The Freedom Trading System:

9 Steps To Your First $100k - And Beyond

If you're like most active investors, you want to find a way to replace your current income and build your wealth so that you can retire and live your life to the fullest.

But the markets can be tough to navigate, and it's easy to feel overwhelmed, anxious, and stressed about your investments.

This Freedom Trading System was designed for busy people just like you.

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It's a step-by-step system that can help you generate 100k in trading profits in 3 years or less, without all the fear and anxiety when investing in the markets. 

And it's simple to follow, so you won't get lost in all the market jargon. Just put in the time and effort, and let the system do the rest.

So if you're ready to take control of your financial future and start living the life you've always dreamed of, then keep reading to discover this unique system. 

It could be the best decision you ever make.


I put together a list of the top frequently asked questions we receive about how our ''Freedom Trading System: 9 Steps To Your First $100k - And Beyond'' can help you increase your trading profits…

What is ''Freedom Trading System: 9 Steps To Your First $100k - And Beyond''?

The Freedom Trading System is a unique system that can help active investors generate at least 100k in trading profits within just three years.

By providing a systematic and confident approach to investing, this system removes the fear and anxiety often associated with trading, and it also reduces overwhelm and confusion.

By following this system, you will be able to grow your account to a level that will allow you to retire comfortably and live a happier life with more money, less stress, more time, more freedom, and a larger impact.

So if you want a crystal clear and predictable roadmap to grow your account to a level that will allow you to retire comfortably and live a happier life with more money, less stress, more time, more freedom, and a larger impact - look no further!

 Who are you?

My name is Markus Heitkoetter and for the past 23 years I've been OBSESSED with trading.

Like many people who want to make money with trading and retire early,I enrolled in every course, read every book, and tried every crazy trading program on the market. 

I quickly realized that most of the material out there is only teaching one small part of the puzzle... 

Why didn't anyone teach the complete solution!?!

Finally, I was able to piece together all the different things that worked (and tossed out what didn't work) and I really started seeing a transformation in my trading.

People actually started approaching me, asking how they could get the same results for themselves!

This led me to distill all of my lessons learned into a signature program - the COMPLETE step-by-step program people just like you are using to ultimately grow their trading account to a level that they can retire early and live their lives to the fullest.

And it doesn't matter if you're just starting out, or you have already been on this journey for a while... This works!

How does it work?

Our approach is based on the core belief that there are three elements required for success for anyone serious about boosting their trading profits as quickly as possible:


You have to be 100% “all in,” serious about taking action, and motivated to achieve your goals.

Without commitment, no one will ever be able to make a lasting change!


Instead of spending days, weeks, months, or even YEARS searching, clicking, and scrambling to put together all the pieces required for success, you must follow a proven system, roadmap, or path from Point A to Point B.

This is what the ''Freedom Trading System: 9 Steps To Your First $100k - And Beyond'' provides: The exact formula you need to get where you want to go in the quickest way possible with little to no overwhelm or information overload.


The final element is our flagship software "The PowerX Optimizer".

The PowerX Optimizer is the best "trade finder software" on the market. It's designed to help you make the most profitable trades by filtering through ten-thousands of data points and finding the trades with the highest probability of success.

Whether you're trading stocks or options, the PowerX Optimizer is a valuable tool that can help you make consistent profits.

This will give you the confidence to take trades with 100% clarity and without any guesswork, speculation, or doubt - which is essential for anyone looking to make consistent and predictable trading profits.

So if you’re frustrated with the current state of your trading, we have the clear path to follow and the best tools to help you reach your goals.

How is this different from other things I have tried?

Great question! If you’re reading this right now, there’s about a 99.999% chance you’ve spent more than a fair amount of time and money trying to reach your trading goals.

There’s little doubt that you’ve probably clicked on countless ads, consumed more than a healthy dose of blogs or videos, and purchased more than a few courses - all from self-proclaimed experts and gurus who say they can help you to grow your account a level that you can retire.

Heck, if you’re like most of our clients, you may have even invested a hefty amount in coaches, courses, and other trading products...

But you’re here because you’re most likely still struggling with fear, anxiety, and/or uncertainty when investing in the markets...

Am I right?

Well, here’s why:

You’re likely not following a complete system or roadmap for doing ALL OF THE THINGS required in the right order, to get your trading where you want it to be.

Instead of wasting your time stuck in a state of complete information overload, trying to duct tape together all the pieces required for success, our ''Freedom Trading System: 9 Steps To Your First $100k - And Beyond'' provides a crystal clear step-by-step pathway to reach your destination!

How do I know if this will work for me?

After spending the last 17 years helping traders, we have honed our systems down to an exact science.

That's why we have...

  • An A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau

  • More than 3,603 independently verified reviews with an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars

  • An "Excellent" rating with TrustPilot

  • More than 332 reviews on Google with an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars

The best way for you to gain 100% confidence that this is the absolute best way for you to reach your goals is to test it for yourself. That's why we provide a no-questions-asked 30-day money-back guarantee .

If at any point within the first 30 days you feel like this isn't right for you, just let us know and we'll give you a full refund

That means you can try out our system completely risk-free.

How does the process work?

From the moment we start working together as partners in your success, we’ll help you complete each of our signature steps required for achieving your trading goals:

Stage 1: Fundamentals Academy: Build A Rock-Solid Foundation

First, we’ll utilize our Rock Solid Trading Foundation system that helps our clients master the trading fundamentals every trader needs to know in less than 90 minutes.

Then our unique Perfect Trading Strategy process will ensure you select the best trading strategy for YOUR needs in terms of account size, risk tolerance, profit potential, and availability to trade.

The third step shows clients how to find the best broker for YOUR needs using our Ultimate Guide For Broker Selection framework.

Stage 2: Trading Mastery: Your First $100k

The next step is the Bulletproof 100k Trading Plan. This step will help you create a proven trading plan that allows you to trade with confidence and allows you to make money in any market condition without any anxiety or fear!

The core mechanism for ensuring our clients can use cutting-edge technology to make confident and profitable trading decisions is our Unshakeable Trader system, a.k.a. our flagship software "The PowerX Optimizer"

The last step in this stage is The Rapid Trading Improver framework that clients implement to find out what works and what doesn't using a data-driven scientific approach. This way, they can adjust their trading plan to maximize their gains and minimize their losses to achieve results quickly and with certainty.

Stage 3: Wealth Mastery: Create Generational Wealth

Once we have your "Rock-Solid Foundation" and "Trading Mastery" in place we’ll kick off the Wealth Mastery: Create Generational Wealth stage.

In this stage, you would be part of our "Rockwell Freedom Mastermind". This is optional, but I want to give you the complete picture.

First, we introduce our Profit Amplifier: This allows you to grow your account quicker with advanced trading strategies.

Next up: Put in place the Ultimate Tax Advantage - our unique model for helping our members set up your trading business the RIGHT way to maximize your tax deductions and keep more of your money.

The final and ultimate step of our ''Freedom Trading System: 9 Steps To Your First $100k - And Beyond'' system is to ensure all of our clients are able to build a passive income system that never runs out of money. In this step, you build true ''generational wealth'' for your family using our Income Generating Machine For Life system.

In Summary:

This nine-step system has been refined, tested, and proven to help dedicated people like you rapidly improve their tarding without fear, anxiety or uncertainty when investing in the markets.

If you have any other questions about ''Freedom Trading System: 9 Steps To Your First $100k - And Beyond'', feel free to contact us.