options during earnings

    Should You Sell Options During Earnings? A question I get asked A LOT is, “Should you sell options during earnings?” Earnings season happens four times every year so it’s something we always have to deal with as traders.  On one hand, volatility is much higher during earnings season so there is an opportunity for

Best Trading Computer 2021

Markus Heitkoetter: Let’s talk about the best trading computer in 2021. Back in the day, you really needed a big, super-powerful desktop. But is this still the case? Do you need a desktop? Do you need a laptop? If you do, how powerful does it need to be? How much money do you need to

“I attended the Rockwell Live Trading Summit December 15, 16 and 17, 2018 at the Hilton, Orlando, FL. Markus and the Team provided the attendees with a robust, jampacked agenda on simplifying and improving our trading experiences. Markus is a superb teacher who is totally dedicated to giving us the systems, tools and knowledge to

You can NOT save your way to financial freedom and I’ll prove it to you! People come to me because they feel stuck in their lives, and they want to know what exactly I did to become a multi-millionaire who is now traveling the world and enjoying life! When I talk to people at my

“I went to the Rockwell trading event on Aug 18-20. After meeting Markus, Mom and I decided to go in and start with the Mastermind program. The team was great, as they would stop and talk with us whenever we felt we were not understanding anything. The 20th was my Birthday, and Markus surprised me with a very nice present. It should be here in a day or two as he did not have it on hand at the event. If you are interested in learning to trade, I really believe this is the way to go. I have never traded before, he made me believe that I can be successful at it. I am not in a financial position to spend big. But his staff came through and showed me how, without breaking the bank. I am looking forward to learning more everyday.”  Paul Weintraub

How do you achieve a big goal? By doing something every day that brings you closer to your goal! You have goals, don’t you? Do you want more money? More free time? More fun? Less Stress? Do you want to help others and have a larger impact? When you know WHAT you want to accomplish,