5 Things Successful People Do

Things Successful People Do

You see, there are 5 things successful people do. In this blog, I want to talk to you about 5 things successful people tell themselves – because millionaires and billionaires think differently than broke people.

Do you believe this? Is this true? Absolutely!

But the question is, what exactly is going on in their heads? What exactly do successful people tell themselves?

These are things that I do, and I talk to a lot of other successful people who have told me they do the same thing.

5 Things Successful People Do

things successful people do

Here are the top 5 things that successful people tell themselves.

Number 1: “I will figure it out.”

So, this is the first thing that successful people tell themselves. Because successful people don’t plan for failure.

However, successful people do plan for obstacles. They know that there will be challenges and this is why they are prepared for the challenges.

They know that they won’t succeed at first, but this is why they tell themselves: “I will figure it out.”

And trust me, I’m the exact same way because whatever I do, and even when I started trading many, many years ago, I tell myself I will figure it out.

In 2006, I started investing in real estate. I had no clue how to, but I told myself I will figure it out and there’s no room for failure or option that I’ll give up.

Right now, I am on a mission to teach 100,000 people how to become financially free through trading. I want to teach them personally.

Online, I’ve already touched the lives of more than 500,000 people. But in person, I want to do it with 100,000 people.

Now I’ve never done this before, but again, what do successful people tell themselves? “I will figure it out.”

Number 2: “Never mistakes only lessons.”

Now, what does this mean? Of course, successful people make mistakes, but when you’re calling it a lesson, it is positive.

Think about it. When you make a mistake, and you say, OK. So, that didn’t work. What can I learn from this? Isn’t that more powerful because then you actually have gained something.

You gained some knowledge.

You know what they say about Edison, right?

That he said, “I have found 10,000 ways of not to succeed. And I’ve found the one way how to make a light bulb.”

When you fail and you call it a mistake, it’s negative. I mean, it’s counterproductive.

Mistake already says that you failed, and you see, every mistake that you make brings you one step closer to your goal.

Number 3: “What don’t I know?”

And then they learn.

I mean, nobody knows everything, right? Or you can do it even better. You ask somebody who has successfully done it.

See, in the very beginning when I became a trader, of course I didn’t know everything about trading, but I learned.

I learned about it, and then I did make mistakes, which were lessons, so that I learned what does work for me.

And you see, these days I figured out a shortcut.

Instead of sitting in front of books and reading a lot of stuff, I just find somebody who has successfully done what I want to accomplish.

And then I ask that person to teach me.

It’s like getting a mentor.

Getting a mentor is the ultimate shortcut to achieving what you want because it takes much longer if you’re trying to figure it out by yourself.

Do you believe that is true? Absolutely.

Number 4: “Is what I’m doing right now getting me closer to where I want to be?”

Successful people have a dream. You probably have a dream.

Successful people have a goal. I’m sure that you have a goal.

What is a goal?

A goal is a dream with a deadline, right? And then you need an action plan. And this is the important thing.

Successful people are doing something every day that brings them closer to their goals. Taking action… I told you…

Right now, one of my goals is to empower 100,000 people to become financially free through trading and I want to do this through videos, seminars, bootcamps and through Facebook live.

And this is why I’m here right now with you. Because right now, that is my goal and every day I’m asking myself: is what I’m doing right now getting me closer to where I want to be? Does this get me closer to my goal?

To learn more about how I trade, visit My Trading Routine now for a free, 35-minute training video – no opt-in needed.

Number 5: “Am I making progress?”

And one of my favorite sayings is:

“If the plan doesn’t work, change the plan, not the goal.”

Never give up. When life knocks you down, get up and try it again. Nobody is successful right away. You’ve got to learn from your mistakes.

If it doesn’t work at first, remember: there are no mistakes. There are only lessons.

Recap: 5 Things Successful People Tell Themselves

  1. I will figure it out.
  2. Never mistakes – only lessons.
  3. What don’t I know? Where all my gaps? Where do I need to ask somebody for help? Where do I need to get a mentor?
  4. Is what I’m doing right now getting me closer to where I want to be?
  5. Am I making progress?

Say “yes” in the comments below if you found this helpful, and feel free to share with a friend who could benefit from these five things that successful people tell themselves.

It really helps if you write these down and read them to yourself every single morning.

Trust me, it has worked for me. It has worked for a lot of other successful people so why wouldn’t it work for you? Learn from others who are already successful.

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