Welcome back!

Welcome back!

Earlier I told you my story, and how I quit a nice six-figure job as a director at IBM to become a full-time trader.

And I moved 5,480 miles from Munich in Germany to Austin, TX to start my new life.

I had $20,000 in my trading account!

And I was excited. I left the corporate world behind and was FINALLY free to do what I REALLY wanted: Trading.

But it didn’t go well…

Not at all!

Because within a few weeks, my account was already down.

I lost almost half of my money since I didn’t have a proven system.

I jumped from one trading strategy to the next…

… and I was panicking.

So I bought more books, courses, indicators, software packages, and I invested a lot of time and money… only to get more confused.

I couldn’t believe it: I am a smart guy!

I went to college and graduated in business and computer science!

I was very successful when working for IBM! Why couldn’t I figure it out?

My account was slowly but surely going down… and the time was ticking.

I spent 10 hours per day in front of my computer… so much for freedom!

Yes, I did have some winning trades, but overall my account was still going down. I was bleeding to death.

I was now 8 months into my 1-year deadline. I had only 4 more months before my time was up, and I had to go back to work for “the man” – because that’s what I promised my family.

I never forget the moment, when I was sitting at the kitchen table at night. It was dark… and I’m desperate…. almost ready to give up, … when it hit me!

I suddenly knew what I did wrong, and how to fix it!

I wrote down my new plan, and I was excited.

It’s all coming together.

The next day I followed my plan.

And it worked!

Over the next few weeks, my trading turned around. FINALLY!

… and the rest is history, as they say. 🙂


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