What Type of Trader Are You?

The Truth About Trading
The Truth About Trading
Ep 120: What Kind Of Trader Are You?

What kind of trader are you? From my experience, there are 2 extreme types of traders…

The Successful Trader Journey – A Trading Roadmap For Consistency & Profitability: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=orWvev1iUsA


Ep 120: What Kind Of Trader Are You?

2 Extreme Types of Traders

So let’s talk about “What Type of trader are you?”

This is a follow up to my previous article, “The Traders Journey.”

So here’s what I’m seeing. There are 2 extreme types of traders.

The Type of Trader Who Wants to Know Everything

1.) This type of trader can’t get enough information. They’re like a ‘knowledge vacuum’: 

type of trader

This type of trader thinks that by knowing EVERYTHING they can, this will inevitably lead to them making money in the markets.

So he keeps reading books, watching YouTube videos, attends webinars…knowledge, knowledge, knowledge.

… and he hasn’t placed a single trade yet.

So think about it this way:

Let’s say there’s somebody who wants to run a marathon. So he starts reading books about it and watches videos.

He knows all about pacing, how he should train and what he needs to eat. He know the best shoes for running a marathon, and the best clothing…

…. but he hasn’t run a single mile yet.

Now onto…

The Type of Trader Who Doesn’t Know Anything

Now here’s the other extreme.

The other extreme is the “trader” who doesn’t know anything, but they got a “hot stock tip from somebody.”

This trader buys a stock and doesn’t know anything.

Here’s an example:

type of trader

Edith has heard about SNOW, the biggest IPO of the year. It’s also the most hyped up IPO in a LONG time.

I did a video on this: Should I Invest In Snowflake?

It was originally priced at $85, then they raised the price to $110, and when it started trading, it jumped to $320!

So Edith bought some shares for $243. 

And I asked her about the her profit target, and here’s her answer:

“I don’t know what  to expect. I hope that one of my stocks really takes off and I could buy a new home.”

Wait…. What??? You bought 10 shares for $243, so that $2,430.

I don’t know what houses cost in your area, but let’s make it easy and say it’s $250,000.

So your shares would have to rise from $243 to $25,000 to make that happen! 

And in the markets, obviously anything can happen…but do I see that happening. Well, not in my lifetime 😉

Which type of trader is right?

Of these two different types of extreme traders, the question still remains:

What’s right? Which of these 2 approaches should you use?

The “I want to know it all” approach or the “Let’s buy some stocks and see what happens” approach?

I hope you’ve by now realized that it’s neither.

That’s why I released The Traders Journey. You should really check it out.

Here’s the right approach in a nutshell:

  1. Find a strategy that makes sense to you (risk, time required, win %,). Examples: The PowerX Strategy, The Wheel. I made a video in which I compare these 2 strategies according to 5 criteria. It’s called “The Best Trading Strategy 2020
  2. Learn the rules of the strategy 
  3. Place at least 40 trades on a simulator.
  4. What are the results?
  5. If it’s good, start trading it. If it’s bad, what can you do to improve?

Now one more thing:

When it comes to trading, YOU WILL HAVE LOSSES. No matter what they say, you will have winning trades, and you will have losing trades.

There are no guarantees that you will make money as a trader.

They key is to keep your losses small.


Now again, there’s 2 types of traders here:

1.) That’s the trader with a $10,000 account who sees a loss of $100. That’s 1% of his account. But he’s freaking out:

type of trader

2.) Then there’s the other type of trader who buys a stock, and it moves against him. But he doesn’t take action. He doesn’t control his loss. 

Here’s an example:

This trader invested $4,400 and is now down $900. That’s 20% of the account! 

THIS is what kills traders. THIS is what destroys accounts, NOT controlling your losses.

It’s like “hoping for the best” and believing that “everything will be fine” like this guy:

Do yourself a favor right now:

Read The Traders Journey and follow the steps that I’m outlining in that article.

Then do the 5 steps I mentioned above:

  1. Find a strategy that makes sense to you. Examples: The PowerX Strategy, The Wheel
  2. Learn the rules of the strategy 
  3. Place at least 40 trades on a simulator.
  4. What are the results?
  5. If it’s good, start trading it. If it’s bad, what can you do to improve?

I hope this helps.

Leave a comment below and let me know what type of trader you are.

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