My Trading Plan For 2022

2022 is here...

Which means there's a massive opportunity awaiting traders who are prepared.

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My Trading Plan
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The single biggest mistake of aspiring traders — is NOT having a trading plan. 

In this market environment, I’ve noticed traders have FOMO and chase stocks only to get burned…

Listen, I didn’t become a multi-millionaire trader by putting my money into random trades… 

I got to where I am today by having rules and a plan. 

So let me give you the keys to the kingdom.

I’ll send you a 15-minute video guide on how to create your trading plan & a PDF template you can fill out. 

And, I'll walk you through step-by-step how to create your very own trading plan that is tailored to your specific needs and circumstances. 

Let me put you in a prime position to take advantage of all the lucrative opportunities in today's market…

By giving you a concrete and actionable plan for your trading.

My goal here is to give you a peace of mind and confidence in your trading. 

Because this is what having a plan is all about. Not being swayed by emotions and unexpected moves of the market. 

You'll be less stressed, miss fewer trades, and make more meaningful progress faster. 

Just put your name and email in the box below and I’ll send your 15-minutes mini guide & “ Trading Plan 2022” PDF template to your inbox immediately.

Robert M. | Rockwell Trading Student

Training Through Transparency 

Markus' masterclass training approach provides not only the hands on training for utilization of the PowerX Optimizer stock and options selection tool but also the underlying theories that determines the selections. He then takes that a step further and provides the hands-on practical aspects of how to turn the theory into trades, live in real time. All of this is done in a totally transparent, nothing hidden environment.

I’m Markus Heitkoetter
Founder | Rockwell Trading

Trading can be a tough business. In fact, it may be one of the most difficult things you’ll ever do.

After 25+ years of being a trader, I’ve discovered the frameworks, methods, processes and mindset needed to trade consistently and profitably. Over my career, I’ve developed a number of strategies, that have proven time and time again, to work no matter the market conditions.

Over the years, I've refined my trading strategy and system, so that I can teach anyone, no matter their background, how to make consistent money in the markets. My goal is to help regular people transform their lives through trading.

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