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Every year we only allow a small number of students to join our tight knit group of traders. So we would like to invite you to attend a live Q&A with existing Rockwell Trading Mastermind Members to see if the program would be a good fit  🙂

Live Mastermind Q&A | Thursday 12:00pm Central


Learn More About Our Mastermind Program From Two Of Our Active Members

Paul Harper

Diamond Mastermind Member Since 2018

Paul and his fully restored plane

Paul is a Rockwell Mastermind member, a retired Aeronautical Engineer and an active Pilot. Paul is an expert on the PowerX Optimizer, PowerX Strategy and Wheel Strategy and actively both stocks and options.

Paul started out just like you. Was curious about Rockwell, purchased the software, followed the plan and retired within 2 years. Paul Lives is Ohio with his wife and is a full time Trader (on his own time).                                                                            

Raza Aziz

Diamond Mastermind Member Since 2019

Raza is an expert on the PowerX Optimizer, PowerX Strategy & The Wheel Strategy. He is a Rockwell Mastermind member and attributes his Trading success to Markus and the Rockwell family.

He is a father, husband and lives in Toronto Canada. He is also an international speaker, author and business owner. Raza has consulted with hundreds of traders on how to get results as a trader AND how to make it a thriving business.

"My wife and I joined the MasterMind group in early April. Since then we've grown in our confidence of selecting wheel stocks to trade, what put strike to pick, not being afraid of assignment, when to sell calls, when to sit on our hands,...etc. We have no regrets. It's been a wise investment! We're making 8-10K per month, so we should cover our initial cost in another week or so!"

Roger I.

“I joined the Mastermind program earlier this year. With the mentoring and help of the group my trading results are getting better week over week. I made back my investment in less than 6 weeks, but even if it had taken me much longer the increase in my confidence and feeling secure that my decision to retire and start trading full time next year is the right one for me would have made the cost worth it. Also, for me, putting that much $ where my mouth was, so to speak gave me another push to truly treat my trading as a business and not a "side gig". Committed me to ensuring success.”

Sheryl L.

“I probably would not be trading if it was not for The Mastermind, being able to have Markus and Mark guide me through especially after having to walk away from it for quite a few months and come back widowed I've been able even though still being quite conservative only using part of my BP, like many others I've exceeded my monthly goal and am now a month ahead , and trust me I would not be if I was doing this completely on my own! The Mastermind community is the absolute best! there are some really great people that are very open honest and helpful in every way. This group even helped me upgrade to the right computer so I can use 3 monitors I may not be crazy about the multi colored keyboard but boy do I love the speed!!”

Linda J.

“I joined last December 2020 and started trading with live money on January 11th. It has been better than I ever could have imagined. I made my investment back within a month and posted several times about my success. I've made 100k in 6 months!”

Theresa T.

“I joined in 2019 and it’s been amazing. The personal coaching I received from Markus along with the Virtual Boardrooms and check in calls have turned me into a trader who is now living off the generated income from trading. I retired at age 51 this past January and it is due to the support I received from Rockwell as part of the Mastermind program. It took my hard work, dedication and coach ability, but without the Rockwell team and the mastermind program, I would not have been able to get where I have gotten in 2 years. It’s an awesome program, software, and community. And the knowledge and commitment of both Mark and Markus is priceless…”

Rika K.

“Have been a long time investor on stocks and mutual funds, but I've been at the mercy of how the markets move, that my investments go up and down in value. Since I joined the Mastermind program in the summer 2020, I learned how to trade options (which I've been staying away from for the last 25 years), I get a consistent return on investment while trading the wheel (the Roth IRA is up 36%ROI and the taxable account 15%ROI, for a combined 28% ROI annualized), and the best part is that you gain confidence as a trader by having Markus and Mark coaching you along the way. Most of our daily coaching calls are directed to trading, but they always come up with new strategies and even topics that will improve your financial life. Every call is fun and interactive.”

Benito P.

“I joined near the end of March, after doing a lot of due diligence and speaking to a few fellow mastermind members. I repaid my entire membership fee in a matter of 2 months and the calls that we get with Mark/Markus each week are invaluable. Now, there are differing levels of the mastermind for different purposes and ALL are 100% worth it. It makes trading 10x easier being in a community of solid folks, to bounce ideas off of."

Jake S.

“Hi Lisa. I’m a Mastermind member since the beginning of this year and have to say, it’s THE best decision I’ve ever made! I’m trading a 100k account (mostly The Wheel, and some PXO) and have a year-to-date realized profit of 30k! Others made more by trading more aggressively. I chose the Diamond Level which in my opinion is the best choice. By now, it became a part of my life and the routine of joining the Coaching calls and Virtual Board Rooms is just great. I learned a lot and gained confidence. There’s a lot of interesting people in the mastermind group and we help each other. It is like a great family. Markus and Mark are great coaches and always respond to your questions. Hope that helped. See you on the other side!”

Peter S.

“Congratulations, Lisa, and welcome to the family!!! I joined the Mastermind Group in December 2020 and it was the best decision I ever made! I have not regretted it for a second! Using the PXO tools are awesome, but being able to trade with Markus and Mark takes it to a whole new level (not to mention they're also fun guys to hang out with while making money). I'm not as far along as others in feeling comfortable enough yet to pick my own trades, so I just take the trades M&M do, but I keep learning and I've also gained a lot of confidence that I can do this (and eventually as my full time job)!!”

Kris W.

Are You Mastermind Material?

Serious Trading With Copious Amounts Of Fun Mixed In


Trade live or on your simulated account with Markus & Mark. Once a quarter, enjoy the lifestyle of the "digital nomad" that trading provides, as we travel to exotic locations not only to trade, but to hang out and have some fun!


Our Virtual Boardroom is designed to let you trade with Markus and Marku and look over their shoulder for 4 days (9 times a year) as THEY place the trades on their live accounts.


Leverage more than 40 years of experience, with Rockwell Freedom Mastermind program. You'll get access to unrivaled connection and collaboration with seasoned traders.


Don't ever trade alone again! With our weekly live boardrooms you'll be able rapidly accelerate your success with a team to support you.


I Will Teach You How To Find The Life Of Your Dreams Through Trading

Personal Coaching

As I found over 25 years ago, trading is a skill that you can only master by working alongside with active traders so you can get live feedback on what you're doing right and wrong.

You need to be able to analyze real trades, understand why a trade is made (and why you need to pass on a trade), and you also need a team to analyze what your blind spots are.

It's similar to how you learned driving: you need to get behind the wheel with a co-driver who can guide you on what you need to do and what to avoid to become a stronger driver.

Through this real-time feedback, your trading results will progress far faster than you trying to figure things out on your own.

Due to the high level of personalized attention, we can only work with a very limited number of students at a time. To see if our Mastermind program would be a good fit, we have monthly live webinars hosted by two of our active members, Paul and Raza.

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