Germans are Boring as Heck!

And YES, I can make that statement because

1. I’m German and

2. I have evidence!

In just a couple of weeks, we’re flying to Germany with our Mastermind Members to spend a whole week trading… and yes, there could be some Schnitzel and German Beer in our future, too 😉

We do these meetings with our Mastermind Members several times per year, often in locations like the Cayman Islands, Bahamas, Mexico, … you get the idea.

The way it usually works is “trading in the morning, fun in the afternoon.”

After all, we trade so that we can have more money, more time and more fun!

So often I’m renting a whole catamaran for the group and we sail to a beautiful deserted beach, or I’m chartering a yacht and we go swimming with stingrays…

You get the idea.

But not in Germany!

Oh no, it seems the Germans are all work and no play.

Yesterday, we looked for some fun things to do in the city where we meet.

Here’s what I found:

-A tour of the castle – How old am I?

-A super boring tour on the river… after being on catamarans and yachts, this sounds super dull,

-A “Planwagenfahrt”, which is just a fancy word for a wagon ride.

Some people might find that exciting but my reaction was:


I thought that there would be at least some ziplining, a Segway Tour or ….

…. ANYTHING that could be more fun than sitting in a wagon for 3 hours and drinking.

And yes, I know that there’s some cool stuff to do in the larger cities like Berlin, Hamburg, and Munich.

But where we are staying, apparently, all we can do is drink!

Oh… and because of the time difference, we will start trading at 3:30pm in the afternoon.

So maybe it WOULD be fun to do the wagon tour for 3 hours, drink and then do some “tipsy trading”?

Might be a new thing. Shall we try it?

Anyhow, if you have any suggestions of what to do in or around the Traderhotel in Lohr am Main, leave a comment.


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