Happy Saturday!

I’m back in the United States 🙂

We arrived late last night from Germany, and this weekend, I’ll be in Boston since Vivian has a sailing event.

Of course, there were delays:

Our United flight from Frankfurt was more than 2 hours delayed.

But THIS gave us a chance to enjoy the great Lufthansa Lounges in Frankfurt.

When you fly First Class internationally, you get access to the “Senator Lounge”.

And they have everything there:

Comfy chairs (kinda standard)

Good food (unfortunately, no longer a “standard”)

Showers (they have that in the United Polaris lounge, too)

Bed for taking naps, and

A FULL BAR with Paulaner Hefeweizen on tap!

No, I’m not talking about the “American style bar” that they have in US lounges where you get free Bud Light and they charge you an arm and a leg for everything else!

I’m talking about a FULL BAR where YOU pour your own drinks!

(No surprise everybody in this lounge is very happy – LOL)

And yes, it was VERY tempting to have a fresh Hefeweizen paired with a good German Pretzel and other fantastic food…

… but it was only 12:00pm, so I passed.

The point is…

The Senator lounge offered everything you would expect in a lounge, and then they took it one step further.

That’s EXACTLY what I’m trying to do with our flagship software PowerX Optimizer:

Yes, of course the software helps you to …

  • Find the best trades
  • Tells you when to enter and when to exit
  • Shows you how the strategies have performed in the past
  • Determines the best position size for you and
  • Shows you the expected ROI for the trade.

But we also take it one step further and implemented…

  • A Holiday Calendar so that you know exactly when the markets are open and closed,
  • An Economic Calendar that shows you what economic reports are released when and the expected impact on the markets,
  • An Asset Correlation Tool that shows you how correlated the stocks in your portfolio are so that you know whether you’re nicely diversified or over-exposed in one sector,
  • A super-powerful Earnings Analyzer that shows you when a company reports earnings and how much it typically moves the next day and over the next 7 days,

And (coming soon) the best Trading Log in the industry that shows you vital stats from your trades that help you to perfect your trading plan.

Pretty cool, isn’t it?

(Well, I might be biased, but I think it’s awesome!

So, if you already own PowerX Optimizer, make sure to attend our free Orientation Session on Monday night so that you know how to use all these features!

And if you don’t own this tool yet, try it out!


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