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Frustrated that despite your best efforts you're still feeling chained to a job or business that saps the life out of you, with no escape in sight?

Do you feel overwhelmed...discouraged…
even anxious about your wealth building progress?

The good news: 

Many of my customers who have gone through the same struggles like you managed to build a passive income machine that never runs out of money and even have multiple streams of income so they can be secure in their finances, no matter what life throws at them...

...simply by leveraging the power of one new and revolutionary technique that allows them to create a bullet-proof investment portfolio that generates consistent profits.

And many burnt-out professionals and overworked business owners - just like you -  are now using this proven solution to turn their lives around and achieve wealth building success.

Listen, I get it if this sounds too good to be true. And it's only normal to feel a bit skeptical.

Just let me ask you this:

What if this one-of-a-kind method virtually guarantees to help you reach your wealth building goals without wasting months on end or feeling overwhelmed?

Would that be of interest to you?

On this page I show you the exact reason behind my customers resounding success...

And the exact steps you need to take in order to get the same results.

PLUS: I'll reveal the REAL reason why some of the more popular wealth building approaches leave you worse off than they found you.

Most of this stuff no one is actually talking about...

...letting unaware people who try to build wealth fall pray to these traps and never taste success.

The ugly truth is...

The Odds Are Against You Unless You Really Get This

Call me a glass half-empty guy if you like...

...however the statistics are grim.

I don't know if you're aware of this however...

...59% of Americans said they will have to keep working longer, while 36% now believe they will never have enough money to be able to retire, according to the latest data from the Natixis Global Retirement Index...

...not to mention according to a study of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System from 2022, only 45% of those aged 45 to 59 felt prepared for retirement.

Plus retirement experts recommend that you need 10-12 times your annual salary to retire, so if you make $200,000 per year before retirement, you should aim to have at least $2,000,000 - $2.400,000 in your retirement account...

If you consider these facts you probably start to grasp how dire the situation really is.

I'm not saying this to scare you...

I just want you to see how important it is to have an edge.

And how important it is to get your hands on a method that goes against the grain and ensure you're shielded from those nightmare statistics.

Who Am I And Why Should You Believe Me

In case you don't know me already, my name is Markus Heitkoetter.

I was born and raised in Germany, pursuing the traditional career path of studying hard and then work for a big company. 

It took me a few years before I realized “If you’re not rich, you’re making somebody else rich.” 

So in 2002 I decided to take a leap of faith, quit my job at IBM and moved from Munich, Germany to Austin, TX to become a professional trader and investor.

I came to America with only $30,000 in my pocket, but now I am proud to say that I have built something out of nothing - achieving great success as a trader and investor, becoming a multi-millionaire and even authoring 4 best-selling books.

I also created Rockwell Trading and the renowned PowerX Optimizer™ , one of the most powerful tools for traders in the world. And in 2022 when the S&P 500 crashed 22%, I was able to use my "Wheel Strategy" to achieve 62% in realized profits..

Now I wasn't always so successful.

In fact I struggled for years with feeling stuck - never been able to increase my net worth...

I used every possible trick and hack out there...

....and despite my best efforts they never really helped me build a profitable portfolio of investments that generate passive income.

This is going to be the full story of how I got from a desperate corporate worker for IBM to multi-millionaire.

And I'm not leaving any details out of this.

There's no sugarcoating, no editing to make it more friendly...

It's the exact way it happened and what I've learned along this bumpy road will help you reach your wealth building goals in a fraction of the time it would normally take.

When I grew up, I followed all the rules: good grades in school, college degree, corporate job with IBM.

At first, things were great: My hard work paid off quickly, and in no time at all, I'd risen to new heights within their organization. The money came pouring in - more than enough for me to live comfortably - and my coworkers praised me for my dedication and ambition.

I had it all: The house, the car, the fancy office with a view... I was living what I thought would be my ideal life - except for one thing: I wasn't happy.

Sure, there were moments of joy - like when I landed that next promotion or closed that important deal - but overall, something

Every day felt like a chore, like spinning my wheels and yet not getting anywhere.

But still, I kept playing by their rules; no matter how much it drained me inside or how little satisfaction it brought me in return....

... because I hoped that one day, it would get better. One day, I wouldn't have to work so hard anymore. One day, I would have more time.

But it seemed that day would never come.....

The old me only knew struggles, hardships and frustration...

However today all I feel is happiness, peace of mind and fulfillment like I couldn't believe possible.

The reason for this astonishing turn of events?

The discovery I'm going to share with you today...

With This You'll Get What You Really Want...

Let me guess: The no. 1 goal you have is...

You want to build a profitable portfolio of investments that generate passive income.

You may also be interested in making money while you sleep...having multiple income streams so you can be secure in your finances, no matter what life throws at you...

...and maybe even breaking the vicious cycle of working hard and long hours and have more time for yourself, your family and your friends.

And you also want to achieve ALL of this:

  • systematically...
  • with clarity and certainty...
  • with confidence...
  • while you inspire your friends and family...
  • and while enjoying the process...

This Is More Crucial Than You Believe

The tip you'll discover today will make a stunning impact on your wealth building success.

All you have to do to achieve this is simply take action.

Just be advised that doing nothing has some dire consequences.

And I'm not talking about you spinning your wheels in place.

I’m talking about… grow older but feeling no closer to retirement. The years will pass by and you realize that despite all the hard work and effort, you're still not any closer to achieving your goal of retiring early and having more time for yourself and your family. 

Now that's the worst case scenario, but I've seen it happen more than I care to remember. 

And since neither of us wants that to happen to you, let's get you moving in the right direction...

My Life after Applying What You're About To Discover

This is how I got where I am today:

I remember the day when everything changed for me.

As I sat there in the dark, staring out of the hotel window in a city that was supposed to be home for the next few weeks during a work project, my heart suddenly felt heavy.

All of these years, I'd been doing exactly what everyone had said was right - working hard on a corporate job and climbing the corporate ladder - but where had it gotten me?

At home, my friends celebrated a birthday. And they didn't even invite me! Because whenever they did, I always said: "I'm too busy."

My chest tightened as I felt a wave of loneliness wash over me. For the first time, I questioned why I was so dedicated to my job and if it was really worth it.

So I made a drastic decision: I left my job at IBM and moved from Munich, Germany to Austin, Texas with the goal of becoming a professional trader and investor.

The moment I hit the “submit” button and sent my resignation e-mail to IBM, a wave of both excitement and fear washed over me. It wasn’t easy leaving behind the safety of my job in Munich, but I knew that this was what I had to do if I wanted to take my life back and make my dreams a reality.

So there I was in America—a new country full of possibilities but also risks—with $30,000 in my pocket. I set aside $10,000 for living expenses and put $20,000 into my trading account hoping to turn it into millions…or so I thought!

It turns out trading isn't as easy as they say it is: within months, due to inexperience combined with bad luck - and maybe even some careless trades-  what started off as $20,000 quickly dwindled down into just $8,000.

I started to panic: What had gone wrong? Why couldn't I figure it out? Was this really going to be impossible after all?!

But then I finally "got it" and realized that everything I thought I knew was dead wrong!

I used to believe the hype: That trading was all about making huge, life-changing profits in a matter of days or weeks. 

I watched videos of traders who made 286% in 3 days and turning a $500 account into 100,000 in less than a year - it seemed too good to be true. 

I realized I was chasing unicorns.

But then something changed inside me. 

I realized that maybe this kind of thinking wasn't sustainable, that chasing after quick "windfall" profits is often a fool's errand and can lead you down some dangerous paths if you're not careful.

So instead, I decided to focus on what I call "SRC Profits": Systematic, Repeatable, and Consistent profits. 

It was going slow at first as every gain seemed insignificant compared to the ones promised by all those get-rich-quick schemes out there.

But soon enough, my patience began paying off as little by little my account balance started increasing. 

And like a snowball, it started gaining momentum.

But the best: Thanks to this new approach, the risk has decreased significantly, and trading has become less stressful and more rewarding than ever before!

My trading is now systematic, predictable - and almost “boring”. 

And trust me: When it comes to making money in the markets, boring is good! 

If you want excitement, go to Las Vegas and gamble. But that’s not me: I don’t gamble. 

I grow my account - systematically and consistently. 

And life is good!

Now if I could turn it around, then you can easily do the same.

Imagine Your Life Without Struggles

Picture yourself experiencing...

...having more time for yourself, your family and your friends...

...having true financial independence and the freedom to do whatever you want with your time and money...

...or even true financial freedom, with multiple streams of income and reliable sources of passive income that don’t require you to work anymore!

And you can achieve these results as well... so many of my customers do after they put to good use what I have to share with you today.

And I truly believe that by following my advice, you can build multiple streams of passive income to make money while you sleep and increase your net worth - systematically and consistently.

I can say that with quite a bit of confidence, because thousands of burnt-out professionals just like you are building multiple streams of income to make money while they sleep and have peace of mind because they have finally found a way to have money working hard for them.

And by their own words, they owe much of their success to the new approach I'll cover today.

First, make sure you...

AVOID The 3 Success Killing Myths

When it comes to building a profitable portfolio of investments that generate passive income and having multiple streams of income...

There is no shortage of bad advice out there.

For example you may be under the impression you need expensive financial advisors to assist you with your investments.

This is something I call Pricey Planners...

...and I'm guilty of believing this as well a long time ago.

However, the truth is financial advisors are just sales people. 

According to, the base pay of a financial advisor is $70,593 / yr, and then he gets on average $41,423 / yr in commissions for selling you some products you don't need. 

And think about it: If a financial advisor really knew how to create wealth, would he be working a 9-5 job that pays less than $120,000 per year?

Now that's the first myth...

The second one is the popular myth that trading is too risky and can lead to big losses quickly.

Many folks I know bought into this one. 

But the truth is trading doesn't have to be a risky endeavor. 

The key is to treat trading like a business, and use proven strategies. 

Keep this in mind: "The quickest way to lose all of your money is trying to double it" - and that's what many amateur and wannabe traders do. 

But with the right strategies and mindset, and a focus on systematic, repeatable and consistent profits, you can reduce your risk significantly.

Another common myth in the wealth building community is really a deal-breaker. You may fall victim to the myth of "Time Illusion".

Time Illusion is when you think you don't have the time or energy to focus on wealth building...

But believe it or not the truth is you don’t need to spend all of your time and energy trying to build wealth. 

I personally only spend 20-30 minutes every day to actively monitor my investments, and sometimes, I don't look at them at all. 

There are plenty of investing strategies that require minimal maintenance and can help you to grow your net worth without having to constantly check your investments.

All these lies and misinformation has been pushed by either financial advisors who charge high fees and commissions for mediocre advice or online forums full of "know-it-alls" who pretend to have the answer to everything.

Regardless, there is one universal truth when it comes to investing mastery...and it just so happens to be…

The Hidden Saboteur

If you want to know what's really holding you back from creating a bullet-proof investment portfolio that generates consistent profits it's this:

Muddled Investment Strategies Syndrome (MISS).

Muddled Investment Strategies Syndrome (MISS) is a common problem for busy professionals and business owners. 

It means there's either no comprehensive strategy for building passive income in place, or that investment decisions are based on fear, greed or other emotions. 

Here's what typically happens: At some point, you might realize you should do something about your investments. 

Often, these thoughts occur on the weekends, since your weekdays are already incredibly busy. 

So you dedicate a few hours of "research" on the weekend, and either jump into some investments right away, e.g. buying some crypto or ETFs or dividend stocks, etc. 

Often, these investments are a poor choice since the decision was made in a rush. 

Another possibility is that you realize you need more time to "do it right" and put the project on your already full to-do list - and with everything else going on in your life, it never gets done... until you find some time on a weekend in a few months and the vicious cycle continues. 

This often leads to confusion and frustration, and an "investment strategy" that's all over the place and doesn't get you anywhere. 

Worst case, it could leave you worse that you were before..

Think of it this way: Let's say you want to lose a few pounds, and you decide to do some research about the best way to do it on a weekend when you have some time. 

You might read about Keto and intermittent fasting, and then also look into some exercises like HIIT exercises, yoga, resistance bands, "muscle confusion" and all the other methods out there. 

After a few hours, you feel smarter but you haven't lost any weight yet. 

So you decide to "start tomorrow", and "tomorrow” is a busy day - like every day.

Maybe you try to eat a little bit healthier and you might take the stairs instead of the elevator. But as your busy days go on, you don't really have time to "do all this", and you decide to really get serious about it next week, or next month. 

But you never find the time to actually do it, and therefore, these few pounds that you wanted to shed, are still there.

Muddled Investment Strategies Syndrome (MISS)
Can Mess You Up Pretty Good

Muddled Investment Strategies Syndrome (MISS) can trigger more dire problems than simply being frustrated with the slow results of traditional methods of investing...

You could end-up dealing with dire consequences like being frustrated while trying to figure out how best to invest their hard-earned money or even losing your hard-earned money on bad investments.

Now I know this sounds really grim...

However there is a way to bypass all that heartache...

Keep reading to find out what it is...

Identifying The Early Signs Of
Muddled Investment Strategies Syndrome (MISS)

So what triggers Muddled Investment Strategies Syndrome (MISS)? Are there red flags you should pay attention to? And how can you spot it before it happens again?

For starters, you need to pay attention to "Impulsive Investing": 

Taking action without proper research or understanding the risks involved in a particular investment can lead to investing in underperforming or way too risky assets that could cause a huge loss... 

When this happens, Muddled Investment Strategies Syndrome (MISS) is often just around the corner.

The good news is there's a quick and simple solution for this:

Simply stop rushing into investments - whether it's stocks, options, crypto, real estate or even a business. 

Instead, first identify how much money you really need in passive income to live comfortably. 

Here's a personal example: 

My house and my cars are paid off and I don't have any debts. 

The car I drive the most is a Tesla, which doesn't require any gas or maintenance like oil changes, transmission fluid or anything like this. 

I have set up a college fund for my kids. 

Therefore, I can easily live on $10,000 per month - after taxes. 

This means that I only need $120,000 per year, which allows me to live a very comfortable life including a lot of traveling in first class - which I REALLY like. 

So I "just" need to make $120,000 after taxes in passive income, and for me, that's super easy! 

So how much do you REALLY need? It might be much less than you think!.

Let's look at another trigger - avoiding to look at your retirement or savings account statements because it frustrates you that your accounts are not growing.

And don't worry...

I have the solution for this one as well...

...take an inventory of how many liquid assets you have right now. 

This includes extra cash that might be sitting in your checking account, any money in savings accounts and - of course - the money that you have in various retirement accounts like a 401k or IRA. 

Now do the following: Take the total amount and multiply it by 0.3. 

That's what you can expect to make in your first year of actively managing your accounts! 

I personally get around 60% per year, and after a while, it might be possible for you to achieve these results as well. Who knows? :-) 

Oh, and don't worry about taxes or penalties just yet. We will address this later. 

But how does this feel? 

Are you getting more excited when you see how hard your money could work for you?.

As helpful as these tips may be, they are not the ultimate solution. 

However, in order to convey the impact and power this can bring into your life, I first need to let you in on the backstory.

It's how I managed to discover the sure-fire way of removing Muddled Investment Strategies Syndrome (MISS) from your life once and for all...

...while building a profitable portfolio of investments that generate passive income.

How I Picked Up A Life Changing Tip Along The Way

One of the secrets to my success in wealth building is the leveraging the power of role models. I learned over the years to be very selective. 

And even more important: I learned to spot consistent patterns.

It's great when something works for one person, or two. That may help you in the short term. 

However, I decided to "pattern spy". 

I wanted to see if the ultra-successful had traits in common. 

That way I could discount factors like experience, luck, and natural gifts.

One of the people that inspired me was Warren Buffet.

Warren Buffet grew up in Omaha, Nebraska and he followed the "traditional" career path like I did: get good grades in school, go to college, and then make a career.

After college, Warren Buffet worked as an investment salesman but it wasn't long before he realized that “if you are not rich then you are making someone else rich”.

So he decided it was time to take matters into his own hands..

At just 31 years old, he bought shares of Sanborn stock, and within 2 years he made a 50% return on his investment. 

Although 25% per year may not seem like much in today's world when everybody talks about making 286% in 5 days, it was only the beginning of his remarkable path to "the world's most famous investor":

By the age of 32, Warren Buffet became a millionaire. And when he turned 60, he became a billionaire.

For many years, Warren Buffet was the richest man in the world. 

And today, at 92 years old, Warren Buffet is still ranked among the top 10 richest people alive. 

He is a living testimony how focusing on "SRC profits" can make you very wealthy!

Here's How You Can Replicate This Success For Yourself

You hear stories like that of Warren Buffet and you may be tempted to think to yourself, "Yeah, but folks like that usually are a genius or very wealthy."

Is that true? Not at all.

I believe anyone can build a successful portfolio of investments with the right strategies and knowledge. I’m not saying that it’s easy… 

… but it can be simple. 

Many of our "100k Club" Members who have made $100,000 or more with the strategies you’re about to discover are school teachers, nurses, restaurant owners, ... and there are countless examples of “regular folks” who have achieved success. 

What you really need is the right strategies, tools and dedication.

And have you ever said this to yourself? 

"Sure, inspiring, but I'd have to take a lot of risks and spending a lot of time researching to pull it off."

You know, I used to think the same thing. 

Here's the truth: you actually don't need to take excessive risks or spend too much time researching in order to build wealth. With the right strategies, you can manage risks effectively while still making steady and reliable returns. 

And I personally spend less than 30 minutes per day on monitoring my trades, and sometimes, I don't check the markets at all, especially when I'm traveling with my kids.

Another myth is that successful people seem to are all 'lucky' and were just at the right time at the right place to make their fortune, and that these opportunities are now gone. It sounds reasonable, but it's simply a myth...

The truth is that there has never been a better time to start trading and investing. 

These days, we have powerful tools at our disposal that help us to make expert decisions with minimal effort. 

And commissions have never been cheaper: In fact, I'm paying no commissions at all, and I'll be happy to introduce you to my broker.

Anyhow, as you can see, all these false "success myths" are dead wrong....

...and they are made up to hold you back from a proven solution that actually works:

A Long And Frustrating Journey Filled With Errors
Led Me To Discover What Actually Works

What do the most successful have in common? 

I analyzed my own trading and investment success as well as hundreds of successful traders and investors like Warren Buffet, George Soros, Ray Dalio and even our "100k Club" Mastermind Members. 

All of them are true winners...and I found they have this in common:

==> They all focus on CONSISTENCY.

They don't jump onto "shiny objects". They don't put all of their money into Bitcoin or meme stocks like Gamestop, AMC Theaters or the latest "hot tip" in an online forum. 

Yes, maybe they miss out on the latest Bitcoin move when it's going from $5,000 to $68,000.  But they are not worried about missing ONE trade - they are focusing on the "big picture" and strive to make consistent profits REPEATABLY. 

They understand that it’s more important to make small but consistent profits instead of having a "lucky windfall trade" every now and then. 

And they also understand that the quickest way to lose all of your money is trying to double it, so instead, they focus on taking low risk  trades.

"Focusing on consistency" is the common trait among all of the highly successful traders and investors out there.

Back when I first started out...

...I thought I knew what's important when it came to wealth building.

However, I quickly realized these guys were on a completely different level...

...and if I want to be successful I should model what they're doing.

And my entire outlook on wealth building changed once I had found it.

I was left with one powerful truth as a result of this experience:

Your Success Relies on "SRC Profits"

When I finally shared the concept of SRC Profits with a small group of my customers the consensus was, "That's the answer. When we started using this approach, we were finally able to create a bullet-proof investment portfolio that generates consistent profits."

Now, what's it all about?

That's the ability to create systematic, repeatable and consistent profits, no matter what the markets or the economy does.

Let me unpack that a bit further for you.

Picture this: 

I'm sure you have heard the story of the tortoise and the hare, have you? 

But that's just a story, isn't it? 

Well, here's a video of a race between a tortoise and a hare in real life: 

Think about the hare as a trader who jumps on the latest shiny object like Bitcoin, Meme Stocks, "the next Tesla", the "Tesla of China" etc. 

As you can see, there might be some success with this for a few days or maybe even weeks... but if you want to be successful in the long run without taking unnecessary risks, then "slow and steady" wins the race.

Here's proof:

Remember Bitcoin and how it went crazy in 2021?

In January 2021, Bitcoin was trading at $28,000. 

In November 2021, it reached an all-time high of 69,000. 

That's a 246% gain.

Now you might say "I'm not trading Bitcoin. I like stocks like Tesla" - which is one of the most popular stocks to trade. 

So let's take a look at Tesla:

In January 2021, Tesla was trading at $240. 

By November 2021, Tesla hit $414.

That's 172% gain - before crashing down to $102.

But do you see the orange line on these 2 charts?

Yes, Bitcoin was flying high in 2021 and then crashing in 2022:In the beginning of 2023, Bitcoin was 8.68% lower than in the beginning of 2021. 

Same for Tesla: Flying high in 2021 and crashing in 2022. 

Compared to the beginning of 2021, Tesla was down more than 40% in the beginning of 2023.

But the orange line - the “tortoise” - was up 38% in the same timeframe.

So what IS this orange line? Who is the tortoise that wins the race?

Well, the orange line is the price of Berkshire Hathaway - Warren Buffet's company. 

And no: I'm not cherry picking the last 2 years. 

Take a look at the chart below where you will see the S&P 500 and the price of Warren Buffet's company.

As you can see, Warren Buffet has outperformed the S&P 500...

... not by a factor 2x... not by 3x... not by 4x

... by a whopping 576%!

So how exactly does he do it?

First of all, Warren Buffet is the Grandmaster of "SRC Profits".

And secondly, he's using a very specific trading strategy that I'm using as well.

Some Quick Tips to Help You Get Started With SRC Profits

After discovering SRC Profits...

I developed a few easy-to-apply tips to get traders and investors like you started on the path to wealth building success.

Here's my first tip: Focus on "Value Stocks".

Yes, I know: That sounds super boring. After all, don't we all want to find the "next big stock" - the new disruptive technology - that will give you 10x or maybe even 100x on your return?

It sounds great but it's like finding a 4-leaf clover: It exists, and if you spend enough time, you might find one. Or you might pick one and realize that it's not that special after all.

Trust me, I have tried that, and I have lost a lot of money in the process. 

Because chasing unicorns like this is the exact opposite of SRC Profits. 

These days, I'm looking for stocks and ETFs that pay a dividend and have a low "P/E Ratio" of less than 50, preferably less than 20. 

But that's only the first part of it. Keep reading, and I'll show you how to combine this with an extremely powerful strategy that Warren Buffet likes to use. 

So here's the second tip: Sell Put Options.

You might be wondering "What the heck is this and why should I bother? This sounds complicated!"

First of all, it's easier that you think. 

And here's why you should do it:

On January 30, 2023, MoneyWise published an article 

"If you want to be really rich, use these 3 Warren Buffett investing techniques that no one talks about"


In this article, the author states the #1 Strategy is "Selling Put Options"

I don't want to get into the nitty-gritty of this strategy right now... 

…but trust me on this one:

Selling put options is the most consistent way to make money with trading that I found.

It's the perfect strategy for making "SRC Profits".

And the best: It only takes a few minutes to execute, so it's perfect for you if you're busy!

If this all sounds intriguing, then keep reading…

What You Should Do Next

While the tips I just shared with you will help you get the ball rolling...

They're missing something to really bring it all together...

...and help you achieve your wealth building goals quick and easy.

That requires one more important step.

This is what countless traders and investors call "the perfect system" for getting the most out of "SRC Profits"...

However, before I pull back the curtain...

I think it's important for you to see how I came up with it...

This is the story:

Success leaves clues. That's why I've spent over 20 years researching, testing and trading all sorts of different strategies: 

❌ I day traded futures using a fancy 6 monitor setup
❌ I swing traded stocks
❌ I used fundamental analysis
❌ I studied well over 182 indicators to use with technical analysis
❌ I used dozens of software packages - most of them super difficult to learn
❌ I researched hundreds of investment strategies
❌ At some points, I had 12 rental properties
❌ I did several "real estate flips"
❌ I invested more than $5MM in apartment complexes with hundreds of tenants 

... and there's probably much more (especially failures) that my brain doesn't want me to remember. 

I diligently analyzed my successes and failures to come up with “the most comprehensive wealth building system in the world” for busy professionals and business owners that helps them to systematically create multiple streams of reliable income in the most efficient way possible.

It does it all without taking unnecessary risks, wasting time and money with ineffective strategies, or costly mistakes... and on top of that, it's a system that just about every active investor who has tried it finds it astoundingly powerful, brilliant, yet easy to implement...

Introducing The Rockwell Wealth Building System

The Rockwell Wealth Building System is a complete system that fast-tracks you to creating a bullet-proof investment portfolio that generates consistent profits in a way that's enjoyable as it is effective.

Take a look at what you're going to experience with the help of the Rockwell Wealth Building System:

• You can confidently create passive income streams with minimal effort and time investment without taking large financial risks or struggling through expensive trial and error...

• You can begin to take back control of your life and have time to pursue hobbies or spend more time with family without worrying about sacrificing you current lifestyle or committing to a long and arduous learning curve...

• You can systematically create passive income stream to free up time to focus on what matters most to you: pursuing happiness and creating a life you love without having to take unnecessary risks or engage in risky speculation....

• You can create a path to break free from your busy life and have more time for yourself, your family and friends without having to worry about the future or constantly be on the lookout for new opportunities...

• You can systematically build a profitable portfolio of investments that generate passive income without worrying about being an expert investor or spending endless hours researching the markets...

• You can finally break the vicious cycle of working hard and long hours and start creating true financial independence without risking your hard-earned capital or putting yourself in financial danger... 


“How Is This Different From Other Things I Have Tried?”

Great question! If you’re reading this right now, there’s about a 99.999% chance you’ve spent more than a fair amount of time and money trying to reach your wealth building goals.

There’s little doubt that you’ve probably clicked on countless ads, consumed more than a healthy dose of blogs or videos, and purchased more than a few courses - all from self-proclaimed experts and gurus who say they can help you to create a bullet-proof investment portfolio that generates consistent profits.

Heck, if you’re like most of our clients, you may have even invested a hefty amount in coaches, courses, and other wealth building products...

But you’re here because you’re most likely still struggling with fear, anxiety, and/or uncertainty when it comes to a profitable portfolio of investments that generate passive income...

Am I right?

Well, here’s why:

You’re likely not following a complete system or roadmap for doing ALL OF THE THINGS required in the right order, to get you where you want it to be.

Instead of wasting your time stuck in a state of complete information overload, trying to duct tape together all the pieces required for success, the Rockwell Wealth Building System provides a crystal clear step-by-step pathway to reach your destination!

How Does It Work?

Our approach is based on the core belief that there are three elements required for success for anyone serious about boosting their wealth as quickly and safely as possible:


You have to be 100% “all in,” serious about taking action, and motivated to achieve your goals.

Without commitment, no one will ever be able to make a lasting change!


Instead of spending days, weeks, months, or even YEARS searching, clicking, and scrambling to put together all the pieces required for success, you must follow a proven system, roadmap, or path from Point A to Point B.

This is what the “Rockwell Wealth Building System” provides: The exact formula you need to get where you want to go in the quickest way possible with little to no overwhelm or information overload.


The final element are our powerful tools and especially our flagship software "The PowerX Optimizer".

The PowerX Optimizer is the best "trade finder software" on the market. It's designed to help you make the most profitable investments by filtering through ten-thousands of data points and finding the trades with the highest probability of success.

We invested more than $1,000,000 and several years to create this tool to make it as easy for you as possible to grow your accounts without all the overwhelm and fear that usually comes with investing in the markets.

This tool will give you the confidence you need to take trades with 100% clarity and without any guesswork, speculation, or doubt - which is essential for anyone looking to create wealth through trading.

So if you’re frustrated with the current state of your investing, we have the clear path to follow and the best tools to help you reach your goals.

"How Does The Process Work?"

Great question!

From the moment we start working together as partners in your success, we’ll help you complete each of our signature steps required for achieving your wealth building goals:

Phase 1: Fundamentals Academy: Build A Rock-Solid Foundation

First, we’ll utilize our Rock Solid Trading Foundation system to help you master the trading fundamentals every trader needs to know in less than 90 minutes.

Then our unique Perfect Trading Strategy process will ensure you select the best trading strategy for YOUR needs in terms of account size, risk tolerance, profit potential, and availability to trade.

The third step shows clients how to find the best broker for YOUR needs using our Ultimate Guide For Broker Selection framework.

Phase 2: Trading Mastery: Your First $100k

The next step is the Bulletproof 100k Trading Plan. This step will help you create a proven trading plan that allows you to trade with confidence and allows you to make money in any market condition without any anxiety or fear. And the best: It just takes minutes to execute!

The core mechanism for ensuring our clients can use cutting-edge technology to make confident and profitable trading decisions is our Unshakeable Trader system, a.k.a. our flagship software "The PowerX Optimizer"

The last step in this stage is The Rapid Trading Improver framework that let’s you easily identify what works and what doesn't using a data-driven scientific approach. This way, you can adjust you trading plan to maximize you gains and minimize you losses to achieve results quickly and with certainty.

Phase 3: Wealth Mastery: Create Generational Wealth

Once we have your "Rock-Solid Foundation" and "Trading Mastery" in place, we’ll kick off the Wealth Mastery: Create Generational Wealth stage.

In this stage, you would be part of our "Rockwell Freedom Mastermind"*

* Joining the Mastermind would be the logical next step. You don’t need to be part of it for the first 2 phases, but I want to give you the complete picture. Also, if you’re like me, you might be the kind of person who says “Just give me the best solution to help me achieve my goals”. If that’s the case, contact me and we can talk about the Mastermind 

First, we introduce our Profit Amplifier: This allows you to grow your account quicker with advanced trading strategies.

Next up: Put in place the Ultimate Tax Advantage - our unique model that shows you how to set up your trading business the RIGHT way to maximize your tax deductions and keep more of your money without worrying about being audited.

The final and ultimate step of our ''Rockwell Wealth Building System'' system is to ensure you are able to build a passive income system that never runs out of money. In this step, you build true ''generational wealth'' for your family using our Income Generating Machine For Life system.

"Can I Benefit From The Rockwell Wealth Building System?"

Now you might be asking yourself...

"Is the Rockwell Wealth Building System going to work for me?"

Well, let me set you at ease:

The road to create Rockwell Wealth Building System was long and hard...

I was determined to create something that is both flexible and life-changing...

I dedicated 20 years of my life studying what made the most successful traders and investors tick...

Years researching every piece of information I could get my hands on...

Tens of thousand of hours laboring over every aspect of this system...

...testing and re-testing using my own money…

… making mistakes so that YOU don’t have to make them and can benefit from my experience…

...honing it to perfection.

Thanks to all this hard work... are now able to get the "odds defying" unique 9-step system to generate wealth without taking unnecessary risks, wasting time and money with ineffective strategies, or costly mistakes...

...that helped countless burnt-out professionals and overworked business owners just like you achieve success when it seemed impossible.

The Rockwell Wealth Building System can work for you when virtually nothing else will.

You'll get to see some of our success stories in just a moment...

However, before that you need to know this:

The Rockwell Wealth Building System really is a complete system for wealth building can work for literally anyone...

...even if you don’t have prior experience in trading or investing...

...or even if you have tried to invest and failed in the past...

...and get this:

It can work for you even if you don't have much time because your job or business is already super demanding, 

The Rockwell Wealth Building System can still deliver results that can help you build multiple streams of passive income to make money while you sleep …

… while having peace of mind knowing that you found a way to have your money working hard for you – at the same time.

Real Results You Can Trust

Wondering what kind of results you can see...

...and how fast you'll get them?

In as little as 10 days, you'll be amazed to see that you place your first trades with confidence...

Your progress continues over the following 90 days as the results really kick in... you'll notice how your account is growing by leveraging our powerful strategies and that taking care of your investments has become an effortless routine like brushing teeth...

...and it just keeps getting better:

Things get really awesome within the next 6-18 months as you settle fully into the system and are now on your way to build multiple streams of passive income so that you make money while you sleep.

And please, don't just take my word for it...

The Reviews Are In, And The Results Speak For Themselves

Just take look at what regular folks just like you...

...from all walks of life are saying about the considerable results they experienced with Rockwell Wealth Building System:

I have been following Markus and Rockwell since Sept of 2020, and in May of 2021 I decided to go "all in". I started with a $200K account in Jan of 2021 I made $100K in 8 months and a total realized gain of $145K for 2021. - Alishan Mansourian, Glendale, CA

Great news! Sign me up for the $100k club! I've surpassed the $100k in realized profit above and beyond the original investment with Rockwell. Currently +$112k. Two years ago, Amy and I were seeking the last piece of our retirement puzzle....a relatively reliable source of income to cover some of our expenses plus discretionary spending. Then we found you! With SRC profits and what we've learned from our journey with you, Amy and I are on track to realize our goal later this year. I'm glad we have been able to experience different market cycles as it has given us the confidence this plan will hold up in both up and down markets. Your guidance has been invaluable in helping us navigate the markets...especially in 2022. It doesn't stop there...your Rockwell Wealth Building System feels like it's being written just for us! We had elements of this in place, but this gives us a great framework to build upon and a better way to visualize our goal. Frankly, Markus, I can't adequately articulate how appreciative I am of what you and your team provide. The consistency & frequency of trading sessions, relentless improvement of the PowerX Optimizer software, and coaches that rock! You're all true to your word, you over-deliver what you promise and you all are making a positive impact in our lives. It's been a liberating experience thus far and we look forward to continuing our journey with you! - Doug and Amy Wong, Alameda, CA

I started in October 2020. 

Although I only started with 40 K account just to test the water I managed to make 30 K in profit for the year 2021. 

As I gained more momentum and experience and gained the knowledge from you guys I increased by account size to 500k. I started this in the beginning of 2022 and managed to make realized profit of 160,000 USD in just 8 months!

I would like to thank all your team for providing the support to me as it helped me achieve what was for me a dream and impossible thing to do. 

Furthermore where ever I can volunteer to help you guys in anything you feel I can help in I would be more than happy to do so in order to contribute to Rockwell as I really consider you guys as family.  - Rebhi Dajani, Spring Field Gardens, NY

This are just a drop in the bucket...

I could literally fill up a room with the number of messages we get...

Risk Free Because Of My Iron-Clad Guarantee

Here's the deal:

I want to take all your worries away and give you unshakable confidence that you will not only systematically create multiple streams of reliable income… you’ll do it with clarity and certainty and while you inspire your friends and family...

So much so that I’ll shoulder all the risk...

That's why Rockwell Wealth Building System is backed by my carved-in-stone 30-day guarantee so you can prove to yourself this system works.

And if I were to leave it at that...

It would still be a no-brainer deal...

However I'm going to do you one even better...

You Get These Exclusive Bonuses When You
Grab The Rockwell Wealth Building System Today

Now, when you see the deep discount I'm offering today on Rockwell Wealth Building System... may do a double-take to make sure you read it correctly...

However I still wanted to give you more...

I wanted to go way beyond the extra mile and give you some extra value-added bonuses just for taking action.

Bonus #1

First, I'd like you to have Wealth Building Cheatsheets and Tools. This has a retail value of $1,997, but it's yours FREE by taking action now.

We created 1-page cheatsheets for every step of the process to make it even easier for you to know exactly what to do. 

Many of our customer have printed these cheatsheets and laminated them so that they can quickly refer to them to ensure they avoid costly mistakes. 

Plus, we created powerful tools like the "Income Machine Calculator" that shows you exactly how to allocate your money to the different "buckets" so that you can create your Passive Income Machine as quickly and robust as possible. 

In addition, you also get access to the "Broker Comparison Tool" that shows you exactly the best broker for YOUR needs. Most often, this is the same broker that I use and pay NO commissions but depending on your situation, another broker might be even better. 

We're in the process of developing more tools that will make your path of building wealth even easier, and you will get access to these tools as we release them..

Bonus #2

Next, you'll receive complimentary access to Lifetime Updates to Training, Tools and the PowerX Optimizer, valued at $1,997, yours FREE today!

This bonus provides immense value to you because it allows you to access the latest methods and strategies in wealth building. 

And this invaluable bonus means you can continue learning, growing, and optimizing your investments without worrying about having outdated information or needing to pay for additional courses. 

Knowing that you have access to the latest information and cutting-edge tools means you can trust that your investments in this system is a future-proof investment and ensuring that you're always having access to the latest strategies, tools and techniques.

Bonus #3

And last however certainly not least is our one-of-a-kind $997 value PREMIUM BONUS - Mighty Networks : A private community of active investors!

Yours for FREE when you take action today.

As busy professionals and business owners, it can be difficult to stay connected with a likeminded community of active investors. 

With this private network, you have access to a safe space where you can engage in conversations about their investments and get advice from other experienced investors. 

This bonus provides a unique opportunity to learn and grow in the wealth building space while networking with the right people. 

Not only do you receive valuable advice and resources, but you're also part of a community of active investors who understand your struggles, giving you the motivation and energy to push forward on your wealth building journey when times are getting tough..

Add all that up and you would normally pay a pretty penny to get JUST those 3 bonuses...

However you get all of them 100% for FREE when you grab Rockwell Wealth Building System today...

An Absolute STEAL For Just $7,497

Believe me:

You would be getting a sweet deal even if I were to sell Rockwell Wealth Building System for what it's worth - $7,497.

Add the bonuses on top of that...

And the grand total would be $12,488...


Even at that price point...

...a system tailor-made to help you...

...systematically create multiple streams of reliable income...

...have multiple income streams so you can be secure in your finances, no matter what life throws at you...

...and even break the vicious cycle of working hard and long hours and have more time for yourself, your family and your friends...

...WITHOUT taking unnecessary risks, wasting time and money with ineffective strategies, or costly mistakes... worth every single penny.

However I want to do you one even better.

By clicking the order button below right now, you'll receive Rockwell Wealth Building System, complete with all those juicy bonuses, for the unheard of price of just 1 payment of only $3,997.

That's a savings of 65% slashed right off the retail price!

A Special Time In History

We truly live in remarkable times.

While the little-known blueprint inside Rockwell Wealth Building System is based on ancient wisdom...

...proof of it's efficiency and power...

...have only recently been uncovered.

Peeling back all the layers of uncertainty...

Doing countless trial and error runs and polishing everything about this...

Wasn't a task for the faint of heart...

Luckily you don't have to worry about that...

Here's why:

Everything Is Laid Out For You

Now all you have to do is act!

I wish I could, but only you have that right.

It's your right to choose.

A simple choice that can have such a big impact on yourself and your loved ones.

Imagine the joy and excitement in their eyes when you're going to tell them:

"I did something wonderful today! I found something I believe in, something that really works and I'm going to use this to get real results."

The ball is in your court.

You can choose to continue on the path you're taking now. It's one filled with months, years, even decades of heartache and back-breaking labor.

Of reinventing the wheel.

Losing ground. Losing time.

Think about it:

Is Time Valuable To You?

If I could save you EVEN A DAY of time in your pursuit to build a profitable portfolio of investments that generate passive income, wouldn't that day be worth a mere single payment of only $3,997 to you?

It would, wouldn't it?

Because your time is valuable.

And I think you'll agree with me when I say...

...saving time whenever you can...

...and spending precious time with your family and friends...

...doing the things you love... worth the investment!

That's why I'm confident you'll take the savvy active investor path today.

You'll take me up on my offer and give Rockwell Wealth Building System a fair shot for the next 30-days.

The Key Is Living Without Regrets

Worse case scenario you get a full refund on your investment.

Yet, if you do nothing...'ll change nothing...

...and you'll simply go down the same road you've been on all this time.

A simple "Yes" today may very well be the only thing that stands between you and wasting more time and more money in the long run.

And failing to make this decision right now could haunt you for the rest of your life.

Regret may take a hold of you if you fail to act.

And that's not something I wish for you...

And I'm sure it's not what you wish for you as well.

Will you let me save you FAR more than a day's worth of your valuable time?

Will you allow me to be your guide in this transformational journey?

Will you take advantage of what I have to offer you today so you can finally systematically create multiple streams of reliable income, make money while you sleep and even break the vicious cycle of working hard and long hours and have more time for yourself, your family and your friends?


Then let this system work it's magic on you:

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Today marks your turning point, and I'm thrilled to be a part of it.

Yours in wealth building success,

Markus Heitkoetter

P.S. Just in case you have a few more questions about Rockwell Wealth Building System, text me!

I’m serious: Simply send me a text at +1 (512) 337-1885 and let’s chat!