The Most Important Questions To Ask Yourself – Part 2

This is part 2 of our series “The Most Important Questions To Ask Yourself”

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In part 1, we used a powerful question to give us clarity on WHAT exactly we want.

Now that we know what exactly we want, the next step is HOW can we achieve this in the most efficient way.

And that’s what we’re going to talk about today!

Don’t Ask HOW To Achieve Your Goals!

After you have clarity about WHAT you want, it’s time to put a plan in motion to make your dreams a reality.

However, the worst question you can ask at this stage is “HOW can I achieve my goals?

And here’s why:

Most people get stuck when it comes to the HOW.

Here’s an example:

Let’s say you decided that you want to make $100,000 with trading.

When you ask “HOW can I make $100,000 with trading?”, you will see that there are countless ways to achieve this goal:

  • Should you day trade or swing trade?
  • Should you use fundamental analysis or technical analysis?
  • Should you trade stocks or options or forex or futures?

… and the list goes on.

As you can see, it’s easy to become overwhelmed when you look at all these options. And that’s why it’s not surprising that many people get stuck at this level.

So what’s the solution? What’s a better question to ask?

A better question to ask yourself is…

WHO Can Help Me Achieve My Goals?

Think about it this way:
Let’s say you want to get in shape.

Now you have 3 options:

  1. You can read an article about it or watch a video.
  2. You could go to the gym and start working out.
  3. You can hire a personal trainer who shows up at your door with a plan that’s tailored to YOU, and he’s making sure that you are exercising right and making progress every week.

Which of these 3 options have the highest chance of success?

Obviously, it’s option 3!

Remember what we said in the beginning:

Once you have defined WHAT you want, it’s not time to put a plan in motion to achieve your goal in the most efficient way.

And the definition of “efficient” is:

Achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted time, effort or expense.

Ask yourself the following question:

“What will happen if I have a mentor, versus, trying to figure it out myself?”

Most of the time, you will quickly see that having a mentor or coach can help you to achieve your goals MUCH quicker. 

Yes, it’s very likely that there will be an investment, but think about it this way:

The most valuable resource on the planet is TIME – and not money.
Money always replenishes. 
Money always comes back.

You know that already:  If you have a job right now, money is being deposited into your account once or twice a month, and then it disappears when you pay the bills.

But a few weeks later, money is back in your account.

Money always comes back. Time doesn’t.

Now the next question now is:

How To Find A Great Mentor

Here’s what I do:

When I choose a mentor, I am asking the following 6 questions:

  1. Does my mentor live the lifestyle that I want to live?
    After all, you don’t want to learn how to make money from a broke person!

  2. Has my mentor done what I want to do? Is he “living proof?”
    I personally only choose mentors who have walked the walk and already achieved what I want to accomplish.

  3. Has my mentor been at the same level that I am at?
    As an example, if you want to learn how to grow a $10,000 account into $1,000,000, you want to make sure that your mentor also started with $10,000 – and not with $2,000,000.

    Because it’s EASY to turn a $2,000,000 account into a $1,000,000 account :-p

  4. Has my mentor helped others to achieve the results I want?
    After all, I want to make sure that my mentor has experience in coaching and mentoring. I don’t want to be his first student, a.k.a. “guinea pig.”

  5. How much can I learn from this person in every area of my life, not only in business?
    Millionaires and Billionaires think differently, and when I choose a mentor I want to get as much out of my relationship with him or her as possible.

    I would want to hang out with that person and “pick his brain” for all areas of life, not only the one that I want to be mentored in.

  6. Is he a nice person? What do I like about him?

    Let me give you an example: Recently I wanted to hire a mentor to help me do better YouTube videos.

    So I looked at a few people who were successful on YouTube. One person that I stumbled across is Dan Lok. He has 1,000,000 followers on YouTube and his videos are being watched by 10,000s of people. But as I started watching his videos, I realized that I don’t resonate with his style at all: He’s cussing, he’s intense, he tells everybody to hustle, … he’s like a drill sergeant! Gheesh, I wouldn’t want to be mentored by him!

    Then I found another guy: His name is Sean Cannell. He also has almost 1,000,000 subscribers, but his approach is different: He believes in being nice, friendly, funny and shows how to create videos that help others, instead of telling them “you’re no good.”  I looked at this videos, I read about his philosophy, and I decided to hire him as a mentor.

    After all, when you work with a mentor, it’s a long term relationship that needs to be build on trust and respect. And I wouldn’t be able to follow what my mentor is saying if he’s a jerk – you get the idea.

What Questions Should You Ask Your Mentor?

Before hiring a mentor, you should ask him a few questions – just to make absolutely sure that he or she is the right mentor for you.

Here’s what I want to know:

  1. Why do you offer mentorship?
  2. Why do you think I am a good fit?
  3. How do you work with those you mentor and what type of support am I able to have with you?
  4. Based on who I am, what do you think the next steps are over the next 3-6 months?
  5. What do you think will be the reason I succeed?
  6. What do you think are some of my weaknesses that we need to work on?
  7. What are other questions, I should be asking right now?

The answers will give you peace of mind that you chose the right mentor.

How Much Should Mentorship Cost?

For me, that’s very easy:

I want to see a 10x return on my investment.

So I can easily reverse engineer how much I’m willing to invest in mentorship.

Here’s an example:

Let’s say I want to learn how to make $1,000,000 in the next 3 years (you remember the 3-year timeframe, don’t you?)

I would find a mentor using the criteria above, and based on my 10x requirement, I would easily pay that mentor $100,000 to help me make $1,000,000.

Anything less than $100,000 would be a bargain, and I would say “YES” right away.

“But I Don’t Have Money To Hire A Mentor”

Let me put it this way:

If you don’t have money to hire a mentor, then you need a mentor NOW!

In the next article, I will show you how to hire a mentor when you don’t have money to hire him.

Stay tuned…

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