Create Wealth

    In this article, I want to show you the “three-bucket system” that I’ve been using for about 20 years to create wealth. I will also cover:How much money should you put into your trading account?How to grow your trading account fast.Should you put all your money into your trading account or also in

    In this article, I want to teach you my trading routine and exactly how I trade the markets, which I do using two trading strategies. These are The PowerX Strategy and The Wheel Strategy. I want to explain what happens from the time I wake up until the time I start trading at

Let’s talk about buying the dip. The “buy the dip” strategy has been extremely popular for the last what, year and a half? In fact, for the past few years, people have been saying buying the dip is a strategy that just works. They say it’s pretty easy, right? All you have to do is

    If you’re new to Rockwell Trading, welcome. I’m Markus Heitkoetter and I want to share with you the 3 things that you must have if you want to make money with trading. I also want to share some great resources with you. You may have heard this scary statistic that 90% of traders

Tesla Stock Prediction

What I want to talk about today is Tesla, because that’s quite a big deal. Tesla has been down 15% last week, and the question right now is, is Tesla a good buy? Should you buy Tesla right now? Should you wait? When exactly is it a good time to get into this? In order

When trading The Wheel strategy there are, of course, tremendous gains and there are some risks. For example, what do you do if a stock that you own tanks and you can’t sell cards against it? Number two, what do you do if the overall market crashes and now you’re stuck in 5 positions and

Best Trading Computer 2021

Markus Heitkoetter: Let’s talk about the best trading computer in 2021. Back in the day, you really needed a big, super-powerful desktop. But is this still the case? Do you need a desktop? Do you need a laptop? If you do, how powerful does it need to be? How much money do you need to