How To Follow Through with Your Goals

How to follow through with goals

We all have goals whether it’s making more money, finding more time for friends or family or just getting rid of bad habits. Setting goals is easy, but sometimes it’s difficult to stick to them. Right now I’m going to show you a simple trick that will help you know how to follow through with goals.

A Simple Trick

how to follow through with goals

Most people have goals and that’s good, but often it is not easy to follow through on your goals, is it? Have you ever had a goal and then didn’t follow through?

Here’s a simple trick that will help you to achieve your goal: Have somebody who is helping you to achieve the goal.

Sounds trivial, right? But let me explain.


Think about it this way, if you want to lose 10 pounds it’s actually quite easy and you see, honestly, I probably could lose 10 pounds. Actually I could lose 20 pounds.

And here is how to easily achieve this goal: Eat less, exercise more, right? But easier said than done.

Let’s say, just for this example here that I want to exercise more. Now there are three options, right?

  1. I could join a gym. And many people do that and then don’t go because, “I don’t have time, there’s traffic, it’s crowded.” We all have a long list of excuses why we can’t do it, right? So for most people it’s not really an option.
  • I could buy some expensive equipment. For example, one of these Peloton bikes or Bowflex machines, but come on let’s be honest, after a few uses it probably becomes an expensive clothes hanger, right?
  • I could hire a coach. Now this coach would show up 3 times per week at my door and say, “All right, let’s go! Put on your running shoes and let’s exercise.” And he would have a personal plan for me, know exactly how to motivate me, push me when I want to quit, you get the idea.

Now what do you think, which of these three methods would be most effective?

Hiring a coach, right?

Now you might say, “But that costs money.” And you’re right, absolutely.

But you need to ask yourself a simple question, how much would it be worth to you if you achieved that goal?

Trust me on this one, hiring a coach would probably be cheaper than paying for a gym membership that I wouldn’t use or buying fancy exercise equipment.

Now some people might say, “Come on Markus, you could do some simple bodyweight exercises. That doesn’t cost anything.” And you know what? You’re right. And some people would get great results with it.

For most people, including myself, hiring a coach will be the most effective way to achieve your goal.

And in the long run it will be the cheapest way, and it doesn’t matter what goal you have.

Obviously, if you have a weight loss goal you would hire a weight loss coach. But if you have a financial goal and you want to become a millionaire you would hire a financial coach, right?

I just thought about it today and thought I would share it with you that I believe, in the long run, hiring a coach is the cheapest way and the most surefire way to achieve your goal.

Do you agree? Have you worked with a coach before? It doesn’t matter in what area of life, could be a financial coach like me, how did the coach help you to achieve your goals? Let me know in the comments below.

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