what type of trader are you

2 Extreme Types of Traders So let’s talk about “What Type of trader are you?” This is a follow up to my previous article, “The Traders Journey.” So here’s what I’m seeing. There are 2 extreme types of traders. The Type of Trader Who Wants to Know Everything 1.) This type of trader can’t get

trader's journey

Let’s talk about the trader’s journey, because there is a roadmap to becoming a successful trader. In this article, I will give you the exact roadmap I personally used to find success and the same one I give to all of my private coaching students. Just as important as understanding the right things to do,


Yesterday, Snowflake (SNOW), one of the most anticipated IPOs in recent history, hit markets. With names like Berkshire Hathaway and Salesforce getting in on the IPO, should you be looking at SNOW as your next big investment? Snowflake Inc. is a cloud-based data-warehousing startup that was founded in 2012, and yesterday they hit public markets.

why did the stock market crash

Last Wednesday, I warned during my live show that the market could crash soon.  And it did: The next day the NASDAQ lost more than 5% – and for the next few days it kept moving lower. And not to brag, but I pretty much nailed my prediction: I said the S&P would correct to


So the question is, is Bitcoin a good investment? You see, since the beginning of the year Bitcoin is up over 50%, and over the last few weeks the whole crypto market has seen a boost. In this article I’ll show you the pros and cons of investing in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin so that you

Stock Market Crash Fall 2020

At the time of writing this, the markets are at all-time-highs… but are we setting up for a Fall edition to the 2020 stock market crash? If you’ve followed me for any length of time you’ll know I’m not one for making bold market predictions, based on gut feelings. I take a systematic approach to

Apple stock split

Apple Stock Split Apple’s stock has been on a tear lately. On the year Apple is up over 70%, recently becoming the first U.S. company with a market cap of over 2 trillion….yes, that’s trillion with a T 😉 On July 30th, Apple (AAPL) announced a 4:1 stock split making its stock price more affordable

trading taxes

Let’s talk about trading and taxes. This is the second installment in our series, “Trading As A Business.” In the first installment, we talked about the seven things that you need to start trading as a business. In part two, we’re going to cover how you can set yourself up to have your taxes work

successful trading business

How To Start A Successful Trading Business When you start trading, you need to go into it like you would if you were getting ready to start a business. Too often, I see new ‘traders’ who open their account and before ever mapping out any goals, a strategy, a trading plan, or anything, they’re already

dollar cost averaging

With the markets getting banged up earlier this year, you have a LOT of opinions being thrown around on the best way to passively invest in the stock market. Because of this “Dollar Cost Averaging” has been making its way around the internet again as the best thing since sliced bread…but does it actually work