option selling

How To Pick The Best Stock For Option Selling

One of the questions that I receive all the time is how exactly do I find the best stocks that I want to sell put options on? And this is what I want to show you right now. For the past few weeks, I have been selling puts and it has been working really, really […]

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options premium

A Simple Guide to Options Premium – With Example

Options Premium Today I want to talk about options premium, what it is, and I’ll show you a very specific example. Many people are struggling to understand how options premium work. As you know, I have been selling puts recently during this the stock market crash and have been doing really well. Now I want […]

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NCLH Stock

NCLH Stock Analysis

Is NCLH Going Bankrupt? NCLH Stock Analysis: Things have looked pretty grim for the cruise lines for a while now. And a lot of news has been circulating about Norwegian Cruise Lines possibly going bankrupt. So I would like to clarify what the ‘talking heads’ mean. Now by no means do I think NCLH is […]

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Is Warren Buffett Destroying the Stock Market?

Stock Market Update Monday, May 4th, 2020 Stocks were down early today, extending last week’s losses. The rough start came after news that Warren Buffett dumped airline stocks. There were also concerns of conflict between the U.S. and China after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said there was “significant amount of evidence” that the virus […]

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