1 coronavirus stock market crash

The “Coronavirus Stock Market Crash” Scenario

The “Coronavirus Stock Market Crash” Scenario A coronavirus stock market crash: “Is it possible?” a friend recently asked. I think he already knew my answer, but I could tell by his awkward grin, he was hoping I’d reassure him…I didn’t. Obviously, the answer was, and is: “Yes, it definitely could be a catalyst for a […]

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Stocks jump to best level in 8 weeks on positive vaccine news

Stock Market Update Tuesday, May 26th, 2020 Stocks kicked off the short week of trading with a bang. Yesterday, U.S. markets were closed in observance of Memorial Day. But futures were open for a short trading session and ended higher. Then today, index futures rallied overnight and stocks were up nicely at the open. Here’s […]

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Today’s market action felt like deja vu

Stock Market Update Friday, May 22nd, 2020 Stocks were quiet ahead of the 3-day holiday weekend. And surprisingly, it feels a little like business as usual for the markets…stocks are rallying towards highs and the U.S. and China can’t get along! 😉

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option selling

How To Pick The Best Stock For Option Selling

One of the questions that I receive all the time is how exactly do I find the best stocks that I want to sell put options on? And this is what I want to show you right now. For the past few weeks, I have been selling puts and it has been working really, really […]

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options premium

A Simple Guide to Options Premium – With Example

Options Premium Today I want to talk about options premium, what it is, and I’ll show you a very specific example. Many people are struggling to understand how options premium work. As you know, I have been selling puts recently during this the stock market crash and have been doing really well. Now I want […]

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NCLH Stock

NCLH Stock Analysis

Is NCLH Going Bankrupt? NCLH Stock Analysis: Things have looked pretty grim for the cruise lines for a while now. And a lot of news has been circulating about Norwegian Cruise Lines possibly going bankrupt. So I would like to clarify what the ‘talking heads’ mean. Now by no means do I think NCLH is […]

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