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How do I access my PowerX Optimizer?

What brokerage do you recommend?

Tradier, as our PowerX Optimizer is currently integrated to trade directly from the software to Tradier. You can sign up for an account here: 

We offer a promo code that will give you a $10 monthly subscription fee verses their standard $30 monthly fee if you use the code: Rockwell10


What does a black bar mean?

Sideways/possible change of direction = black bars, PowerX will help us identify strong trends, but if there is weakness in the trend a black bar is present.

Do you offer coaching?

There is only so much free support we can provide to thousands of customers. Therefore we create Mastermind programs and Live Trading opportunities for people that want to invest in education and need more "hand-holding". We have a coaching program which we call the “Mastermind’. Markus, together with our head coach Mark, spearheads this program. While it's true that some people want to attempt trading on their own. However, some would opt to get hand-holding support from our experienced traders to achieve their goals and not make costly mistakes. If you are open and enthusiastic about being coached, you will greatly benefit from the program by learning directly from the brains behind our strategic and proven trading tools and methods. Mastermind will definitely help you kick start your trading journey and up the ante of your trading momentum.


What time should I run the scanner?

You can access the training video within Mighty Networks here to get full detail on how and when to run the scanner. How To Run The Scanner | PowerX Optimizer (

Are PXO updates automatic?

Yes, the updates will be automatic the next time you log in. If you leave yourself logged in and the following day a update comes out all you have to do is log out and log back in to achieve the update to populate.

How much do I need to open an account?

You can open a trading account with any amount you wish depending on your brokerage you chose to go with. However, to effectively trade using the PowerX optimizer you should have a minimum of $10,000 to trade the PowerX Strategy and then at least $25,000 to trade the Wheel Strategy. Now these are just our suggestions and not mandatory.

How much is PowerX Optimizer?

Currently the cost for the PowerX optimizer is $2997. You can purchase here using this link The PowerX Optimizer | The Ultimate Tool For Trading Stocks & Options

From time to time we also offer a  promotion or discount pricing. Please reach out to and ask if there is a current promo you can purchase the PXO with.

  • PowerX Optimizer Login

  • Coffee With Markus

  • Complete Guide to Day Trading

How do I access my PowerX Optimizer software and training videos?

1. Login to your PowerX Optimizer account at

You can watch the training videos here:
1. Login to your account at
2. Go to Member's Area > Scroll down to PowerX Optimizer > Click Start
3. Or, after logging in, just copy and paste this link in your address bar:


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