When trading The Wheel Options Strategy you only want to trade options on stocks that you want to own, otherwise you could be stuck in a very bad position. So how exactly do you research stocks for options trading? Which websites do you use to check for news on the underlying stock that you want

Good Trader vs Bad Trader

What makes a good trader vs a bad trader? Before we get started, let me tell you a quick story. The story of the Turtle Traders The story of the “Turtle Traders” is probably one of the greatest trading stories of all time. It started with Richard Dennis and Bill Eckhardt, two great commodity traders,

Trading Advice: Should He Stop Trading? True story. I received the following message from a young man named Jason. Jason said, “So my parents just found out about my trading account and said to stop playing with money, but I don’t want to listen to them, as I believe this could be the beginning of

Stock Buy Order

Are you thinking about buying stocks? You should! The stock market is making new all-time highs, and there are tremendous opportunities in the market. Time to buy some stocks! But there are a lot of things to consider. What stock should you buy? How do you place an order? What is the difference between market

Let’s talk about what short selling is, how short selling works, the hidden costs of short selling, the risks of short selling, and also what a squeeze is. Ever since we had the GameStop saga and AMC saga unfold everybody is talking about short selling, and how you can benefit from falling prices. So today

Stock Trading Discipline And Patience Are you struggling to make money with trading? I so, you’re probably making ONE major mistake. Right now we’ll talk about what this one mistake is and how you can fix it with trading discipline and patience. If you want to succeed in trading, then you need three things. You

Let’s talk about option debit spreads. One of the things that I like about option debit spreads is, they reduce cost and they also reduce the break-even. So we want to trade call debit spreads when we expect the market to go UP, and we want to trade put debit spreads if we expect the

Meme Stocks

Meme stocks, everybody is talking about them, but what exactly is a meme stock, and how do you find the next meme stock that is “going to the moon,” as they say? That’s exactly what we are going to talk about right now.  You see, it all started with GameStop, GME. Let me bring it