How To Get What You Want In Life In 5 Steps

How To Get What You Want In Life

How to get what you want in life, fast.

You want more in life, maybe more money, more time, more fun and you want it now, you want it fast.

Good, because right now I’ll show you a five-step system on how to get what you want in life fast.

Proven 5 Step System: How To Get What You Want In Life

get what you want in life

So here’s the good news, if you want more in life you can have it, and yes you can have it fast.

What I’m going to present to you right now is a proven five step system that will help you to get what you want faster than ever.

So let’s dive in.

Step 1: What exactly do you want

I know that this sounds trivial, but trust me, most people are not clear what exactly they want. Most people have a long list of things they don’t want.

For example, they don’t want to have a 9 to 5 job anymore, they don’t want to sit in traffic, they don’t want to deal with a boss who is lazy.

Okay, that’s a good start writing down what you don’t want, but what do you want? And be specific – what exactly do you want?

After reading this, I want you to do the following:

Picture your perfect day.

What time do you wake up and what does your bedroom look like? What do you see when you look out of the window? With whom do you wake up, who’s lying next to you?

What’s the first thing that you do when you wake up? Do you exercise, go for a walk around your massive property, sit on the front porch overlooking a beautiful scenery?

And then what are you having for breakfast? Where are you having breakfast? Are you going out to your favorite place, or are you having it at home in sunroom, or maybe outside on your ginormous porch?

And what do you do after you’re done with breakfast with whom do you meet? What do you do?

You get the idea. Be as specific as possible and I promise you it will become a reality.

I have done this exercise, I’m still doing it, and I see how step-by-step it becomes more and more my reality.

Step 2: How you can get it

How can you make what you just described a reality?

Is it by learning how to trade or invest in real estate?

I can promise you this, for most people you will not be able to achieve your dream, your perfect day by getting a better job or getting a job promotion.

Of course, I don’t know what your perfect day looks like, but I know this…

Most people want more money and more time.

And based on my experience, there are only three ways to get this.

  1. Trading stocks and options
  2. Investing in real estate
  3. Running a profitable business

Pick one of these three. I personally do all three, and I can tell you, trading stocks and options is my personal favorite.

Step number two is: decide how you can get to your perfect life. What skills do you need to acquire, what do you need to learn? Now step 3, this is a really important one…

Step 3: Who can help me

There is a question that most people don’t ask themselves. Most people only ask the question from step two, how can I get it?

And then they go to Google or YouTube trying to figure it out for themselves.

I can promise you this…

The fastest way to become a millionaire is asking a millionaire how he did it.

Just ask millionaires and billionaires to share their secrets. Yeah, we do.

If you want to achieve your goals in record time here’s a shortcut:

Ask a millionaire to mentor you.

Most millionaires will mentor you and they have qualification criteria. Because I want to make sure that I’m not wasting my time.

I personally have five criteria that somebody needs to meet before I take him or her on as a mentor.

I have mentors in my life. I have worked with mentors and they have always helped me to get to the next level. And that’s the ultimate shortcut for you guys too.

Work with a millionaire who shows you exactly what to do. This will save you tons of money and lots of time.

Step 4: Ask yourself what’s the next step

Here’s the good news, you don’t have to work out a 158 step plan to get to your goal, just define the very next step.

What can you do right now that gets you closer to your goal? Do you need to define your perfect day first? Okay, then do that right now.

Do you need to decide what do you want to do, for example trading? Okay, decide that now.

Do you have to find somebody who can mentor you? Okay, do that now, find that person. Contact your potential mentor. Contact the person who you want to be your mentor.

Ask him or her what you have to do to be mentored by him but be clear about the first 3 steps first otherwise your new mentor will not take you seriously. Trust me on this one.

The important thing, make decisions fast.

Don’t dwell on it for days and weeks make a decision, take action and if it doesn’t work, correct it quickly.

Step 5: Take action

Take action. Whatever you determine as your next step in step 4 do it, don’t procrastinate.

Let me ask you this, who here is reading this and wishes that you would have started a year ago with this process? Absolutely, right?

Take action now, this is how you get what you want in life fast. Take action.

Is this making sense, these five steps? If so please do me a favor leave a comment what you think about it.

5 Steps To Get What You Want In Life

  1. Define what you want: Describe your perfect day, perfect life
  2. How can you get it?
  3. Who can help you achieve that goal?
  4. What is the very next step that you can do right now?
  5. Take action

Now go and make it happen and then come back here and leave a comment with what you did.

I can’t wait to hear from you because this is exciting, isn’t it?

Yes, you can achieve anything you want.

Do this 5 step approach, trust me on this one it works.

I hope that you enjoyed this and that it has motivated you.

These are things I’m doing to get better and better every day to make more and more money every year.

In the beginning my goal was to become a millionaire.

Now my goal is to have a net worth of at least 10 million dollars, and I’m convinced I will achieve that sometime this year.

To learn exactly what I trade, when I enter and when I exit, visit There I have a free-35 minute video for you, no opt-in required.

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