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One Of A Kind

This book really explains how to trade, it teaches you one simple system that is easy to follow. The book also contains links to an online website, it provides you with free downloads of in color stocks, trading log, money management log, and excess to tons of instructional video clips.

Jerry Z.

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Complete Tested Methods - Keep Your Sanity

I thought I was losing my sanity chasing trading strategies and methods left and right, Mr. Heitkoetter has saved my sanity. This one is ROCKwell Solid. Awesome. Thank You. Keep this one by your side.


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A Good Trading Strategy & Excellent Book

Just wanted to write about this strategy. I paper traded it for several months and on paper it made between 40-60 percent. This book gives a good overview for this strategy. In addition the book gave great examples of how to use stop losses and on money management. This alone is worth the price for this book.

Tony A.

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Trading Extraordinaire

If you want to learn how to trade like a pro and be successful. This book and Markus YouTube videos are invaluable help. I've watched and read plenty of traders but they are generally very limited in their strategy or not as transparent. With Markus you get a full course meal on trading.

Jacob V.

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Great Book & Strategy

This is an awesome book. The strategy has saved me time and again. I have also made a lot of profits! I have never been a trader, or even understood it. But after reading his book, working with his software, and asking questions from the support team - I have become a trader in less than 6 months!! I am thoroughly enjoying this and plan to retire in the near future. Don't let this pass you by!

John W.

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A Tremendous Resource For Trading Stocks & Options

This is a very fast read; well organized and well written. This book provides an easy to understand trading strategy, plan and the psychology needed for trading with a profit. Key helpful technical indicators to use with the trading strategy and detailed explanations for enhancing your trading success are provided.

Ann F.

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Great Book For Technical Trading

The author has cut through the myriad of technical indicators and focused on three that gives a trader all that is needed to make informed decisions. The book makes trading simple and profitable even for the novice trader. Trading is all about probabilities and percentages . Power X strategy puts the odds in our favor. One of the best books that I have read on stock and option trading using technical analysis. Simple to read and to understand.

Jacob V.

Verified Amazon Review

Great Book For Stock & Options Trading

I bought this book 1 month ago and help me a lot with my money management strategy. I learned a lot about stock and option strategy which i applied and made my account going in the positive direction. I have been trading for 3 yrs but because i always have more losses than gain, i lost appetite in the stock market until i got this book which completely changed my perception. As the market is down due to covid-19, i’m making money selling put options.

Dominick F.

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This Man Cares About Your Money

This is the perfect book for new traders. This easy read outlines popular questions that new traders have including money management and investment strategies. After reading this book you will have a solid foundation for investing. I came across Markus randomly on Youtube, with his videos "Coffee with Markus". I was immediately aware of was his aurora and character in regards to his interest in giving back.

Johnny S.

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