It’s Friday… …and Holy Cannoli: My brother has the coolest office! Right now, I’m visiting my brother Michael in Germany, and tomorrow we are heading to the Trader Hotel to meet and trade with our Mastermind Members. Can’t wait 🙂 I have 2 brothers: Michael is 1.5 years younger and Tobias is 12 years younger.

Happy Thursday! Right now, I’m visiting my brother Michael in Germany for a few days before meeting with our Mastermind Members next week. And yesterday, something happened that I did NOT expect. Michael moved from Munich to Leipzig a few years ago. Leipzig is the second-largest city in former East Germany, and yesterday, we walked

I just arrived in Germany! This week, I’m visiting my brother, and next week, we will meet our Mastermind Members for a week of trading and having fun! I was flying United on the way over here. After I got settled in my seat, I looked at the menu that they gave me. And it’s

Right now, I’m 35,000 feet in the air on my way to Germany. And yesterday, I made a huge mistake: I decided to make some shrimp for dinner. And it turned out pretty good: This is the first time I used my “magic shrimp peeler and deveiner” that I bought a few weeks ago, and

Is THIS you? I’m about to leave for the airport to head to Las Vegas to speak at the MoneyShow, but I wanted to take a moment to follow up on yesterday’s email. In 1910, Theodor Roosevelt, former President of the United States, gave an incredible speech in Paris, France. I believe his speech characterizes

When you see the ads, you will see private jets, fancy yachts in turquoise water, huge mansions with infinity pools and exotic cars parked in front of them You hear about these trades that made 853% in just a few days. You read the “testimonials” about how people grew their accounts from 5,000 to several

What day comes after Tuesday? Monday… Tuesday…. TRASH DAY! For unknown reasons, I can not retain that WEDNESDAY is trash day. So here’s what’s happening: Yesterday was Wednesday. And like every morning, we do the Stock Market Update. After that, I’m listening to “Coach T” doing the Fundamentals Call for our Mastermind Members while I’m

House hunting with Markus in Germany

And thus far my favorite is a 270sqft room for $295. Ok, let me explain: Julius got a summer job at the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology (KIT) in Germany. He’s super excited about it, and I’m very excited for him. There’s only one small challenge: I don’t have any family living close to Karlsruhe, so

And YES, I can make that statement because 1. I’m German and 2. I have evidence! In just a couple of weeks, we’re flying to Germany with our Mastermind Members to spend a whole week trading… and yes, there could be some Schnitzel and German Beer in our future, too 😉 We do these meetings