Heading to Florida for a few days. More pictures soon!

Heading to Florida for a few days. More pictures soon!

There are 2 ways to travel…

I still remember how I planned my travel many years ago when there wasn’t much money in my bank account:

I used websites like Kayak and Priceline to find the cheapest flights.

Then I would get the cheapest ticket available. My seat would be somewhere in the back of the plane – usually 28F.

I had to get the airport early because I was standing in the long line at security.

My boarding group was 4 or 5 since I had the cheapest ticket.

When I got to my destination, I tried to find the cheapest transportation to the hotel.

Talking about hotels: I usually stayed in Best Western hotels or something similar.

And when I wanted to go on vacation, it got even worse:

I tried to find an inexpensive “deal:”

Flight, hotel, and transportation to the hotel included. And then I would sit in a shuttle bus for an hour to get from the airport to the hotel.

Long story short: Travel wasn’t much fun!

… and that was ONE way to travel.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Fast forward to today:

Right now I’m on my way to Florida. I booked the flight 3 days ago.

First class.

I don’t even remember how much it cost. I’m sure it was more than $1,000.

These days, I drive my car to the airport and I drive right up to the door of the airport. I give the valet guy the keys and take the ticket. Yes, my car is sitting in valet while I’m away!

I have TSE Pre and I zip through security.

When I have a few minutes before boarding, I go to the United Club or the American Express Centurion Lounge. They feed me and I can drink whatever I want.

When it’s time to board, I’m usually one of the first on board.

I sit in the front of the plane, and the flight attendant asks me what I would like to drink.

When I’m arriving at my destination, I get an “Uber Black” to my destination.

You get the idea: I travel in style.

That’s the SECOND way to travel.

When traveling THIS way, traveling is fun again.

Now let me ask you this:

Which way do YOU prefer to travel?

Option 1: Looking for the cheapest flights?
Option 2: Flying first class, luxury car service, 5 stars hotel, etc?

And which of these 2 ways are you traveling right now?

If it’s “option 1” – let’s change that!

If you live in the Phoenix area, join us for a 2 hour Stock Trading Bootcamp.

There’s no cost involved: You can join us for free.

All you need to do is register here:

And bring your spouse or a friend!

TAG them and share this message with them.

Here are all the dates, times and locations:

See you there – and travel in style! 🙂


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