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1 coronavirus stock market crash

The “Coronavirus Stock Market Crash” Scenario

The “Coronavirus Stock Market Crash” Scenario A coronavirus stock market crash: “Is it possible?” a friend recently asked. I think he already knew my answer, but I could tell by his awkward grin, he was hoping I’d reassure him…I didn’t. Obviously, the answer was, and is: “Yes, it definitely could be a catalyst for a […]

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4 question marks

The Most Important Questions To Ask Yourself – Part 1

Before we talk about the most important questions to ask yourself, let me ask you this: Have you ever felt that you’re not making any progress? Does it sometimes feel that not much has changed over the past few years? Do you wish for things to “get better”, but somehow they don’t? That’s how I felt […]

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how to follow through with goals

A Guide To Setting Up Your Trading Goals Today

A Guide To Setting Up Your Trading Goals Today: Did you know that we just wrapped up a first in the U.S. Economies’ history? When the ball dropped and we rolled into 2020, it capped off the first decade in U.S. history that didn’t have a recession in it. Take a minute to let that […]

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1 trading tools

How To Start Trading With $500

How To Start Trading With $500 The other day I received a question on one of my videos: This is a GREAT question, and I promised that I would answer it in an article. So here we go 🙂 How to Start Trading Stocks With $500 Before I answer the question, let’s do some simple […]

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1 How to escape the rat race forever

How To Escape The Rat Race Forever

How To Escape The Rat Race Forever (4 min read) Have you ever felt stuck in the “rat race?” Are you tired of trying to get ahead with no end in sight – tired of doing the same repetitive job over and over again? In this article, I will show you how to escape the […]

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Why Trading Is The Best Business

Why Trading Is The Best Business

Why Trading Is The Best Business In The World! In my experience, there are only 3 ways to become a multi-millionaire: Trading Stocks and Options Investing in Real Estate and Running a Successful Business Personally, I am doing all three, and trading stocks and options is my personal favorite. In this article, I will reveal […]

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bid and ask price explained

Bid and Ask Price Explained

Bid and Ask Price Explained When trading, you will hear about the “bid and ask price.” What is it, and how do you use it? Here’s an example: In this example, buyers are willing to pay $259.06 for Apple (AAPL), but sellers want at least $259.10 per share. Let’s think about it for a moment: […]

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How to stop being jealous of other people's success

How To Stop Being Jealous Of Other People’s Success

Have you ever been jealous when you saw somebody with a really nice car? Or when you walked into somebody’s house and it was big… and so clean? And did you secretly judge them by saying to yourself: “Oh, he must be compensating for something by driving this car.” Or “No wonder her house is […]

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habits of successful

Millionaire Habit #1: Take 100 Percent Responsibility For Your Life

So you want to be a millionaire? GREAT! Millionaires and billionaires think differently. And here’s Millionaire Habit #1″: “Take 100% Responsibility For Your Life” Ask ANY billionaire and they will tell you that they take 100% responsibility for their life.  Billionaires take 100% responsibility for their success. They know that their success is a result […]

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When Did We Become So Skeptical? #HOCO

As a German and a trader, I thought HOCO is a new stock to trade! I was wrong. It’s HOMECOMING! We don’t have Homecoming in Germany. I have never attended a Homecoming Dance.And I have never attended a Homecoming Parade – until yesterday! As you know, both my kids are active sailors, and my son […]

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The 5 Most Powerful Life Lessons

Last night I learned the 5 most powerful life lessons – at my daughter’s school! Here’s what happened: My daughter Vivian started Highschool a few weeks ago. And last night was the “Open House” where I could meet the teachers. And it was not at all what I expected! The “Open House” was scheduled from […]

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A Beginners Guide To Buying Options vs Selling Options

One thing I continuously see with beginners, or even those who’ve been trading for over a year, is that they struggle to understand when they should be buying options vs selling options. In this article, I’ll break down and guide you through the key differences between buying options and selling them in an easy to […]

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What Is An Option Strike Price | A Complete Beginners Guide

If you’re coming from the world of stock trading, or even cryptocurrencies, the idea of a ‘Strike Price’ is probably foreign to you. Unlike buying or selling stocks, you’re able to get long or short the underlying security from a certain price, the strike price. Whether the strike price is above or below the current […]

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How To Have A Super Productive Weekend

Making a plan for the weekend: You can use the weekend to sleep in and be lazy… … or you can use the weekend to spend time with family and friends… … or you can choose to have a super productive weekend! If you choose the latter, the question is: HOW do you plan the […]

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