Adventures of a Trader

And I’m getting busy! Friends tell friends, and more and more people want to stop by my house to see what I’m doing.

  • .. the markets I trade,
  • … the software I use,
  • … how I set up my software,
  • … what I’m looking for when looking at charts,
  • … when I enter the market,
  • … where I place my stop loss,
  • … when to take profits,
  • … and all the good stuff you need to know as a trader.

I’m getting quite busy explaining what I am doing and teaching other people how I trade, and I start missing trading opportunities!

So I decide to write everything down, and with the help of my best friend Tom and my brother Tobias we plan to set up a website and make all my notes available on this website.

We’re ready to register a domain when we realize that “” is not a very good name for a website.

Nobody would be able to spell it. So we brainstorm different names for the website, and my sister-in-law Anna suggests “Rockwell Trading.” Anna is from the Philippines, and there’s an upscale shopping mall in Manila called “Rockwell Center” (see picture on the right).

We like the name and check the domains. Sure enough: is available, so we go ahead and register it. Now you know why my company is called “Rockwell Trading” 

Rockwell Center

Within a few days Tom and Tobias uploaded my notes, and on January 29th, 2005 we flip the switch and is officially live!

I’m excited to have my own website! Instead of inviting people to my house and getting distracted from online day trading, I can now give everybody who’s interested the URL of my website, and I can focus on trading again!

Little did I know that making all my trading notes available for my friends would cause more problems than I ever anticipated…