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good till cancelled

Good Till Cancelled vs. Day Order

Good Till Cancelled vs. Day Order When trading there are two different order types. One is a day order and one is good till cancelled. What’s the difference between these two order types, and which one should you use when? That’s what we’re going to talk about right now. Day order vs. good till cancelled. […]

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get what you want

How To Get What You Want In Life

How To Get What You Want How to get what you want in life, fast. You want more in life, maybe more money, more time, more fun and you want it now, you want it fast. Good, because right now I’ll show you a five-step system on how to get what you want in life […]

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bull vs bear market

Trading 101: Bull vs. Bear Market

Bull vs. Bear Market Bull vs Bear Market: Let’s talk about bulls versus bears. What does this mean? What is a bull market and what is a bear market? If you’re new to trading, all this lingo can be confusing and I want to make it really easy for you. What does it mean? When […]

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cashflow quadrant explained

Robert Kiyosaki – Cashflow Quadrant

Cashflow Quadrant Explained Cashflow quadrant explained: Have you heard about the book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki? See, in this book, he introduces the Cashflow Quadrants. What is it and how do you use it? That’s what we’re going to talk about today. Have you read the book Rich Dad Poor Dad? If […]

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swing trading vs day trading

Swing Trading vs Day Trading

Swing Trading vs Day Trading People ask me all the time, “Should I day trade or should I swing trade? Which is more profitable?” And that’s what we’re going to talk about right now, swing trading vs day trading. Swing Trading vs Day Trading: Which one is better? Swing trading vs day trading, which one […]

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Open Profit and Loss

How To Trade Options with PowerX Optimizer

How to trade options How to trade options: Many people prefer to trade options instead of stocks. So right now, I will show you how to trade options using the PowerX Optimizer. Let’s get started. Disclaimer What I’m about to share is not an options 101. If you don’t know much about options I’ll write […]

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what motivates you

What Motivates You?

What Motivates You What motivates you and drives you, making you do the things that you do? We’ll talk about this right now. There are two things that are driving and motivating you. These two things determine the way you dress, how you look, how much money you make, your relationships, your friends. What two […]

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federal rent checks

Federal Rent Checks Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Federal Rent Checks So what’s the deal with federal rent checks? Right now, there are a lot of ads and emails going around that you can “collect federal rent checks of up to $7,000 per month.” Are federal rent checks legit or is this a scam? You’ve probably received an email that says something like […]

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suspend your disbelief

Suspend Your Disbelief

Suspend Your Disbelief Suspend Your Disbelief: You see millionaires and billionaires have success habits, right? And one of the success habits is to suspend your disbelief. What does it mean to suspend your disbelief? What does it mean to suspend your disbelief, and how do you do this? And that’s what we’re going to talk […]

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cut costs

Bad Financial Advice & What You Should Do Instead

Cut Costs Cut costs: There are a lot of financial planners and gurus out there who tell you to do one thing. They say if you do this one thing you can retire rich and you know what, they’re dead wrong. So today we’re going to talk about this one thing, why it’s really bad […]

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mindset of a winner

The Mindset of a Winner

Mindset of a Winner What is the mindset of a winner? You see, successful people think differently than most people and that’s why they are successful. So, what is the mindset of a winner? There are many people in this world who are comfortable and being comfortable is the worst thing that can happen to […]

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what is after hours trading

After Hours Trading Explained

After hours trading What is after hours trading? Let’s talk about it. What is it, should you do it and do you need it? You see, people think that they need to trade after hours because they don’t have the time to trade throughout the day. And that is dead wrong. But first, let’s talk […]

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how to be successful

How To Be Successful: Success is Waiting for You

How to Be Successful How to be successful: You want a better life; to make more money, have more time… and you have some good ideas on how to do this, right? Do you know what those ideas are worth when you don’t execute on them? They’re worth nothing. Let’s talk about how to be […]

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know the rules

Know The Rules

Know the rules Know the rules: The other day I received the following question: “Hi Markus, please explain yesterday in your video was a software PowerX – the stock LULU was in red – SELL… The stock is today off after strong earnings…” See, it is extremely important that when you use a tool, that […]

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best stock to trade

What Is the Best Stock to Trade

Best Stock to Trade Best stock to trade: Let’s talk about the best stock to buy right now. In order to find the best stock to trade, I thought it would be funny to actually go to Google, so I searched “what is the best stock to buy.” Finding the best stock At first, I […]

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1 trading tools

The Best Trading Tools

The Best Trading Tools Trading Tools: Let’s talk about the best trading tools. What tools do you actually need for trading? Which of these tools are the best? For me, personally… I use three different trading tools Charting Software Trading Software Broker Platform First of all, you do need charting software that helps you to […]

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trading secrets

5 Trading Secrets You Need to Know

Trading Secrets Trading Secrets: Let’s talk about the top five trading secrets. People ask me all the time what are the secrets I’m using in my trading. Here are the ones you need to know. Top 5 Trading Secrets Revealed Trading Secrets: Number 5 Taking stock tips from people “smarter” than you are is a […]

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dream it do it

If You Can Dream It You Can Do It

If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It If you can dream it you can do it: There are two quotes that I really, really like that have to do with a dream it, do it mentality. One of them is “If you can dream it, you can do it” and the other is […]

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trading log

Trading Log

Extremely Important Tool for Trading Trading Log: Let’s talk about a tool that I think is extremely important for trading, a trading log, or a trading journal. Let’s discuss what this is and why you need to have it. Trading Log See, I believe a trading log is the most important tool other than having […]

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