What Motivates You Most?

What Motivates You Most

What motivates you and drives you most, making you do the things that you do? We’ll talk about this right now.

There are two things that are driving and motivating you. These two things determine the way you dress, how you look, how much money you make, your relationships, your friends.

What two things drive pretty much everything you do? What motivates you most?

  1. Your Values
  2. Your Beliefs

Number one is your values

Everyone has values. And when it comes to values, it is a hierarchy.

A value is when you say, I value family, or I value money because for you, money might mean freedom. Money equals freedom to me.

What else could be a value?

Love, right? Being loved or loving. Could be contribution, giving back, right? Or charity work.

One of your values could be safety and security. Some people think that safety and security means having a job.

Having a job and having security is an illusion.

Now, you know that I used to work for IBM and shortly before I left, IBM announced a merger with Price Waterhouse Coopers.

During a merger, there’s cost cutting, so I believe it was close to 5,000 jobs would be gone in the blink of an eye.

Now, when I do my live events, I regularly talk to people and said, you know what? I was with the company for 30 years and then I got laid off. Just like this.

I believe people who say, you know what? I don’t want to be an entrepreneur. I don’t want to trade or invest in myself, in my education.

I just want to have a job… Job security is an illusion. Another value for some people is working out, and staying in shape, being healthy, right?

The important thing is you must know your values and here’s why.

When there’s a conflict, the higher value wins.

A few days ago we talked about the 5 things that could be values in your life. It could be for example, family, friends, being healthy, having a career or a thriving business.

It was Randi Zuckerberg who said that she believes you can only focus on three.

If you think about it, if you have all of these different values, right, the highest value in your hierarchy that you have wins.

Now, I will tell you my values.

what motivates you most

The first one is money.

For me money equals freedom and this equals happiness.

Money allows me to afford the things that I want to buy. It allows me to travel and do whatever I want to do so that’s definitely one of my high values that I have.

Second is family.

Especially, my kids, and you know this.

If you have met me at any of our live events, I’ll talk about what I want to have written on my tombstone.

We are born on one day, and then we die, and in between, we have this dash that is representing your life. Here is what I want people to say about me.

I want them to say that I was a great dad and a great teacher.

Third is contribution

This is where it goes back to what I want to have written on my tombstone, contribution. Absolutely.

This is why I record videos, have a podcast and do live events, because I am very fortunate.

As you know, I made it. I am a multimillionaire.

And I believe for me, it is time to give back,

This is why I love showing others of how I personally trade (I recorded a completely free 35-minute training video at www.mytradingroutine.com), how I invest in real estate, and other things that I do.

For me, personally, values that are rather low on the hierarchy are security because if you know me, then you know that I’m kind of a daredevil.

Not really in a sense of that I’m jumping off roofs, but you see, I jump out of a plane, and build the parachute on the way down, if you know what I mean, right?

So, for me, it’s not super important to have a job security where I have a paycheck every month.

I mean, if this would be important to me, I would still work for IBM, right? Also, what is not high on my value hierarchy is for example working out.

Now, there are some people, as you know, who are just gym rats, right? I mean, they get up in the morning and they go to a gym. Otherwise, they don’t feel good about themselves.

That’s not me. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

It’s just important that you know your values because they govern what you do.

Number two is your beliefs

The other thing that influences what you do and who you are is your beliefs.

Now, here’s the important thing.

What you believe to be true is true for you.

If you believe that making money is hard, you will make it hard to make money.

If you choose to lose some weight, but then you tell yourself, I’m big boned or I have a slow metabolism, then it will be difficult to lose weight.

Let’s turn this around in a positive way because I believe in being positive.

Making money is easy. That’s what I believe. Otherwise, obviously, I wouldn’t be trading. I wouldn’t invest in real estate. I wouldn’t run a business.

One of my core beliefs is it can be simple, and this is why the trading methods that I use are simple.

A third belief that I have is that I am, how do I call this? Not a multimillionaire. I am a hundred million millionaire. And honestly, for me, that is a limiting belief.

Deep in my core, I know that it is possible for me to make a hundred million dollars in my lifetime.

Now, you might be wondering why wouldn’t I say that I can make a billion dollars?

Well, again, right now, one of my limiting beliefs. I don’t think that I can become a billionaire. And hey, I might prove myself wrong.

These beliefs are pretty powerful, and I hope that you have these powerful beliefs.

And it might be that right now your first belief is that “I am a millionaire” and that is good. That’s how I started.

At first, I mean, when I had very little money, I said, I am a millionaire. I know that I can make a million dollars. That was my belief.

Then I made a million dollars and I said, OK. I am a multimillionaire. And then I made a few million dollars and now I’m saying I will make one hundred million dollars in my lifetime.

So what motivates you most?

The two things that motivate you most, and everyone else, are your values and your beliefs.

Therefore, it’s really important that you take a few minutes and write them down. What motivates you?

If you want, leave it right now in the comments.

What are some of the values that are really high on your hierarchy of values, and what are some values that are rather low?

Also, what are your beliefs? What do you believe with every fiber inside you that you can do? Let me know in the comments below, what motivates you.

As a reminder, I recorded a completely free 35-minute training video at www.mytradingroutine.com

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