Don’t be like Sunny!

Happy Wednesday!

Right now, I’m visiting my brother Michael in Germany.

He has a Golden Retriever, and his name is Sunny.

He is very active and super intelligent, and

Sunny is like many traders

He loves his toys!

His favorite one is a porcupine.

Last night, Vivian and sunny played with the porcupine, and they had a blast.

But then something happened:

Sunny left.

A few seconds later, he came back with another toy: a sloth.

Because if playing with ONE toy is good, playing with TWO toys is even better, right? 🙂

Vivian shrugged her shoulder and said: “You want to play with THIS now? Ok!”

But then Sunny disappeared again.

And he brought another toy:
This time it was a duck.

But there was a problem

Sunny got distracted.

He brought Vivian the sloth to play with but before she could throw it for him to fetch, his attention already shifted to the porcupine.

Then he looked at the duck.
And then back to the sloth.

Long story short:

Now he was confused

… and also a little bit overwhelmed.

He looked from one toy to another, not knowing what to do anymore!

And instead of having fun playing with a toy, Sunny decided that it was too much, and he went to his bed and laid down. He was overwhelmed and no longer had fun.

And isn’t THIS what happens to traders sometimes?

I know it happened to me in the beginning of my trading career:

I started trading a strategy, but before I even mastered it, I jumped on another strategy.

And then I received an email about another trading strategy, and I started looking into this.

Before I knew it, I was a …

Jack of all trades, master of none

I was overwhelmed and confused – like Sunny.

And I didn’t get any results. I was ready to crawl back in bed.

Don’t be like that!

If you have been reading my emails for a while, then you know what I’m doing these days:

I’m laser-focused.

Right now, I’m focusing on ONE strategy: The Wheel Strategy.

And I’m using ONE tool: The PowerX Optimizer.

… and my trading has never been better:

  • I know EXACTLY what to trade
  • I know EXACTLY when to enter
  • I know EXACTLY when to close a trade

I no longer get distracted by emails, ads and webinars promising me “a great new trading strategy” (a.k.a. “shiny object”).

I’m focusing on one “toy”, and it has made all the difference.

What about YOU?

Have you already discovered the “Power of Focus”?

Are you already focusing on mastering a trading strategy instead of hopping back and forth between many?

If not, decide TODAY that you will focus on ONE strategy and ONE tool for the next 4 weeks.

Promised yourself that you will MASTER this strategy.
You will become an expert on this strategy.
You will get so good at it that you could teach it to others.

If you do THIS, results WILL follow.

Talk soon,

– Markus

PS: YES, of course, I think the best tool to focus on and master is the PowerX Optimizer. THAT tool is a game-changer for me!

If you already own it, promise yourself to focus on it for the next 4 weeks and MASTER it. Don’t get distracted!

And if you don’t have it yet, here’s some more info about it:

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