When Did We Become So Skeptical? #HOCO

When did we become so skeptical?

As a German and a trader, I thought HOCO is a new stock to trade!

I was wrong.

We don’t have Homecoming in Germany.
I have never attended a Homecoming Dance.
And I have never attended a Homecoming Parade – until yesterday!

As you know, both my kids are active sailors, and my son Julius founded the “Lake Travis High School Sailing Club.” Last year, they were the Texas State Champions! And he even created a website for it: LTHSSailing.com.

Anyhow, right now there are 40 kids in the Highschool Sailing Team…

… and in order to make even more people aware of the team, Julius decided to build a float and participate in the HOCO Parade!

He organized a trailer, they put one of the sailing boats on it and the team decorated the float:


Oh yeah, and we had to take down the mast 3x during the parade to dodge the powerlines – while driving! But that’s a different story.

Long story short: We didn’t electrocute any kids…

… and that’s a good thing since I was the designated driver:

Since I have never been at a Homecoming parade, I didn’t know what to expect.

And Holy Moly… what a party!

There were more than 2,000 people!

Every float had candy, and they were tossing them to the kids on the left and right of the floats.

It’s like “Halloween on Steroids”

The kids didn’t have to go anywhere!
No more walking from door to door yelling “Trick or Treat.”

All they had to do is stand there and yell: “I love soccer” or “I love sailing” – and the candies flew straight into their bags! What a concept!

And while I was driving through hundreds and hundreds of excited kids that were eager to take all the candy they could get, I was wondering…

When Did We Become So Skeptical?

At what age does it switch?

When do we become skeptical when somebody is giving us something for free?

At what age do we start asking: “Where’s the hook?”

When exactly do become cynical and say “Nothing in life is free” ?

Did the kids on the floats who handed out candy have an agenda?


My kids and their team wanted to recruit more people to the sailing team. That’s why they attach a small piece of paper to every Lollipop – more than 1,200!

And YES, when you join the High School Sailing Club, you need to pay for your membership. It’s not much – $100 if I remember correctly. But you need to pay if you want to join.

But none of the kids cared about that!
They were excited and loved getting free candy!

And nobody was FORCED to join the Sailing Team.

“Nothing Is Free!”

As adults, we are skeptical.
And even cynical.

Don’t believe me? – Try handing out flowers at a shopping mall!
No strings attached. Just hand out flowers – and maybe attach your contact info to it.

I bet you that at least 50% of the people who you try to hand the flower will not take it.

Trust Me, I Know How Difficult It Is To Give Something Away For Free!

If you have been following me for a while, then you know that we are doing FREE Stock Trading Bootcamps all across the country.

We are providing solid content for 4 hours and show exactly how I personally trade stocks and options.

  • I’m revealing the EXACT settings of my indicators so that you can do it yourself if you want.
  • And I’m showing EXACTLY how I limit my risk and when I take profits.
  • And I’m explaining EXACTLY how I find the best stocks to trade – the ones that are ready for an explosive move.

All For Free – Including Coffee And Cookies!

And do I have an agenda for giving away all of this for free – like my kids and their team?


At the end of the 4h workshop, I’m showing you the software that I developed for my trading. It’s called PowerX Optimizer.

I paid more than $500,000 to develop the software.
And it’s worth every single penny because it’s making my life so much easier and helps me to trade profitably.

And for those people who attend the workshop and say “Cool, I want this, too.” – I am giving them a very special deal because after all, we just spend 4 hours together.

What do you think: Are my kids getting upset if the kid that got free candy from them did NOT sign up for the sailing team? – OF COURSE NOT!

Do I think that I am getting upset if you come to my workshop, drink my coffee, eat my cookies and get all this great education for free… and then decide NOT to buy PowerX Optimizer? – OF COURSE NOT!

So while I was driving the float through the parade, I thought to myself:

When Did We Become So Skeptical?

And the honest answer: I don’t know!

Do YOU have any ideas? – If so, let me know!

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