My Award-Winning Markus Burgers, Tradition, and Trading

YES! – The family tradition lives on 🙂

You probably know the feeling:

You have certain family traditions, and you want your kids to take over these traditions so that they live on.

For some, it’s Christmas traditions.

For some, it’s traditions around Easter like an Easter Brunch.

For me, it’s BURGERS!

Ok, so let me explain:

I’m making really good burgers. I mean REALLY good.

Not some flimsy quarterpounders with ketchup.

No, MY burgers are solid 1/3 pounders, super juicy and extremely flavorful.

I’m making the patties myself:

I use 80/20 ground beef, add some special seasoning, mix in some blue cheese to give it extra flavor, and then there’s one more “secret ingredient” that I can’t tell you unless I adopt you.

And my burgers have even a special name.

Here’s what happened:

8 years ago, our yacht club was hosting a sailing regatta for kids.

And the yacht club was asking us as parents to volunteer.

So I said: “If you want, I can make some burgers. I think my burgers are pretty good.”

You probably know how it works:

When somebody is looking for volunteers, and you say “I can do it”, they don’t ask too many questions.

They just write down the name: “Markus: Burgers” – and tag, you’re it.

Now, these sailing regattas for the kids are quite popular, and we had more than 60 sailors from all over Texas.

And since these kids come with at least one parent, we estimated 150 burgers to be cooked.

I started prepping at noon and made 150 burger patties from scratch.

Around 4pm, I started grilling them, and they were a huge success!

People were loving my burgers, and one of the other parents said: “Wow, they are so good, let’s call these Markus Burgers“.

And the name stuck.

So for the next 6 years, until COVID hit, I was asked to make “Markus Burgers” at every regatta, and I think I made more than 1,000 of them.

But back to the traditions:

2 years ago, Julius wanted to host a BBQ for his sailing friends at the yacht club.

He asked me: “Could you please show me how to make Markus Burgers?”

And I taught him how to do it.

It took him a few tries to get it right, but now he’s making them just like I do.

Last year, Julius went to college and he’s now cooking the burgers in Boston.

So a few months ago, Vivian also wanted to learn how to make Markus Burgers.

Vivian is the president of the high school’s sailing club, and she wanted to host a BBQ at the yacht club for all the sailors.

I was soooooo happy that she wanted to carry on this “tradition” of cooking Markus Burgers at the yacht club for other sailors!

So we went to the store, we got all the ingredients, and in the afternoon we prepped everything together.

I showed her how to make the patties, and then we both fired up the Green Egg, and then I taught her how to grill them.

The burgers turned out great – and Vivian is very proud that he could now make “Markus Burgers.”

I’m bringing this up because on Saturday, she hosted another BBQ at the yacht club, made “Markus Burgers” and they turned out great!

I’m so happy that my kids are carrying on this tradition.

And yes, I know: Most people are proud that “grandma’s apple pie recipe” is being passed on, but for me, it’s the “secret burger recipe”.

This reminds me of trading:

Trading is also a skill that once you master it, you can pass it on to your kids and grandkids – kinda like a family tradition.

… or you could just buy a chicken farm.

Subject Line: … or you could just buy a chicken farm.

A few weeks ago, I met with the team to plan the second quarter. We worked on 8 different projects that we want to complete this quarter.

During one of the breaks, Rory started talking about “Butcher Box”.

Have you heard of it?

ButcherBox is a monthly subscription service that delivers high-quality meat to your door.

Anyhow, so as we were walking towards the elevator to go downstairs to get a Starbucks, Rory kept raving about the quality of the meat and all the other benefits of this service.

We continued our conversations as we got into the elevator, and Rory told me that he signed up for ButcherBox during a special promotion and that he’s getting free chicken wings for life.

Now THAT got my attention.

I LOVE chicken wings.

And I got really good in making air fryer chicken wings – WAY better than any restaurant!

So when I heard “free chicken wings for life”, I was sold.

I pulled out my phone and wanted to sign up for ButcherBox… but they have a different promotion now: You only get free ground beef for life!

I complained: “I don’t want ground beef, I want free chicken wings!”

Rory said: “Well, you probably have to wait until  they have a promotion for that.”

That’s when the guy in the elevator turned around and said:

“Or you could buy a chicken farm.”

I must have misunderstood what he said, so I asked: “Excuse me?”

He just shrugged his shoulder and said: “Or you could buy a chicken farm. That’s what we do in Iowa.” and left the elevator.

Rory and I started laughing – because it was so random!

But then I thought about it:

Yesterday, I had a conversation with my contractor, and he said that his business is no longer fun: He can’t get materials because of supply chain issues and has to reschedule his workers, the prices of materials fluctuate so much that from the time he submits a bid until he starts a project it has already increased by 20%, that it’s difficult to find reliable workers, …

… and I told him: “Have you thought about trading? When trading, it’s just you and your computer, and you don’t have all these challenges.”

He looked at me the same way as we looked at the stranger in the elevator.

For me, trading is the obvious solution to Tom’s problem.

For that guy, it the obvious solution to me wanting free chicken wings for life was buying a chicken farm.

It’s all about perspective, isn’t it?

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I got caught breaking the law – ON CAMERA! 😲 

I got caught breaking the law – ON CAMERA! 😲 

Did I Make a Mistake..?

Did I Make a Mistake..?

From today on, call me “Po”

From today on, call me “Po”

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