How to crush your goals in 2018…

How to crush your goals in 2018

2018 just started, and you have the entire year to reach your dream of attaining financial success!

Reaching a goal though is not just about wanting to reach it. Rather, it’s about having a strategy to reach it.

In short, it’s about having the right mindset.

And this is why I decided to show you the action plan that I use when I want to reach a goal………..any goal that I set.

It has worked for me for many years, and I’m sure that it will also work for you too.

The problem you see is it that people usually focus on their wants, but don’t have a concrete plan on how to reach them.

“I want to travel, I want to have more money”…….but most never really ask the question “how”.

How will I be able to travel anywhere I want?
How can I make more money?

You see, in order to reach a goal, you need to have a clear plan of action…….and stick with it!

And this is what the second episode of the Millionaire Mindset talks about.

5 Simple Steps That I Personally Use To Reach My Goals

First, you need to…..

Step 1: Set a goal

Your goal should get you excited! It should to the first thing you think of when you wake up, and the last thing on your mind before you sleep.

It should electrify you and make you daydream of possibilities.

If I get to travel, I want to go places where none of my friends have been before! If I make more money, I’ll go buy a brand new car.

Second, you need to…..

Step 2: Make A Decision

If your goal is to make more money this 2018, then you need to make the decision that you will do everything you can to reach your goal.

Your decision should not just be a want…….it should be a need!

I decide to travel to exotic location THIS YEAR.
I decide to make more money THIS YEAR.

Doesn’t this sound more definitive than “I want to lose weight?”

You then need to follow it up by….

Step 3: Plan the First Step

Why is this important?

“Because a journey of a thousand steps, starts with the first one.”

Think of it this way. You have set a goal, and made a decision to reach it.

Many people make the mistake and try to plan every little detail.

If you’re like that, you might get stuck in planning forever.

The good news: You only need to plan the FIRST STEP, and in a moment you will see why.

So what is the first step towards your goal?

Plan……….take that first step……… and keep going!

Once you’re on your way, then you need to consistently…….

Step 4: Take Action

You might be asking, “I already made the first step. Isn’t that already taking action?”

Well, it is……. But, taking action means that you have to “follow through”.

Taking action means, you need to remind yourself of your goal, make a decision to reach it, and make “continuous” steps in that direction.

Taking action is not just about saying “I want to do it”. It’s about “doing it”……… over and over again till you reach the end.

If you take action just at the start, then that’s just where you will end up…….and will that help you reach your goal? No.

And the last thing you should do is…….

Step 5: Evaluate

In life, there will always be hurdles…..and this is why you need to evaluate if what you’re doing is working or not.

Is your plan getting you any closer to your goal? If it is, then just keep going.

Keep telling yourself to focus on your goal…..and to never give up until you reach it.

And if your current plan is not working that well for you, don’t lose hope…….don’t give up……as the solution is simple.

All you need to do is………..“Change the plan, but NOT the goal.”

Don’t worry about getting it right the first time…….because nobody does…….even I didn’t get it right on my first try.

Just keep in mind that there is no magic pill for success.

Every successful person in the world went through tons of hardships and failures before they became who they are now.

I came to the US with only $30,000 in my pocket. I didn’t have any friends and family here to help me. And in my first month, I made a lot of trading mistakes which ate up what little money I had.

Did that stop me? No!

I thought things over, analyzed the situation, and soldiered on.

And here I am today, a multimillionaire.

It’s all about hard work……It’s all about keeping your eye on the price………It’s all about not losing sight of your dreams.

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