The Mindset of a Winner

Mindset of a Winner

What is the mindset of a winner?

You see, successful people think differently than most people and that’s why they are successful.

So, what is the mindset of a winner?

mindset of a winner

There are many people in this world who are comfortable and being comfortable is the worst thing that can happen to somebody.

The worst thing is to become civilized where you say, for example…

You know what? I’m 48. I’ve done so much and worked hard, now I have a nice house and I’m living an okay life – I’m doing good.

People who say this, they are not good.

They just settled, and they settled way below what they wanted to accomplish.

Do you remember all the dreams that you had when you started?

When you got your first job? When you got out of college, or maybe out of school?

All the dreams of making it… Making a lot of money, travelling the world, spending time with family and friends, and now? What happened?

Now you have a 40-hour a week job or maybe even more… 50 or 60 hours and you commute, sit in traffic, and you come home in the evening, and you’re tired, right?

I mean, who knows what I’m talking about?

You’re too tired to spend time with your kids, too busy for your friends. You’re nervous and stressed but you’re telling others that you’re good. No, right?

I don’t ever want to get to the place where I personally feel that I made it.

It’s important for me to have drive.

Because when you still feel that you’re trying to reach something bigger, you’ll keep learning. You’ll keep reading and studying, and you’ll stay hungry.

It’s important to just stay hungry because this is what gets you out of bed in the morning – having a dream or knowing that you haven’t achieved your goals yet.

And if you’ve achieved your goals, set higher goals.

Here’s an important concept.

Wins don’t shock winners. Winners aren’t amazed when they get a win.

Think about this.

Michael Jordan wasn’t amazed when he hit a game winning shot and Tiger Woods, he wasn’t amazed when he won again.

Why? That’s what he expected.

That’s what we focus on and work on, and because of all of these things, we expect to win every time. That’s the process.

The constant challenge to get there again, and again, and again, and this is what drives winners.

See, everybody talks about ‘I want to leave a legacy. I want to be a legendary.’ So…

Go and do what it takes

Think about it. The greatest of all time. The Tom Brady’s, or the Michael Jordan’s, the Tiger Woods of the world.

Yes, they might celebrate their wins, but they don’t celebrate long. The next morning, they’re back at it.

Michael Jordan said, “the next morning, I’m back on the court.” They’re back in the gym or on the green.

Winners are focused

They’re undistracted, driven and enjoying the wins, but they’re not surprised by them.

Winners expect to win and that’s what makes people great.

And that’s the attitude that you have to have. Don’t settle.

Expect to win because that’s the mindset of a winner

Expect victory and make this a lifestyle. And when you do, you’ll have a lifetime of winning. That is the mindset of a winner.

I really love doing these motivational blogs because sometimes, that’s what we need, and in a different blog I talked about how do you motivate yourself? How do you motivate yourself when you’re sitting in traffic in the morning?

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I hope that you’re enjoying this and that you’re taking action!

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