It’s a bloodbath in the markets – here’s what I’m doing

As I’m writing this, the Nasdaq has dropped 4.5%, and the markets have only been open for 2 hours.

This move comes after the index already dropped 3.5% on Friday.

That’s an 8% drop in the last 2 trading days.

We call this…

A Bloodbath In The Markets

So what am I doing as a trader?

Well, for starters, I’m sitting on a plane and I’m somewhere over Antartica.

I spent the last 4 weeks in Germany and Switzerland.

Two of these weeks we were meeting with our Mastermind Members, and the other two weeks I visited my parents and my brothers.

I just had a chocolate ice cream since United is still refusing to serve hot fudge sundae – but that’s a different story – and a 2 hour nap in my little pod….

… when I noticed the time:

The markets are open, and I connected to

The Worst WiFi Possible

… and that’s airplane WiFi.

Markets are in free fall, and here’s what I’m doing:

I fire up PowerX Optimizer and look for trading opportunities.

And there are A LOT today!

There are so many opportunities that it’s hard to decide.

I use our flagging system and flag 10 symbols as a “Maybe”

I then check these “Maybe’s” and narrow it down to 3 candidates and

I Placed 2 Trades
With 49% and 62% Annualized ROI

… while sipping on a pretty nasty coffee! 🙁

(I’ll tell you more about these trades in the next Stock Market Update.)

Anyhow… my point is:

I know that today many traders and investors are panicking.

BUT… even when markets are falling, there’s OPPORTUNITY!

And I like to take advantage of opportunities.

However, I’m not rushing into trades!

I’m Following My Plan

… and I’m systematically looking for the best trades according to my trading strategy.

What about YOU?

Are you worried about the markets, or do you have a plan to take advantage of the opportunities that we have on days like this?

If you are already a PowerX Optimizer Owner, post in our private community MightyNetworks what YOU are doing on days like this.

I’m reading every single post in our community, and I’m always interested to know what you’re up to.

Ok, I’ll shut down the computer now and will keep watching “King Richard”, which is a GREAT movie with Will Smith about the tennis players Venus and Serena Williams and their dad who always believed in them.

Talk soon,

– Markus

PS: If you don’t have the PowerX Optimizer yet and want to know WHY these market conditions are perfect for “The Wheel Strategy” then you should check out

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I got caught breaking the law – ON CAMERA! 😲 

I got caught breaking the law – ON CAMERA! 😲 

Did I Make a Mistake..?

Did I Make a Mistake..?

From today on, call me “Po”

From today on, call me “Po”

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