I got caught breaking the law – ON CAMERA! 😲 

Happy Thursday!

Yesterday, I broke the law – and somebody caught me on camera!

If you are not getting an email from me tomorrow morning, then you know what happened:

The police arrested me!

Well, we are not there (yet).

So let me tell you what happened while I still can.

A little over 3 weeks ago, my dad had an accident and broke his back. He was in the hospital for 2 weeks and had surgery.

Right now, he’s recovering at home.

And as you know from my previous emails, I’m currently visiting my parents in Germany.

Of course, I am helping them where I can:

They asked me to hang a few pictures, do some chores in the yard, and trim the hedge that was out of control.

It was crazy:

The hedge is one of these nasty thorny hedges, and it was growing into the sidewalk.

It definitely needed trimming – MASSIVE trimming.

But that’s against the law!

Believe it or not:

There’s a law in Germany that prohibits you from cutting hedges between March 1 and September 30th.

I didn’t know that!

Seriously, would YOU have researched if you are breaking the law when you’re trimming your own hedge?!?

Anyhow… so while I was trimming the hedge, an older lady stopped and started taking pictures with her cell phone.

At first, I was flattered.

I thought: “Oh, how nice! She must love my work and probably wants to show her husband how fantastic it looks.”

Because it DOES look fantastic!
Turns out that I’m a natural with an electric hedge trimmer 🙂

But she was collecting evidence!

I didn’t know it at the time.

But MUCH later, when I was back inside enjoying a lemonade after a job well done, my dad said:

“Thanks for doing that. The gardener was here a few weeks ago, and he couldn’t do it since it’s against the law!”

“Huh?!?”, I said, spitting my lemonade across the dining table. “What did you just say?”

My dad explained to me that there’s this crazy law that prevents you from cutting hedges in spring and summer.

“And you are telling me about this NOW?!?” – I was shocked!

I told him that a lady was taking pictures and filming me, and I thought she was admiring my work.

“Ugh…”, said my dad, “she might have taken the pictures as evidence.”

Ok, now I’m getting concerned, and I’m looking up this “law”

Apparently, it’s real and cutting a hedge …

Is a misdemeanor punishable
with up to 50,000 Euro!

I haven’t found out if I could get to jail for it or not.

If you live in Germany and know more about it, PLEASE let me know!

Because I’m way too pretty for jail!

And would they allow me to trade in jail?
THAT would be the biggest punishment: If I wasn’t allowed to trade anymore.

Well, I will definitely keep you posted!

Talk soon (hopefully)

– Markus

PS: I would only need 30 min per day to trade. Because THAT’s my routine: https://bit.ly/mytradingroutine

I guess I would have to change it slightly…. We’ll see 😮

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