Let’s talk about option debit spreads. One of the things that I like about option debit spreads is, they reduce cost and they also reduce the break-even. So we want to trade call debit spreads when we expect the market to go UP, and we want to trade put debit spreads if we expect the

Meme Stocks

Meme stocks, everybody is talking about them, but what exactly is a meme stock, and how do you find the next meme stock that is “going to the moon,” as they say? That’s exactly what we are going to talk about right now.  You see, it all started with GameStop, GME. Let me bring it

Rolling A Covered Call Option Rolling a covered call is a strategy where you buy back the call that you sold and sell another call option – usually with a different expiration date – at the same time. In this article, we will discuss the Why, When, and How: 1.) Why would you roll a

Trades In trouble? What am I doing with my current positions? What’s going on with AA, CWH, and RIDE? Let’s get started and talk about it. Getting Assigned With AA Last week I talked about, in a previous Coffee with Markus episode, that I had my portfolio loaded with several positions. I have sold puts