*** Is Bitcoin going to crash? ***…

*** Is Bitcoin going to crash? ***

Have you heard about THIS:

The U.S. Marshals are auctioning off $52 Million in bitcoin seized from drug dealers!

And last month, the chairman of the SEC was preaching “caution on investing in cryptocurrencies.”

What does this tell you?

Two things:

1.) Cryptocurrencies are not as “secure” as everybody thinks it is.

The government can still seize it, and the IRS knows how many Bitcoins you have.

Trust me on this one!

On November 29th, 2017, a court ordered Coinbase to report anyone moving more than $20,000 on the platform to the IRS. And Coinbase reported 14,355 users to the IRS!

So much for “the government can’t track you!”

2.) Obviously, the government doesn’t believe in cryptocurrencies

If they believed Bitcoin would go up, why would they sell Bitcoins?

Don’t get me wrong:

I’m not saying that cryptocurrencies are going away. I’m sure they will stay. But I don’t think that cryptocurrencies will take over the world!

It’s a hype.

And yes, I believe it’s a bubble!

Take a look at the Bitcoin chart! It’s been hovering between $12,500 and $15,000 for the past 30 days now!

If you got into the “cryptocurrency hype” early and made some money: good for you!

How did you do in the past 30 days? 😉

I personally do NOT have any cryptocurrencies.

And I’m not planning to buy any of these “cryptos” anytime soon.

I am a trader, and as a trader, I like to play BOTH sides of the market: long and short. And you can’t do that with cryptocurrencies.

Therefore, I still with stocks, options and futures. For me, they are easy to trade, and they are more predictable than Bitcoin and the other cryptos.

And yet, there’s a bunch of “educators” offering Cryptocurrency Trading Courses!


You can just “buy and hope” – that’s it.

Take a look at this video that I did on the “Bitcoin Trading Course Scam:”

*** Rant over – lol ***

Do you agree?
Or disagree?

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