How To Start Your Trading Day With An Edge

How To Start Your Trading Day With An Edge

how to start your trading day with an edge

How to start your trading day with an edge: Many people ask me, “Markus, what is your morning routine? What do you do before you start your trading day?”

So in this article, I’ll share my morning routine with you and how I start my trading day.

Because as you know, yes, I am an active trader. I’m pretty much trading every day. At least I’m following the markets every day. Not every day I see trading opportunities but when I do, I definitely take these trade. So let me show you exactly what my morning looks like.

7:00am – The Alarm Clock Rings

I wake up at 7:00 AM Central Time.

But this is not the time I’m actually getting up. I’m the kind of person who needs some time in the morning.

So after the alarm goes off, I take my time waking up.

Usually, I read a little bit, I meditate – although I’m not great at meditating, and I’m also journaling. I do these things for approximately an hour.

As you can see, I really take my time before I’m getting up.

8:00am – Time To Get Up

At 8:00am Central Time, I’m ready to start my day. I get up, take a shower, brush my teeth, and get a coffee.

And then I go to my “office,” which is upstairs – overlooking the pool and the lake.

8:15am – Firing Up The Computer

By 8:15am Central Time, 15 min before the markets open, I’m sitting in front of my computer.

Here’s what I do now:

  • When I’m trading “Rockwell Power Spreads,” I place the trades now, before the markets open.
  • Then I like to read some newsletters, and I’ll show you exactly what newsletters I like to read below. And these newsletters are free so you can sign up for them as well.
  • Next, I like to double-check my stock and options trades. As you know, I’m using the software PowerX Optimizer and I’m running it at night. So I’m selecting the trades I want to take the night before.
    Most of the time I place my trades the night before, and in the morning I like to double-check my trades. Because now I’m wide awake, and I want to make sure that I wasn’t cross-eyed or too tired the evening before. That’s why I like to double-check my positions and my trades in the morning.

8:30am – The Stock Market Opens

At 8:30am Central Time, the stock market opens.

And between 8:30am and 9:00am I watch the markets.

Here’s why I don’t trade longer than 9:00am CT:

Usually, the trades that I place are getting filled in the first 30 minutes of trading, And if they don’t, there’s no point for me of watching the markets all day long. It’ll just drive me crazy.

Therefore, my “workday” is only from 8:15am – 9:00am Central Time.

This is when I’m actively focusing on trading.

The Newsletters I Read

Wall Street Breakfast From Seeking Alpha

One of the newsletters that I personally really enjoy is the Wall Street Breakfast from Seeking Alpha.

It’s free, and when you subscribe to the newsletter, you’ll automatically get it into your inbox every morning. It usually arrives around 7 AM Eastern Time. So for me, it is in my inbox when I wake up.

IMPORTANT: I’m not using this information to trade. You know me: I like to trade what I see, not what I think.

Here’s how I use this newsletter: I do not watch any news, and I don’t have cable TV.

So this newsletter is one of the sources that I use to stay up to date on what’s happening in the financial world.

I find it helpful, and I encourage you to check it out.

You can subscribe to it here:


Another newsletter that I just recently subscribed to is Morning Brew.

I just recently subscribed to it, and I like it a lot.

You can subscribe to it here:

This is another newsletter that’s will arrive in your inbox every single morning.

It’s free, so check it out, and if you don’t like it, you can unsubscribe again.

The Rockwell Trading Newsletter

Finally, a newsletter that I believe that you should be reading is the newsletter that I’m sending out every evening at 5:30 Central Time.

I also send it again the next morning because I know in mailboxes get busy.

My head coach Mark Hodge and I write it in the evening after the markets are closed.

In the newsletter, I give you a quick summary of what has happened today, this way you’re informed of what has happened if you’re not following the markets as closely.

Examples: Where are the indices? How is crude oil doing? What are some major stocks that have moved the markets?

You can subscribe to it here:

Recap: How To Start Your Trading Day With An Edge

So this is my morning routine. As you can see, there’s nothing magical about this.

One of the questions that I received is, “Do you need a so-called squawk box or a Bloomberg terminal?” I don’t. I don’t know what for.

As you can see, these are free newsletters here that are super easy to get.

I hope that you find this helpful and this helps you with your morning routine, whether you’re a new trader, an aspiring trader, or you’re a seasoned trader.

This way you are informed of what’s going on in the markets.

Now, keep in mind, in order to make my trading decisions I only look at the charts and at the indicators.

You want to trade what you see, not what you think, and this is where I’m using my software The PowerX Optimizer.

But I believe it’s always good to know what’s going on in the world and what traders and investors are focused on.

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