What Are Trading Bots or Algorithmic Trading Systems?

A trading bot or algorithmic trading system is a piece of software that connects to your trading platform(s). Trading Bots are designed to autonomously execute trades (sometimes thousands of round-turns per day) based on preprogrammed trading signals or indicators with the intent of turning a profit.

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Dow drops 390 points – Here’s what you need to know…

It was a rough start for the week. Stocks opened lower and continued to drop.

Reason: Goldman Sachs said that they don’t expect a U.S.-China deal until after the 2020 presidential election!

“Safe-haven” assets did well today: Gold (GC) jumped 0.6% and finished with its best close in 6 years.

Uber (UBER) finished with its worst close since going public. Down another 7.0%, Uber has struggled since reporting disappointing earnings on Thursday after the close.

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