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how do you make your dreams come true

Wake Up & Chase Your Dreams How Do You Make Your Dreams Come True? Chase your dreams!  How do you make your dreams come true? By chasing your dreams. What you do when you wake up is your choice!  When you wake up in the morning, you have two choices.   You can go back to sleep, or you can wakeup and chase your […]

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best stock broker

Best Stock Broker 2019

Best Stock Broker I want to talk to you about the best stock broker. Now, here’s the deal. When you’re trading in general, you do need a stock broker. If you’re trading options, you need an options broker. Forex, a Forex broker. Now, you know how I personally feel about Forex. I don’t like it […]

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motivate yourself

The 5 Best Ways To Motivate Yourself

Motivate Yourself Every Day Let’s talk about the five best ways to motivate yourself every day. You see, sometimes it’s hard to get motivated. So, if you need a boost of motivation, here are the five things that I personally like to do to get me motivated if I need a kick in the butt. […]

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1 things successful people do

5 Things Successful People Do

Things Successful People Do You see, there are 5 things successful people do. In this blog, I want to talk to you about 5 things successful people tell themselves – because millionaires and billionaires think differently than broke people. Do you believe this? Is this true? Absolutely! But the question is, what exactly is going […]

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take action quotes

Action Is The Real Measure of Intelligence

This is one of my favorite take action quotes Now this is one of my favorite take action quotes: “Action is the real measure of intelligence.” If you have been following me for a while, you know that I’m all about taking action. You have to have dreams, right? Absolutely! If you don’t have any […]

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strategy for stock market

Profit Taking Strategy for Stock Market

Profit Taking Strategy for Stock Market Strategy for stock market: Taking profits is extremely important when trading. After all, you only make money when you actually close the position and take money off the table. The key question is: when exactly do you take profits? So, right now, I want to talk about my favorite […]

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2 how to trade stocks

How To Be A Successful Trader

How to be a successful trader Let’s talk about how to be a successful trader. what does it take to be a highly successful trader? You see, most people want to trade. And then again, they are fearful and say, OK. What do I need? And often, they are focused on the wrong things. How […]

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2 lyft IPO


Lyft IPO Stock News So, let’s talk about Lyft IPO stock. Today was the second day of trading, and Lyft is right now trading below its IPO price. Lyft, the ride share company, started trading on Friday, and at first, everybody was excited. Let’s take a look at the charts to see what happened with […]

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emotions in trading

How to Manage Emotions When Trading

There are emotions in trading. So how do you manage them? There are two main emotions in trading. The main emotions in trading that we all have as traders are greed and fear. Let’s talk about fear first. Most traders fear that they have a loss, that they lose money. So, here is how you […]

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achieve goals

3 Simple Steps Anyone Can Follow to Achieve Goals

How to Achieve Goals How to achieve goals – how exactly do you do this? Obviously, setting goals is an easy thing. And there’s a ton of workshops out there on how to set goals. You know that setting goals is actually easy? You just say what you want to achieve. Now, it does make […]

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learn from mistakes

How to Learn from Your Mistakes and Move On

Earlier today I tried something, and it didn’t work at all. Was it embarrassing? Not necessarily, but it was definitely weird. Let me tell you what happened, and discuss 3 lessons on how to learn from your mistakes. Here’s what happened. Earlier today I wanted to do a Facebook live and a YouTube Live showing […]

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is day trading profitable

Is Day Trading Profitable?

Is day trading profitable? You may have heard that 95% of traders fail. Is this true? If so, what can you do to not be part of the 95%? Is day trading profitable – Here’s what you need to know. I’ve been sharing my experience with trading, what I do, and encouraging others to trade […]

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