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Top 5G Stocks To Buy Now

Let’s talk about the top 5G stocks.

Right now, everybody’s interested in 5G stocks and the technology.

Not many people are really understanding what this is all about, but it seems there is a huge opportunity and there are some stocks poised for ginormous gains.

… At least this is what a whole industry leads us to believe.

Today we want to pull back the curtain and look a little bit into these 5G stocks and what this is all about.

So let’s get started.

Now, if you if you’re like me, you probably receive a ton of emails every day in your inbox.

One of the e-mails that I received recently was an email from Jeff Clark Research about Trump’s bold 5G move.

top 5g stocks

So as you can see, it is from an editor. It’s actually from Jeff Brown. Jeff and his team at Bonner and Partners have identified a huge opportunity in 5G.

So this is what the e-mail tells us, and that there’s an emergency briefing that we should watch.

There are a lot of compelling arguments on why 5G might be the next big thing.

For example, and I cannot verify or deny it, the editor claims on March 23rd, Trump signed the Secure 5G and Beyond Act, a new law designed to speed up the rollout.

Hey, who knows, right? I mean, 5G is a new technology, so there might be an opportunity.

I was curious and actually clicked on “please follow this link to add your name to the guest list right now.”

When I did, it took me to a signup page where Jeff Brown gives us information on the state of 5G summit.

I actually entered my email address and wanted to know what this is all about. Right after I entered my email address, I was taken to a page.

On the page, there is a nicely dressed gentleman who is explaining a few things.

Usually, based on my experience, these presentations are around an hour, sometimes an hour and a half with very, very compelling arguments for 5G.

At the end, this gentleman is inviting you to sign up for a special newsletter in which he reveals the top 5G stocks to trade right now.

And when you click on this special offer, it brings you to a page like this.

top 5g stocks

This is where you see Jeff’s limited one time offer for today’s attendees. So you can get a full year of the Exponential Tech Investor for the best price we offer, only $2,000.

Plus, you get a bunch of special reports, details on Jeff’s top picks and much more.

If you sign up, it’s for a subscription, an annual subscription. You get a bunch of reports, bonus reports, and a 90-day ironclad guarantee.

The one-year subscription of this newsletter is $2,000.

Now, again, I don’t know anything about this gentleman, Jeff Brown from Bonner and Partners.

I believe Bonner and Partners are connected with Agora Financial, a company that makes a bit over a billion dollars a year as far as I know. You could Google that.

But again, based on my knowledge, a billion dollars a year selling newsletter subscription like this.

So how do you sell a newsletter worth $2,000?

Well, by invoking curiosity. So we want to make sure that we are curious about what stocks these are.

This is why I’m receiving the questions, rightfully so, because you might be wondering…

“What is it? Do I really have to spend $2,000 on a newsletter like this to find all of these 5G stocks?”

Now, here’s the really, really interesting thing. So this is an e-mail that I received probably on April 6th. So today it’s April 14th a few days ago.

Today, my head coach Mark Hodge forwarded me another e-mail.

So the e-mail today actually talks about 5G but in a different way. Did 5G tech cause the Coronavirus pandemic?

Now, this is a little bit edgy, but hey, it makes people open the email and this is what all this game is about.

So you’re opening the e-mail, you go to Palm Beach Daily and there’s Chaka’s note.

Jeff Brown here again says, “Last week I hosted the state of 5G summit.”

As we scroll down it says, “If you missed the interview, you can click here.” Sure enough. It leads to the same video of the nicely dressed gentleman.

So, as you can see, these are different angles to sell the same newsletter over and over again.

How does this whole industry work?

I want to show you a little bit more behind the scenes here so you know what’s happening and why right now, everybody is so interested in 5G.

Now, I want to go to a website called Google Trends.

Google Trends is a website that shows you the search volume of a particular search term over time.

Look at this.

5G Google Trends

When I enter the term 5G, here’s what happens. No one was interested in it until recently when we received a lot of events around it.

Now, this gentleman, Jeff, is only one of the newsletter editors. There’s probably a whole bunch of other newsletters out there that are selling something similar.

So this is where right now there’s a lot of interest and a lot of demand.

Now think about it. What was the top search term what do you think last year? What were all these newsletter writers selling?

Pot stocks, right?

And so we can actually see if there is some interest in pot stocks that were peaking at some point. Look at this.

Apparently, in 2015, 2016 and 2017 nobody cared about this. Then it became the flavor of the year.

Interest spiked because all of these newsletter editors were talking about the pot stocks, the cannabis industry, right?

Right now no one is really interested in it anymore.


Because we have found a new flavor of the year. And the new flavor of the year is now 5G.

Flavor of the year

This is where we can look for cannabis stocks and we see there was a spike very similar to here and then interest fizzles out.

Cannabis Stocks Google Trends

Who remembers what was before we had the pot stocks? What was the hot thing that everybody was selling through newsletters, right?

Think about it.

Bitcoin was the flavor of the year. In late 2017 and 2018, everybody got interested in Bitcoin. And then interest fizzled out.

What was the search term before that? Do you remember? Probably Biotech, right?

And before this, what was it? 3D printing?

Do you get the idea? There’s always a hot topic that everybody’s jumping on to sell you an annual or monthly newsletter subscription.

Now, again, I haven’t subscribed to any of these newsletters. They might be awesome.

But always keep this in mind. When you see an email like this, about 5G. Did 5G cause the pandemic? I mean, come on. It sounds a little bit far fetched, right?

Then, what else do we have? Whether it is cannabis stocks, whatever you see, especially some conspiracy theory going on.

It’s usually to buy you into the idea to buy a newsletter.

Now, some of these newsletters are expensive, they’re $79 for a year, but they quickly upsell you into a $2,000 subscription.


Anyhow. I thought I would share this with you so that you know when you receive an email about 5G.

Is it really about the technology or is this just a marketing gimmick trying to sell you an inexpensive or expensive newsletter subscription?

Based on my experience, more often than not, it is just a marketing gimmick.

The interest, as I’ve just shown to you, usually fizzles out over time as quickly as it was generated, because all these newsletter editors will find a new flavor of the year.

I can’t wait to see what the new flavor of the year is.

Do you have an idea of what it could be later this year? Maybe it has something to do with vaccines. I mean, who knows?

Leave a comment and let me know what you think the new flavor of the year is.

And also let me know what you think about these e-mails that you receive about the “hot new technology” and the “the brand new opportunity” that we have going on.

Hope this helps.

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  1. I don’t know anything about trading but I am following you and it seems to be very interesting I will like if you can start teaching step by step I do need your help to understand how to start trading

  2. My experience with Jeff Clark is a newsletter he sold me on stock options. His recommendations are very radical. They only send something out, supposed a recommendation, but the main reason for the email is to sell something else to me .

    Catch me once shame on you, catch me twice shame on me !

    I only got caught once !

  3. Markus:

    I just finished reading “The Power X Strategy”. Question, is your stock picking software available to your subscribers?


    John G Caughie

  4. I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate your approach and cutting through all the marketing noise that so many publishers are using to hook us! I’ve followed many of them over the years to some degree….some have some good nuggets, but it gets lost in the garbage. I’m so thankful I can clean my slate of all that nonsense and enjoy learning from you all!

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