In 2000, everything changed for me. I read a book that changed my life. That book made me quit my 6-figure job as a director at IBM and move 5,680 miles from Munich in Germany to Austin, TX – leaving EVERYTHING behind. Here’s what happened: After college, I started work for IBM, and life is

There’s only 3 ways to get rich: 1.) Trading Stocks and Options with a proven plan 2.) Investing in Real Estate 3.) Running a successful business (Well, to be fair, there’s a few other ways to get rich, but since I’m not as cute as Kim Kardashian, I stick to the 3 ways I mentioned

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I am new to trading and I have to say that attending this seminar is one of the best investments that I have ever made for myself!I learned more in 3 days than I expected to and even in that short amount of time, I gained the confidence that I can be successful at trading.