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Top 10 Trading Lessons Learned

PXO Performance In June: Top 10 Trading Lessons Learned

There are just a few things I wanted to talk about regarding the PowerX Optimizer and the current market conditions. We’re going to take a look at the top 10 trading lessons learned from the last few months of trading this strategy.  Let’s first talk about my TastyWorks account that I trade in my YouTube series […]

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Best Vertical Spread Option Strategy

What’s The Best Vertical Spread Option Strategy?

What’s The Best Vertical Spread Option Strategy? You may have previously heard someone say, “ Vertical spreads are the same as getting weekly paychecks! “ Is that even true? We’re going to go in-depth on each strategy to discuss each of the pros and cons. I’m also going to discuss how each strategy should be […]

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best brokerage

Best Brokerage Account 2020

In this article, I’m going to dive into the details of selecting the best brokerage account in 2020. Here are some of the questions we’re going to consider when selecting the best brokerage account: What brokers do we have? What are the best criteria? What is the difference between the brokerages? Where can I open […]

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1 trading tragedy

Tragedy Strikes The Trading World

***Disclaimer*** Before discussing this trading tragedy, I want to make a few things clear… What happened to this young man is an absolute tragedy.  If you or someone you know is in crisis, please get help.  Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-TALK or text TALK to 741741. Everything expressed in the article is […]

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stock market crash

Will The Stock Market Crash Again?

How I’m Preparing For The Next Market Crash Will the stock market crash again? If you’ve ever read Douglas Adam’s Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, you’re familiar with the term “DON’T PANIC!” After the recent drop in the market, you may have been asking yourself,  “what am I going to do?” or “what if it happens […]

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trading ideas

How To Generate Trading Ideas

The 4 Step Approach I want to share with you how I generate trading ideas, and how I then take these ideas and turn them into a trading strategy. When developing a new trading strategy, I use a 4 step approach to this method. How I Get Started Finding Trading Ideas First I try to […]

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option selling

How To Pick The Best Stock For Option Selling

One of the questions that I receive all the time is how exactly do I find the best stocks that I want to sell put options on? And this is what I want to show you right now. For the past few weeks, I have been selling puts and it has been working really, really […]

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options premium

A Simple Guide to Options Premium – With Example

Options Premium Today I want to talk about options premium, what it is, and I’ll show you a very specific example. Many people are struggling to understand how options premium work. As you know, I have been selling puts recently during this the stock market crash and have been doing really well. Now I want […]

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NCLH Stock

NCLH Stock Analysis

Is NCLH Going Bankrupt? NCLH Stock Analysis: Things have looked pretty grim for the cruise lines for a while now. And a lot of news has been circulating about Norwegian Cruise Lines possibly going bankrupt. So I would like to clarify what the ‘talking heads’ mean. Now by no means do I think NCLH is […]

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4 top 5g stocks

“Top 5G Stocks To Buy Now” – EXPOSED

Top 5G Stocks To Buy Now Let’s talk about the top 5G stocks. Right now, everybody’s interested in 5G stocks and the technology. Not many people are really understanding what this is all about, but it seems there is a huge opportunity and there are some stocks poised for ginormous gains. … At least this […]

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1 short selling put options

Short Selling Put Options

Short Selling Put Options When short selling put options, a question people ask me is, “Okay, Markus, how do you decide what’s strike price you want to sell, and whether there’s enough premium in there?” I made a put options calculator that I gave away as part of my recent class on selling put options […]

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2 how to be happier and less stressed

How To Be Happier And Less Stressed

How To Be Happier And Less Stressed Right now, we are in the middle of a crisis: Businesses are closing and filing for bankruptcy, More than 20MM people filed for unemployment in the past few weeks, We’re stuck at home and don’t know when all of this will end. In short, it’s easy to be […]

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best trading strategy

The Best Trading Strategy During The Stock Market Crash 2020

The Best Trading Strategy People often ask, “What is the best trading strategy?” Is it the PowerX Strategy? Or you might have heard me talking about Binary Power Spreads. Recently I’ve been selling put options, which has been working really well in these volatile conditions. So which of these strategies is the best strategy? That’s […]

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1 stop loss order

How To Calculate Stop Loss Order To Limit Your Losses

How To Calculate Stop Loss Order To Limit Your Losses I want to show you how to calculate the best stop loss order if you are trading stocks. We’ll look at specific examples like Tesla and Apple. Now this is for you if you are trading, because trading is different than investing. When trading, you’re […]

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how to start your trading day with an edge

How To Start Your Trading Day With An Edge

How To Start Your Trading Day With An Edge How to start your trading day with an edge: Many people ask me, “Markus, what is your morning routine? What do you do before you start your trading day?” So in this article, I’ll share my morning routine with you and how I start my trading […]

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