ll see it and I’ll talk to you very soon. OK. Thanks for your time.

So he called me back a few minutes later. He told me he was walking and I asked if he wanted to connect later this afternoon.

So as you can see, it wasn’t easy to get him on the phone and he seems to be quite swamped with work.

What Happened Next

So after the calls, I basically said, well, I tried to call you but I only got a voicemail. So we played phone tag for a little bit.

And then he said, “Well, I’m so swamped with a lotta work right now.”

We played phone tag for a while, and I realized this wasn’t easy and decided to just move the communication to email.

I sent him an email and said:

Anthony, it seems that we are better communicating by email than playing phone tag. So let’s stick to email. I’ve been in touch with a few other people who might be able to help me make money with trading. Here is my situation. So I’ve lost more than $15,000 trying to trade stocks and options. I’ve only $10,000 left. Recently lost my job due to the COVID situation. How can you help me? How does it work? Let me know because I want to make a decision by the end of the week.

Now here, this is where it gets really, really good.

So Anthony says, “Yes, I will be trading under my brokerage. Right now the signal strength is 95% and it gives 5% profit.”

So here is how it works. So he says,

“5% of $10,000 is $500.
500 times 7 days in a week is $3,500 daily.
$3,500 times 3 times a day is $10,500 and that’s a daily trade”

I’m thoroughly confused by this math, but no worries, Mr. Anthony is helping those like me who are weak with math.

He then clarifies it for me and says, “Your profit is in a week is $10,500, starting with the signal of today.”

Oh my gosh, I want to invest $10,000 and make $10,500, right?

I am super excited about making $10,500 a week. Aren’t you? So I put together a little Excel sheet because I want to see what is happening.

Can I Make $10,500 A Week Trading?

So the initial capital is $10,000, and the weekly gain, as Mr. Anthony said, will be $10,500. That’s 105%.

And based on Mr. Antony’s e-mail, the wins seem to be compounding, which means that the next week I can invest $20,500, make 105%, which is now $21,525.

This is pretty good, don’t you think? So let’s see what happens if we keep going.

By the end of week 2, I’m making $44,000.
Week 3 I’m making $90,000.
At the end of seven weeks, I am a millionaire!
After 10 weeks, I’m making more than 10 million dollars!

Wait. That can’t be right, can it? I mean, there must be a problem. So I sent Mr. Anthony another email and said:

Hey, thanks so much for the information. Let me sure I understand it correctly. It’s an easy four-step process, right? So I’m opening a trading account with you, I’m funding the account with $10,000. You trade the account for me, I can expect to make $10,500 per week based on an initial investment of $10,000. So let me ask you this. If I do leave the money in the account, would you then trade the $10,000 to $10,500 in the next week? If so, how much money can I expect in the second week? Is it possible to withdraw money here?

And so Mr. Anthony is responding to me and basically says, “Yes, you got it.” Nothing wrong with my math.

Oh my gosh. I will make ten million dollars in ten weeks!

How Can I Be Sure This Is Not A Binary Options Scam?

Well, let’s ask Mr. Anthony, shall we? So I’m asking Mr. Anthony, and I say:

OK, yeah, that makes sense. Thank you so much for clarifying. That sounds like a great opportunity. Very exciting. But I’m also a little bit skeptical. This sounds almost too good to be true, doesn’t it? So how do I know that you really achieved these results? I know that trading is not easy after all I lost $15,000. Do you provide any guarantees?

And of course, Mr. Anthony can provide proof and make sure that all my doubts are erased to believe this is not a binary options scam.

So he sends me another e-mail with a view of a trading platform showing a total investment of $2,000, and a profit of $10,705.

Now, this is where I have to say, OK, honestly, Mr. Anthony, thank you providing proof that works. This is undeniable proof. You are the real deal.

Now I know that I can make millions with you, I am in.

So I sent him my information. Of course, with a fake name, address, and date of birth. And I asked:

So do you need anything else? Will I get login information to the account and trading platform after opening the account? As you would with every good broker.

He says,

“Once the account is open, it will be linked my admin account for trading purposes and you will have access to the account, we’ll be opening an account for you right away. Do you have a Bitcoin wallet? Because we make our payments in Bitcoin.”

Of course he is using bitcoin, it’s untraceable! Once he has the number, I’ll never get it back because this is a scam!

Well, Mr. Anthony, I don’t want to make it too easy for you. No, no, no. So here is my response to this email:

Well, Anthony, I don’t have a Bitcoin wallet. Whatever that is. And I don’t want to have one. Let’s just do a check or wire transfer. That’s what my current broker does. Just send me the log in information and the wire instructions or the address to mail a check to.

As you can imagine, Mr. Anthony lost interest in me and I haven’t heard back from him.

He said, “well we’ll be getting you the information,” but I doubt that I ever will.

After 23 emails and several calls, this is where it all ends since Mr. Anthony will never give me an address to send a check to, or a wire transfer.

If he did, that would give me a way to get my money back and expose this scam, and I’m pretty sure that this guy is not even in the United States.

Be Mindful of Scammers

Anyhow, I wrote this article for you so that you know what’s behind these scams and so that you don’t fall for them.

You will see comments underneath plenty of YouTube videos, including mine, with all sorts of different names, but it’s always the same.

These scammers try to take advantage of traders who have lost money and are desperate. They will take the last money away from these traders.

Don’t fall for them. Please, share this with as many people as you can so that these scammers don’t have a chance.

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  1. Marcus, I've seen this kind of suggestions in different places. Same pattern just different names of Great Advisors. Although I'm new in trading it sounded very suspicious to me.
    Markus, you are great! Watching your video I couldn't stop laughing. This will help new beginners to open their eyes.
    Now quickly about myself:
    I escaped from my European country with two kids. Spend 2.5 years in refugee camp waiting to come to this continent. When I came in I found out that I am not able to use my 18 years of education and diplomas from my country. I went to collage to be able to work at the office instead of cleaning somebody's houses. It was taff. With my English that I learned from books by myself, working part time, being responsible for my kids – I completed my college! It paid off. I was getting better and better jobs. I'm a hard worker and I know how to save money what allowed me to support my kids when it was needed. Finally retired at age of 70. My SS income allows me to manage my simple life. I even had some savings. And here we go, somebody (who is successfully trading for quit few years) inspired me to start on market. I was promised some help. Only promised. I think that was my first time that I started new chapter in my life not being prepared. You know what happened. I lost quit a bit of money, too much. Since this moment, beginning of June, my every single day at list 10 hours is nothing else than educating myself. I was total "Tabula Rasa", now maybe I can call myself "beginner". I created a spreadsheet where I post daily closing info for few groups of stocks. It helps me to analize what is happening on market. During my search I found you on line. I already have your two books and watch your videos. Some of them when you talk about advanced ways of trading are like black magic for me. I need time. Now I need to be better on my level. That is fantastic what you do. I love your sense of humor and the relaxed way how you educate people. What is funny, lately I found out that person who inspired me to start trading watch your videos and listens to your coffee meetings. This is my story. I'm sure one of many. Although I'm 73, I don't give up! Many tanks Markus, keep it this way! Danuta

    1. Hi Danuta! It is awesome to know about your story. Yes, just keep learning, we only stop learning when we are dead. I am glad that my books and online content help. 🙂

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