Flying BACK to Germany

Happy Sunday!

Today, Vivian and I will fly to Germany.

But as promised, I will show you the exact trades that I did this week 🙂

I took 3 trades this week.

As you know, I was driving back from California to Austin on Tuesday and Wednesday, so I took all 3 trades on Thursday.

Right now, in these market conditions, …

I’m focusing on “Wheel Trades”

So I was looking to sell puts on quality stocks.

The first stock that caught my attention was Automatic Data Processing (ADP).

It came up on the PowerX Optimizer Wheel Scanner.

I have set my settings to scan for stocks that…

-pay a dividend, i.e. “value stocks”,

-have a P/E ratio less than 50, and

-have a market cap of more than 5 billion.

For the options, I’m looking for options that….

-expire this week or next week, and

-give me at least 30% annualized returns.

Based on these settings,

The scanner already identified several “value stocks” for me.

Now the key question remains:

Do I want to own the stock at the strike price?

As you can see in the screenshot above, the suggested strike price that gives me at least 30% in annualized premium, was 200.

That’s right at the lowest close of the last 8 weeks (our “lowest low indicator”), and looking at the chart, 200 looks like a solid support level.

Based on my buying power of 500,000 in this account, PowerX Optimizer calculated that I should sell 5 Puts for $155 each = $755.

That’s not bad at all.

A few minutes later, …

2 more trades appeared on the scanner

One of them was FedEx (FDX) and the other one Budweiser (BUD).

FedEx (FDX) Trade: PowerX Optimizer calculated that I could sell 5 options at a strike price of 200 expiring on Friday for $150 each = $750.

Budweiser (BUD) Trade: Here I could sell 19 options at a strike price of 52 expiring on Friday for $45 each = $855.

Total premium for these 3 trades: $2,360

Not bad at all for 30 minutes of “work” 🙂

But here’s the best:

I was able to already buy back the Put that I sold on ADP for 81% of max profit.

And that’s within ONE DAY!

When the market wants to give me money, I take it!

So I already closed the trade on Friday.

When the markets open on Monday, I will already be on a high-speed train in Germany, and I will connect to the free WiFi and see if I can find some more good trades!

Alright, I need to pack now!

Talk soon,

– Markus

PS: If you don’t have PowerX Optimizer yet, you can get more info about it HERE.

And if you already own PowerX Optimizer, make sure to attend our free orientation session Monday evening. In this session, Paul will show you all the “ins and outs” on how to use the tool in the best way. More information about this in our private community “Mighty Networks”

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