How To Be Happier And Less Stressed

How To Be Happier And Less Stressed

Right now, we are in the middle of a crisis:

  • Businesses are closing and filing for bankruptcy,
  • More than 20MM people filed for unemployment in the past few weeks,
  • We’re stuck at home and don’t know when all of this will end.

In short, it’s easy to be frustrated, stressed and worried right now.

So how can we be happier and less stressed?

Here are 3 ways to be happier and less stressed:

1. Surround yourself with positive people

If you are surrounded by negative people, it’s difficult to stay positive.
Have you ever experienced that?
If you are surrounded by people who complain and blame others, how can you stay happy? It’s impossible!
Here’s the good news: You can change it.
Here are 3 ways how to do it:

For starters, stop watching the news!

The news is full of negativity. That’s how they make money. You know how it works: “If it bleeds, it leads.” The news is making everything worse than it is. And they spread fear, because that’s how you keep people glued to the screen.
Opt-out of this. Stop watching the news!

Second, clean out your Facebook feed.

Right now, people are spending way too much time on social media. And some people use social media to complain about everything. Or – even worse – they are spreading “news” that is not even true!
Here’s a tip, instead of blocking them, you can just “snooze them for 30 days” This way you’re still friends, but you don’t see their posts for the next 30 days.
And of course, you can just “unfriend” them, too.

The third way to surround yourself with positive people is …

Choose Who You Hang Out With

And right now, that’s easier than ever because we are practicing “social distancing.”

Use THIS as an opportunity to do a “cleanse.” You can use social distancing as an excuse not to visit with negative people. And I’m sure with everything going on you are too busy to spend time on the phone with them, right? (WINK)

I want to show you a simulation that my son Julius programmed this weekend.

In this simulation, you will see squares and triangles; Let’s just say these triangles are positive people and the squares… well, they are squares.

Julius programmed it in such a way that the triangles are trying to be around at least 40% of people who are positive.

Take a look at it: PLAY VIDEO

Here’s what’s happening:

Even though the triangles just try to be around 40% of people who are positive, i.e. 4 out of 10, naturally they attract more and more positive people. 

That’s the good news: You don’t have to ignore all your negative friends!

Just focus on the positive ones, and the negative ones will migrate to others who are negative, too.

You might have heard the saying “Misery loves company” – so let the negative people be amongst each other.

Making sense?

Ok, let’s move on to Step 2 on how to be happier and less stressed:

2. Focus on what you can change

Have you heard of the Serenity Prayer?

It’s written by an American theologian called Reinhold Niebuhr.

The first verse is the most popular one, and I think it’s the most powerful one. 

Here it is:

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

Serenity Prayer

Isn’t that powerful?

If you focus on things that you can’t change, you WILL be stressed. Because it makes you feel powerless, and that’s stressful.

Right now, we’re in the middle of the crisis.

We can’t change that people are getting sick.
We can’t change that businesses are closing and laying off people.
We can’t change that schools are closed and kids are struggling to learn from home.

But there are things we can change, and that’s Step 3 of how to be happier and less stressed:

3. There’s Always A Silver Lining

Yes, I am an optimist.

I like to look for the good in every situation.

And sometimes it’s not easy to see.

Here’s an example:

Let’s say you got laid off, and right now you need to look for a new job. Is this really the worst that could have happened?

Think about it: Were you really happy in your job? Or were you dragging it anyhow?

Could this be a blessing in disguise that you are now forced to look for another job?

Maybe it’s something that you always wanted to do, but never did because you were scared?

Well, now you’re forced to do it, and who knows? Maybe you will get a much better job than you had?

A job where your boss appreciates you.
A job that values your contributions.
A job that maybe even pays better!

Or maybe you are forced to find other ways to make money.

And maybe that’s why you are here!

Maybe you always wanted to learn how to trade, but it was never a priority. So you never got around to doing it.

Now, you are forced to find ways to make money.

And who knows: You might be really good at it and never have to work for somebody again!

My point is: Yes, losing your job is stressful.  But it might actually be a good thing!

However, it’s always difficult to see it in the moment.

Think about it like a wound:

When the wound is fresh, it hurts!
While the wound is healing, it hurts.

But years later, when the wound is healed and somebody asks you about your scar, don’t you tell the story proudly? How you got the scar and how it has changed you?

By the way: I have a scar in the back of my head. I got it when I was 7 and my brother threw a knife at me! But that’s a story for another day.

I have one more thing for you, but before we get to this, do me a favor:

Tell me about something that happened to you that really sucked when it happened.  But then it turned out that it was one of the best things that ever happened to you. Leave a comment and let me know.

Ok, so now you know the 3 steps on how to be happier and less stressed.

And if you are in a situation right now where you have to find a way to make money money, then use THIS as a kick in the butt.

Use this as an opportunity to find ways to make more money.

In fact, I did a playlist on the 3 ways to make money.

Here it is:

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