Want To Trade Just Like Markus? Here's A Breakdown Of Everything
In His Trading Office

Trading Essentials

1) Portable Monitor: A must-have for traders on the road!

3) Laptop Stand: If you have a MacBook, THIS is an awesome laptop stand that prevents overheating!

5) Standing Desk: I have a desk very similar to this one. Being able to stand or sit is great!

6) Headphones: If you want peace and quiet while you are trading, THESE are the best headphones ever!

7) Espresso Machine: If you're wondering what coffee I drink during "Coffee with Markus", it's a latte made with THIS machine!

Cool Stuff I Have & Recommend

2) Suitcase: This is a perfect suitcase for a frequent traveler like me!

4) Apple AirPods: Probably the best thing Apple has invented in the last 3 years

6) Spaetzle Maker: If you like homemade Spaetzle (like me), you need THIS little gadget!