why you should trade

If you are wondering whether you should trade or not, I will give you three reasons why you should trade. Reason Number One: You Can’t Save Your Way To Financial Freedom I hear outlandish claims all the time from people claiming you can save your way to financial freedom, but it simply doesn’t work this

cash secured vs naked puts

What I want to talk about right now is the difference between cash secured vs naked puts. If you have been following Сoffee with Markus, then you know that recently there was a comment from someone who said: “They are the same thing!” Of course, that is not the case. So in this article, I’ll

does trading work

Does Trading Really Work? What I want to talk about today is, does trading really work? Because sometimes it feels that you’re going one step forward and then two steps back, doesn’t it? Yesterday, Rosemarie shared in one of my private Facebook groups. She asked, “How is everybody doing? I got out last Friday losing

tastyworks platform

tastyworks Platform In this article, I want to show you how I personally use the tastyworks platform to place trades. This will not be one of these hour-long tutorials. I just want to show you the basics of what you need to know to place your first trades. 5 Things Your Broker Needs to Know

Trading After The Presidential Election

The aftermath of the election The presidential election is over, so it is safe to start trading again? First of all, as of writing this, we actually don’t know yet who has won the Presidential Election. As of this morning Biden leads Trump in the Electoral College 264-214, and we are waiting for an update

trading Forex

In this article I’ll show you the pros and the cons of trading Forex so that you can decide whether Forex trading is for you. What Are The Pros of Trading Forex? The fascinating world of Forex. You see, it’s super easy to find the pros because there’s no shortage of ‘Forex Gurus’ out there

wheel option strategy

What Is The Wheel Option Strategy? The Wheel is an options trading strategy where first we are selling puts to collect premium. In the instances where we get assigned the stock, we’re then selling calls to collect even more premium. As you know, I’ve been actively trading “The Wheel” since the middle of the year

penny stocks

I’m sure you’ve heard the term “Penny Stocks” before, but the question is, should you be trading penny stocks? In this article, I’ll show you the pros and cons of trading penny stocks. This way, you can decide whether penny stock trading is for you, whether you can make money with penny stocks, and also,

Micro-Cap Advantage

Rob Booker and Lou Bassanese released a new product called Micro-Cap Advantage – or MCA for short. I got my hands on that product, and in this article: I’ll show what exactly this product is. What you can expect when you invest in this product. And whether this product is for you or not. What Is

trading mistakes

So let’s talk about the five biggest trading mistakes that cause traders to lose money. And one of them is the account killer that I’m saving for last. When you are trading, you need to have a trading strategy. You already know this, this is nothing new. The 3 Key Elements To Every Trading Strategy