More bad coronavirus news, but markets rally because of Biden?

Stock Market Update Wednesday, March 4th, 2020 Yesterday, stocks were down almost 3.0% after the Fed announced an emergency rate cut…the first since 2008 during the financial crisis. And there was even more bad news regarding the coronavirus. California reported its first coronavirus death. And in China, scientists discovered evidence that the virus has mutated […]

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Binary Options Trading Example

Advanced Binary Options Trading Strategy With Nadex Call Spreads

Advanced Binary Options Trading Strategy  This is the 3rd article of our series “Binary Options Trading” And in this article, I want to show you an advanced binary options trading strategy using Nadex Call Spreads. In the previous articles, I’ve shown you how to trade binary options and a simple binary options trading strategy using […]

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“Mystery Crash” sends stocks lower

Stock Market Update Thursday, February 20th, 2020 Stocks slide…but it could have been worse! The major indices opened lower then rallied. And a little more than an hour into the session the major indices were positive. But then out of nowhere stocks tanked.

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Coronavirus slowing down? – Stocks move higher

Stock Market Update Wednesday, February 19th, 2020 Stocks opened higher and never looked back! After a strong start this morning the major indices rallied from morning until afternoon.  One of the main reasons behind the rally are reports that the coronavirus seems to be slowing down.

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Stocks drop & Gold jumps…should we be worried now?

Stock Market Update Tuesday, February 18th, 2020 With markets closed yesterday for Presidents’ Day, today was the first full trading day of the week. And stocks struggled at the open. After the lower start, the major indices attempted to work their way back towards Friday’s close. But around lunchtime, stocks were trading at session lows.

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Another wild week in the markets

Stock Market Update Sunday, February 16th, 2020 It was another wild week of trading. On Monday, stocks got off to a rocky start. But after a gap lower, stocks rallied and finished the day with gains. The major indices were up big Tuesday morning. But stocks retreated and finished slightly higher.

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Down…up…down – stocks lower after a wild ride

Stock Market Update Thursday, February 13th, 2020 Stocks made new records, but couldn’t hold onto today’s afternoon gains. Yesterday, traders were optimistic about news that coronavirus cases might be slowing down. But with China confirming 15,152 new cases and 254 more coronavirus deaths, there was news that cases have actually spiked.

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1 coronavirus stock market crash

The “Coronavirus Stock Market Crash” Scenario

The “Coronavirus Stock Market Crash” Scenario A coronavirus stock market crash: “Is it possible?” a friend recently asked. I think he already knew my answer, but I could tell by his awkward grin, he was hoping I’d reassure him…I didn’t. Obviously, the answer was, and is: “Yes, it definitely could be a catalyst for a […]

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