Action Is The Real Measure of Intelligence

This is one of my favorite take action quotes

Now this is one of my favorite take action quotes: “Action is the real measure of intelligence.”

If you have been following me for a while, you know that I’m all about taking action, and that’s why I wanted to share some take action quotes with you.

You have to have dreams, right? Absolutely! If you don’t have any dreams, you’re dead inside.

There are too many people who have given up on their dreams, who are just walking through life.

They get up in the morning like a zombie, get into their car, go to a job that they hate, talk to co-workers that they don’t like, deal with customers they don’t want to – they’ve given up on their dreams.

And I know that you are different because this is why you’re here.

You have dreams, right?

You have a dream to become a millionaire. A dream of having more time. Or maybe you have a dream of traveling more, right?

I mean, I sure hope that you have dreams.

Right now, stop reading this article, take out a notebook and write down your dreams.

You had dreams when you were a kid. I mean, no kid grew up saying, “Well, I wish that I would work in a cubicle,” right?

You already have dreams and I’m pretty sure that you also have goals, right?

What is the difference between a dream and a goal?

take action quotes

A goal is a dream with a timeline.

Where you said, “You know what? I am going to be a millionaire in five years from now.”

And we talked about this in another article where I showed you exactly how to do backwards planning; you can read it by clicking the “Read Next” link at the bottom of this blog 🙂

But now that you have your dreams, now that you have your goals, what is the key to achieving these dreams and these goals?

This is where you have to take action. And that’s why this is one of my favorite take action quotes that says, “action is the real measure of intelligence.”

Let me give you an example out of my personal life.

In the last 30 days, I published 32 videos and launched a podcast. I have also been working on the final edits of my new book. It’s right now getting ready to print and will be available soon.

We’ve done 4 trading Bootcamps. Two of them, I did personally. I also personally held an advance two-day training event for those of you who have this software, the PowerX Optimizer, because I like to personally train you on it.

By the way, if you’re interested in attending any of these Bootcamps, they’re free. They go from 10am to 4pm and happen on a Saturday so it’s easy for you to attend. Visit to find the next dates and locations.

In the last 30 days I attended a sailing regatta with my kids. Both of them did awesome, and I also looked this up…

It’s March 21st, and this year, I already traveled 32 days. I have had 10 trips. Visited 9 cities. You see…

This is what I want for you.

I want you to be able to travel wherever you want. I mean, how many cities have you already visited and how many days have you been able to take off?

I mean, again, it’s mid-March. So this means we’ve had 60 or 70 days? Something like this? Half of these days I have been traveling, so, the question is: how do you do all this? Well, there is only one way to do it. By taking action.

You have to have a goal that inspires you.

And I can tell you my personal goal is to empower 100,000 people to make money with trading, and I really love you being here reading my blogs, because trading can be simple.

And this is what I want to show you. This is why I’m doing these blogs. This is why I’m sharing my own personal trades with you. This is why I’m doing these Bootcamps all around the country, and you see…

Talk is cheap. Anybody can talk.

Most people say they want to get rich. Or they say, “I want to have a better life” or, “I want to become a millionaire,” but then they don’t do anything.

And you see, honestly, for me, that’s dumb. And this is why I say, “action is the real measure of intelligence” because when you have goals, when you have dreams, you have to take action to pursue them.

And I know that you are different. You’re not like most people.

Most people, they come home from work, plop on the couch, flip on the TV, and just watch some mindless TV.

Don’t get me wrong. Positive thinking is absolutely important and I hope that these shows here give you some encouragement, and some positive thinking, and some inspiration where you say, “Yes, I’m going to do this,” and I want you to think positively, but…

Positive thinking alone is not getting the job done.

Think about it.

If you have a garden, you can think all day long, “Weeds be gone. I wish there were no more weeds in my garden,” because nothing’s going to happen. I mean, you would have to go out in the garden, and get the weeds out of the garden, or hire somebody to do this.

Long story short…

You have to take action, and this is what I encourage you to do.

I understand sometimes you might be tired. Sometimes you might not feel like it, but trust me, do something every day that is getting you closer to your goals. Have dreams. Have goals. And take action every single day because action is the real measure of intelligence.

What are some of your favorite take action quotes? Let me know in the comments below!

And if you’d like to learn what I’m doing in my trading, visit My Trading Routine now to watch a 35-minute video showing you exactly how I pick stocks, enter and exit my trades.

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