The Story Of The Turtle Traders

Turtle Traders

The story of the “Turtle Traders” is probably one of the greatest trading stories of all times. It started with Richard Dennis and Bill Eckhardt, two great commodity traders, who argued about whether or not great traders were born or made. Richard believed he could TEACH people to become great traders, and Bill thought that […]

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Day Trading The Grain Markets – Watch Out For Limit Moves

On August 1, 2006 the agricultural futures started trading side-by-side, and a few months later the volume in the electronic grains surpassed the volume of the pit traded contracts. The volatility and nice trends attracted many traders, and today day trading the grains is more popular than ever. However, when trading the grains you should […]

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A Day Trading Strategy With A 90% Winning Percentage?

3 important things you need to know about the markets this week - Rockwell Trading

Today I received an email: Hi Markus, I bought your “The Complete Guide To Day Trading” book. In your book you said you have a setup that produce 90% winning trades. What is your setup for online day trading? It seems that this reader misunderstood what I wanted to say. I used this as an […]

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