“A German’s Biggest Nightmare”

So as you might know, I have been trying this Keto diet.

One of the things I’m REALLY missing is pizza and beer.

And I’m talking about the good stuff:

A homemade prosciutto pizza with arugula paired with a German Hefeweizen!

That is life!

Unfortunately, in order to stick with my 25g per day limit of carbs, I could have ONE  bite of the pizza and a tablespoon of beer.

So I have to get creative:

Apparently, you can make some pizza crust out of cauliflower.

So we tried that out last night,  and it was… interesting.

The verdict: not bad… not bad at all.

The beer was tough, though!

There’s this Corona beer that has only 2 grams of carbs.

Well, Corona is bad enough.

And then there’s Corona light, which is even worse.

And then there’s THIS stuff.  It’s literally flavored water.

But here’s the deal:

I could easily give up right now and say

“Screw it! I knew it: This just doesn’t work.”

And that’s what I see with some traders: They take a few trades, and it might not work out immediately and they say: “I knew it: This doesn’t work”

But I’m not a quitter:

I decided to try this Keto thing for 4 weeks.

Then we’re going to Germany with our Mastermind to trade and have a great time. And there’s no way I won’t have any of the amazing German bakery items. And of course, I will drink the best beer in the world while I’m there.

Anyhow, the pizza actually turned out really good:

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I got caught breaking the law – ON CAMERA! 😲 

I got caught breaking the law – ON CAMERA! 😲 

Did I Make a Mistake..?

Did I Make a Mistake..?

From today on, call me “Po”

From today on, call me “Po”

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